Mom’s Must Haves Giveaway #momsmusthaves

Over the last few days I’ve shared with you some of my Mom’s Must Have items that included a Motorola Blink 1 WiFi Video Baby Monitor, Timi & Leslie Abby Diaper BagMiessence Certified Organic Balancing Skin Essentials Pack from Ely Organics, and Britax B-Ready Stroller. If you check out the detailed reviews you can see all the reasons each one is a necessity in our home, and I’m betting some of you would love to own them too right? mini ely organicsBritax logomotorola logotimi & leslie mini logoOne lucky reader is going to win a fabulous prize package that includes the following:

  • Britax B-Ready Stroller
  • Miessence Certified Organic Balancing Skin Essentials Pack
  • Timi & Leslie Abby Diaper Bag

Please make sure you visit my co-hosts sites and check out their reviews of the Britax B-Ready stroller too!

A Year With Mom & Day Britax B-Ready Review

This Mama Loves Britax B-Ready Review

Moms Must Haves Summer Big 300Giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents over 18 years old. One entry per household please. Good luck, enter to win this wonderful package below!


  1. Jessica O says:

    We have the Britax Boulevard car seat for our daughter and LOVE it!

  2. Amanda Boerst says:

    I love the Timi & Leslie Messenger Bag in the Joey print

  3. samantha s says:

    From Britax I would love to own a FRONTIER 90 car seat. from Ely Organics, the organic facial spa skincare set seems to be wonderful. Timi & Leslie’s Hannah Pewter is a must have.

  4. I really like the new Britax Pioneer car seat. I think it would be great for my twin girls!

  5. I would love to have the Britax Pinnacle 90 car seat- it looks so safe and comfortable! I’m sure my daughter would love it for long car rides.

  6. I’d like the Marathon G70 carseat. I really really want this baby monitor!

  7. Messenger Bag - Joey…goes anywhere with anyone

  8. I love the Marathon 70 from Britax. Little Bruds needs a new car seat!

  9. The FRONTIER 90 by Britax looks like a really nice car seat.

  10. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Britax Frontier car seat

  11. meegan whitford says:

    the motorola baby monitor

  12. I love Britax B Safe carseat, I have it and I LOVE it. Its sooo easy to use and readjust and just clicks into the base.:)

  13. I’d also love to try this product from Ely Organics…

  14. I want the Marathon car seat

  15. LoryAnn P says:

    I like the Timi & Leslie 2-in-1 Backpack in Emerald Lagoon.

  16. We are currently using the Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat, Onyx for our 18 month old and love it.

  17. Carrie Phelps says:

    I really love the timi & leslie Hart - Espresso bag.

  18. I’d love to get the Britax Pavilion car seat! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  19. I like the Britax frontier-85-sict car seat

  20. I like the Timi & Leslie 2-in-1 Backpack in all the colors!

  21. happymomc says:

    We love the Britax FRONTIER 90 car seat!

  22. I also like the britax baby carrier :)

  23. Katie Fender says:

    I love the BOULEVARD 70-G3. The zebra print is adorable.

  24. I would love to get my hands on the Britax FRONTIER 90 car seat. We also love th Sophia Timi & Leslie bag :)

  25. Andrea H says:

    I’d love to try the Exfoliant from Ely Organics!

  26. Jessie H says:

    I love the Tag-a-long Tote - Felicity from Timi & Leslie.

  27. The Britax B-safe car seat.

  28. I also really like the Britax B-Agile stroller. Can’t go wrong with a Britax!

  29. Really love all of Britax’s stuff.
    Reviews like this are so helpful to first time preggos like me, trying navigate the huge world of baby/maternity gear…

  30. I love the Britax Marathon.

  31. Carly Brown says:

    I also love the Britax Pavillion seat.

  32. The Britax Boulevard carseat is fabulous!

  33. Julianne Johnson says:

    I really like Timi and Leslie charlie-teal

  34. Grace White says:

    Love the Timi and Leslie Hannah bag so cute!

  35. I like the Britax Baby Carrier!

  36. The Britax B-safe car seat. Also very interested in the new liner they are releasing for big kid car seats!

  37. Juliana Wade says:

    I love our Britax Roundabout 55!!

  38. I love how flexible the bready is and that it can grow with my family.

  39. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d love to try the B-Agile as well, also the Frontier 90 for my son!

  40. Christine N says:

    The Britax B-Agile is so light and easy to fold up!

  41. From Britax I also love the bike seat and the waterproof liner for carseats

  42. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the Britax Bike Seat, we need to get one before it gets too cold to ride!

  43. Amanda Bolduc says:

    I’d like a Britax Boulevard

  44. I like the Britax frontier 90

  45. Lincey Viel Peoin says:

    We will look into the Britax Frontier 90 when my little one outgrows his current car seat.

  46. Janie Hester says:

    We have 4 Britax car seats and would love to have the stroller or the frontier

  47. I would love a Britax B-Ready stroller!!! I love the flexibility :)

    • But the B-Agile would be a fantastic stroller as well. We currently have a double for our 3yo and 1yo sons, but the 3yo likes to walk and be out of the stroller more and more so it would be great to “downsize”.

  48. The timi and leslie messenger bag

  49. I would love the Britax stroller! I especially love the option to add a second seat since we just had our second child! Thanks

  50. Kara Kieran says:

    I love the B Ready stroller and the Britax carrier!

  51. I really like the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. I like that it fits newborns well.

  52. ElyOrganics natural deodarant!

  53. Rachel Brintnell says:

    I love all of the Britax Car Seats! I love the Frontier XT 😉

  54. I’d LOVE the frontier car seat!!

  55. Cheyenne Schweikert says:

    We love our Britax B-Safe!

  56. We have two britax marathons and will be purchasing the frontier very shortly! Love your products!

  57. We love the Britax Marathon carseat.

  58. Becky Linderholm says:

    I love the Britax baby carrier and infant car seat we have. Britax makes great products. They’re the only ones I trust for my baby.

  59. The Parkway series by Britax would be one thing we’d love to try for our older son

  60. I like the Britax Baby carrier!

  61. We are looking into getting the Britax B-Safe seat, it looks great!

  62. Sam Van Caster says:

    We love the Britax Frontier 90

  63. I would love to get the Britax Boulevard for our son when he outgrows his baby seat!

  64. Amy Heffernan says:

    I love the organic baby carrier. My cousin has one and she swears by it. Very sturdy, comfy and wearable.

  65. Britax Marathon or Boulevard would be fabulous!

  66. I really like my britax chaperone and b-safe care seats.

  67. I have been really impressed with our Britax Frontier 85 it has been a great fit for our family!

  68. Thanks for the giveaway! My little guys would love a new stroller :)

  69. Amanda Wilson says:

    We have multiple Brrax items and love them!!

  70. Fionnuala Darby says:

    Love all Britax products. Just retired a 6yr old Marathon!

  71. Cheryl Verver says:

    I love Britax car seats - we have three of them and my kids love them.

  72. CAROLYN JONES says:

    FRONTIER 90 I want it!!!

  73. I like the B-agile double stroller

  74. Logan Carl-Snyder says:

    Love my Britax car seat!!

  75. Julie Markiewicz says:

    I love the britax cup holder for our quest stroller. We also have the organizer for the back. It’s great to have somewhere to put drinks and snacks.

  76. Elizabeth Costarakis says:

    We have a Britax Frontier 85 for my preschool son and we love it. It’s still has a 5 point harness which I love, but it has a more grown up feel, which he loves. The cupholders are great for snacks or toys and he says he is comfortable when we go on long trips. I <3 Britax!!

  77. jennifer simmons says:

    love the bob b safe carrier!

  78. M. McNicholas says:

    I have all three of my children in Britax car seats and I plan on putting our newest addition in one as well when he or she arrives!

  79. Great giveaway!

  80. Jessica S. says:

    I was checking out the Britax website and thought the Pavilion 70-G3 has some pretty awesome features! And I love the Britax “Cowmooflage” print.

  81. Kirsten C says:

    The Britax Marathon is our favorite car seat!

  82. I would love to win this! I’ve wanted this stroller forever!!

  83. We love our Britax Bike Seat, Britax Boulevard, Britax Frontier, and Diono Radian!!!

  84. Jennifer S says:

    The Britax Frontier is awesome

  85. I own a Britax Boulevard and Marathon for my daughter, and I love them both!

  86. Sara Abernathy says:

    I Love The Britax MarathOn G3 70

  87. Kara Worden says:

    We have a Britax Boulevard for our daughter and love that she is able to easily rearface at 2.5 yrs old with loads of room to grow before she is at either the weight or height limits!

  88. Natalie S says:

    I also love the Britax B-Agile stroller and the Marathon car seats!

  89. I absolutely love this timi & leslie backpack. The design is awesome!

  90. Elizabeth C. says:

    Love the Britax Frontier 90! So comfy!

  91. Marlene Rodriguez says:

    We really like our Britax Marathon G70 carseat!

  92. Nicole Woodfill says:

    I used the Britax Marathon with my last daughter, I’m looking forward to trying out the Britax B-Ready stroller and infant carrier.

  93. Karen McAdams says:

    I love the britax car seats…we will be buying one for our next child as I saw how neatly they can click in and be safe anywhere.

  94. We owned a Britax Roundabout and it works well with my first child. With the second one on its way, I love to get another Britax car seat and stroller for the new born

  95. We have the Britax stroller caddy and love it!

  96. I like the Britax Advocate.

  97. lisa bolduc says:

    i could go for the eclipse stroller! i really like the folding on this stroller

  98. B-Ready looks very stylish and I love to have the Britax Marathon as well

  99. Love the Britax Frontier 85!!

  100. We have two Britax marathons and they are great! Easy to install correctly and comfortable for baby. Also, super easy to clean the cover and after many washes they still look new :)

  101. Jenni Matthys says:

    I have the Britax B-Agile and the Boulevard car seat and LOVE them both. Would love to win the B-ready!!

  102. Candis Hughes says:

    I just bought the B-safe for baby #3 that I’m expecting. It will go great with a B-ready stroller!

  103. Bailey-Eileen Dexter-parr says:

    Wow, love this. the Annette - Dusk Navy from Timi & Leslie

  104. B-safe car seat!

  105. i have a timi and leslie hannah bag and i LOVE it. it has more pockets than i know what to do with, which is AMAZING.

  106. The Britax Frontier would be great for when my little guy is older!

  107. Melissa W says:

    Love love love Britax

  108. I have the Britax Boulevard 70 for my oldest daughter. She loves it. Looks very comfortable and is very secure.

  109. Brooke Wells says:

    We love the FRONTIER 90 we just got for our son!

  110. Love the Britax Frontier 90 we have for our oldest! The ClickTight installation is by far the best invention for car seats! No more struggling to get the seat in securely!

  111. Melissa Murtagh says:

    I love our Britax car seat. We need an additional one for our newest addition.

  112. Amelia Barnaby says:

    I haven’t owned one yet, but I love the Britax B-Safe carseat, and will be buying one for my second child due this winter :)

  113. Valerie Nelson says:

    I like the Timi and Leslie 2 in backpack

  114. Genevieve says:

    Love Britax worth every penny! Don’t know if my entry for
    Is “working” but I hope it did

  115. I love the Britax B-Agile Double stroller!

  116. Susan Hubley says:

    Love to win a britax, theyre awesome.

  117. I love Britax carseats! They fit perfectly into the contours of the back seat of our cars without being wiggly!

  118. I really like the Britax B-Safe infant car seat! Would love it for our 3rd addition.

  119. Shannon Kemper says:

    The Frontier 90 looks like a good car seat.

  120. Christina G says:

    I also love the car seats from Britax-the B-Safe or the Chaperone

  121. Andrea Amy says:

    PARKWAY SGL booster would be perfect for my 4 and 6 year olds :)

  122. christina p says:

    I love the Britax boulevard!

  123. Amy Lumley says:

    I would love a marathon 70 carseat from britax

  124. Love the Britax B Agile!

  125. We LOVE our Marathon 70 G3 and Frontier 85 both riding in MOOOO!!!

  126. Tannis W says:

    I also like the Hannah bag from Timi & Leslie. I’d love to win!

  127. Jess English says:

    Love our Britax marathon car seat!

  128. I love the Britax B-Ready!

  129. Tara Jensen says:

    we have the britax marathon car seat and absolutely LOVE IT, by far my fave britax product that we’ve used so far!

  130. Holly Andrews says:

    I like the Britax Frontier seat!

  131. Katie Sanchez says:

    I would love to win this, fingers double crossed

  132. I like the Britax car seat

  133. Amanda Santiago says:

    I the advocate for my younges, the frontier 90 for my middle child, and the parkway SGL2013 for my oldest. We use britax now and love it. I feel confident they are safe.

  134. nicole stover says:

    We have the chaperone when our toddler was an infant and now the marathon and love them both!

  135. We have the Bsafe car seat and will soon be looking to upgrade for an infant toddler seat! We love Britax!

  136. We have a Britax Boulevard car seat & wouldn’t chose any other brand!

  137. nicole stover says:

    would love this with the ability to view on iphone/ipad. We have the original motorolla one and love it but can’t do that!

  138. Darian Bennett says:

    I loveeeee Britax car seats! We have the marathon and boulevard. Both are awesome.

  139. We got the Britax infant carrier for our second son and LOVED it. So much more support than the other carrier we had!
    Excited to use it again with our third boy on the way and would love to win these items for him!

  140. kemberley crosswhite says:

    we love our britax carseat :)

  141. Meredith says:

    I have the Britax B-Ready stroller, and it’s such a smooth ride for my baby. I also love how high the handles go, since I’m 6’2″ tall.

  142. We have the Britax Marathon car seat for our son. We love this seat, we find it easy to get good solid installed every time, cleans up beautifully and our son is super comfy.

  143. I love most things Britax. I love their B-safe car seat so far, and hope to buy the Advocate soon (as my little one is outgrowing his infant car seat).

  144. Theresa J says:

    I would love the Britax Baby Carrier

  145. Brittany Alford says:

    Love the Timi & Leslie Charlie bag…very stylish.

  146. I would love to try this:

  147. Laureen Anderson says:

    My guy would love a Kick Mat from Britax. He can’t stand foot prints on the back of his seats :/

  148. i like the b safe car seat

  149. I love the Britax Bob B Safe car seat

  150. I love the new britax seat cover for the carseat. my son constantly leaks his bottle and the cover makes it easy to clean up

  151. The Britax Frontier 90!

  152. Laura Duarte says:

    I love and use all britax car seats, I think they are the best##!

  153. I would lvoe the britax boulevard!!!

  154. We have recently learned about awesome the Britax products are and have become obsessed with their quality! We love the Britax Marathon carseat and plan on getting one for our son in the very near future!

  155. Brittney says:

    I have been looking at timi & leslie bags for a few months and have fallen in love with the “hayley” bag! It seems perfect for what I am looking for and I have heard great things about their bags!

  156. I love the new Britax Click tight car seats!! So great!

  157. Mel Rahman says:

    My agile already worn out and i have new baby coming soon this Sept! I need new stroller that i can put both my 3y and my brand new baby soon :)

  158. Sandy Chiang says:

    We have a britax b-agile stroller and that is a great lightweight stroller that folds up using one hand. The baby carrier from britax is also easy to use as well and love the fact that they have the organic fabric =)

  159. Andreana P says:

    Love the Britax Advocate carseat!

  160. I have the Britax Chaperone Infant Seat, Britax Chaperone Stroller, and the Britax Pavillion Convertible Car Seat. Love them all and nice and safe for baby!

  161. Miranda Welle says:

    I also love the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat for littles and their Frontier 85 for when they get bigger!

  162. johnny f says:

    i think the tim and leslie bag is beautiful

  163. johnny f says:

    i own the britax chaperone, and its one of the most beefiest seats ever, man is it heavy but the heft of it gives me peace of mind

  164. I still need a car seat for baby #1 come in September!

  165. Suzanne L says:

    I’d love to try out the Mamaroo from 4moms.

  166. Amanda Selenke says:

    I love the britax boulevard and most of their convertible car seats!

  167. Lorianne says:

    I would love a Britax FRONTIER 90 car seat!

  168. Elizabeth Keller says:

    The Britax Boulevard is amazing! It will be on the baby registry for sure.

  169. Jessica Barnhart says:

    I like the timi & leslie 2 in 1 backpack diaper bag, and the britax frontier 90

  170. Rachel N says:

    I would love to try the Britax boulevard car seat

  171. I love our Britax Chaperone carseat!!

  172. mom of 2 says:

    Messenger Bag – Joey

  173. <3 our Britax carseat!

  174. Jennifer K. C. says:

    Okay, so I love almost everything Britax and from timi and leslie I LOVE

  175. Nothing but britax for my family! As an auto injury claims adjuster there’s oohing safer

  176. I’ve always been a fan of Britax car seats!!

  177. Denise Ri says:

    We love our Britax Roundabout 55’s!

  178. Julie Bolduc says:

    I like the Marathon G70 carseat

  179. Aaron P. says:

    Love the Britx B-Agile, if we can’t win this, I think we’ll go with it!

  180. Miranda T says:

    We LOVE our Britax B Safe Car seat! It is lightweight and so so cute!

  181. Marie-Pier M Richard says:

    Great giveaway

  182. I really like the Timi and Leslie Charlie bag especially in mustard

  183. Love all the Britax car seat.

  184. christy i says:

    I would love to try the Britax Pinnacle carseat!

  185. I love the britax car seats, particularly the marathon and roundabout. they are solid seats

  186. Britax is such a great company and quality

  187. Britax b-safe

  188. Awesome prices, would love to get the Britax stroller, all the stuff looks great. :-)

  189. Britni Bradford says:

    Love the Frontier 90 booster seat too!

  190. Becca Smith says:

    I love my Britax Chaperone. I would love the stroller too!!

  191. Tiona Gudishvili says:

    I love Ely Organics skin care products. My favorite is their skin cleanser. It leaves my skin squeaky clean but not dry. My fave item for skin care :)

  192. I’ve never used any of the products in this giveaway,so winning anything would be awesome! I just had a baby 2 weeks ago,so anything at this point would be useful and helpful.

  193. Lindsay Cyr says:

    I really like the Britax FRONTIER 85 SICT car seat, it’s a great seat!

  194. We have a Frontier 85 and 2 Boulevards and love them!

  195. I am dire need of a new diaper bag and would love to try the 2 in 1 backpack

  196. Melissa Stollman says:

    The Britax chaperone infant car seat - so great!

  197. elaine bolduc says:

    timi and leslies bag because of all the different places to put things

  198. elaine bolduc says:

    I like the idea of playing music on the monitor and I would give this to my new grandbaby to be

  199. Miessence Jaffa Lip Balm says:

    The Jaffa lip balm makes lips smooth and supple! So great!

  200. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    I love my Britax Chaperone car seat

  201. I would love the FRONTIER 90 car seat for my toddler

  202. Christine C. says:

    I am dying to purchase the B-Safe car seat to use with the B-ready.

  203. Meghann Ford says:

    I would love the B ready stroller. I love the ability to add a second seat!

  204. The britax marathon and I entered on ecobabymamamdrama

  205. We have the Britax Marathon and Infant Carrier. BOTH ARE AWESOME! they are so safe and my 28 month old can still be RF in her Marathon! We love them!

  206. Kristi Renout says:

    I’d like the B Ready stroller!

  207. Kristi Renout says:

    I love the B safe carseat too!

  208. Ely Organics - Miessence Purifying set.

  209. I like the timi & leslie Abby bag. Not your momma’s diaper bag. Looks like a purse… I may use it for that.

  210. Lleona Chew says:

    We have an advocate and a frontier for our boys, 6 mos and 3. They are tanks, and I get so much peace of mind using them!

  211. Lindsey Doepker says:

    I love the Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat

  212. Marathon carseat from Britax

  213. amy pugmire says:

    I love the britax b-ready

  214. I love the Britax Marathon carseat!

  215. the britax b-agile stroller looks neat!!
    and the elyorganic’s gluetn-free options are lovely!
    God bless, always!
    The Blood Of Jesus!

  216. Angela Yeremenko says:

    I like the child bike seat/

  217. Love the Britax B-Safe and Marathon car seats!

  218. Bonnie M. says:

    I just love the Britax Pavilion 70 in Sophia! SOOO adorable! Would be perfect for my baby girls!

  219. My wife and I just purchased a Britax B-Safe car seat for the additional to our family later this year.

  220. Amanda Alvarado says:

    The form wouldn’t let me paste in my link for my social media share for today. Here’s the link:

  221. I love the Timi & Leslie Tag-a-long tote in Felicity :)

  222. From “timi and leslie” - I like the “Tag-a-long Tote.”

  223. The frontier 90 by britax! Quality products

  224. I love then new Britax boosters (pinnacle and frontier). It’s great that the install with seat belts so easy.

  225. lisa gonzalez says:

    We have and love our britax chaperone car seat. We now really want a b-ready stroller!

  226. lisa gonzalez says:

    My favorite b ready feature is the rear facing seat!!we love our chaperone car seat!

  227. Melisa Toledo says:

    I really like the Britax Pavillion G3-70. My friend has been looking into that seat for her little one and really made me interested. There are such great prints too!

  228. Stephanie MacDonald says:

    Britax Pioneer car seat

  229. I love my Britax Chaperone!

  230. We love Britax products. Our son loves riding in his Britax Fontier and baby number 2 will have the B-safe in January when he/she arrives.

  231. I love the messenger bag! Super cute :)

  232. Kristin B says:

    We have the Britax B-Safe carseat and love it!

  233. Melissa Maxey says:

    We have 2 Britax Boulevards and love them!!

  234. Erica Chao says:

    Marathon 70 from Britax!

  235. Beth Sample says:

    I LOVE the Britax Frontier 85 and the Frontier 85 SICT.

  236. Nupur Kesarwani says:

    I’d like a Britax Boulevard

  237. Tiffany P says:

    I love the Sophia Timi and Leslie bag! So cute.

  238. Melissa McConnell says:

    Love my Timi&Leslie diaper bag!

  239. I love the Timi & Leslie 2-in-1 Backpack!

  240. RachelleT says:

    So far we love our Britax B-Safe car seat. Would love to try out a Britax stroller.

  241. LOVE Britax!!!

  242. Vanessa R says:

    Like the Timi & Leslie 2 in 1 bag

  243. annetucker says:

    We have a Britax Marathon and Boulevard, theyre both great!

  244. Sarah Phillips says:

    We love the b-safe and b-ready travel system. Easy to use!

  245. Beth-Anne says:

    We have a Britax Blink stroller and I love it for all ages. We have had it for almost 3 years and two babies. Love it! So light weight and easy to store.

  246. We have the Britax Marathon and absolutely love it! It’s safety rating, rear/front facing capabilities, ease of use and over-all comfort for my son made it an easy decision to pick it!

  247. Karis Burgess says:

    We have a britax B-Safe car seat, and love it.

  248. Shannon Jefferson says:

    We have the Britax B-Safe car seat and love it!

  249. Katy Petrie says:

    We have a Britax Marathon carseat for me daughter. We love it.

  250. Emily Bell says:

    I love the Britax Marathon 65 Convertible Car Seat (I’m in Canada) - thanks for the chance to win!

  251. We love our Britax Advocate car seat! We would not be without it! :)

  252. I love the Britax Boulevard car seat!

  253. We love our Britax Marathons!

  254. Love britax products

  255. Sarah Hammer says:

    I own a Britax Boulevard carseat and it is amazing! Easy to clean and comfy for baby!

  256. Laila Salem says:

    I would love to try Britax boosters like the parkway or the pioneer.

  257. We just received the Britax infant car seat and love it already. It’s super light and easy to click in and out of the base.

  258. Erika Reyna says:

    We used the Britax baby carrier with our second daughter and really love it. I like the newborn insert it comes with and how soft the fabric was.

  259. Megan Morris says:

    Great giveaway! would love to win this!

  260. Would love the stroller!M

  261. I absolutely LOVE the Britax Boulevard car seat!

  262. I would like the B-Safe car seat

  263. The Britax B-Safe or Chaperone carseat will definitley be on my registry!

  264. Elyssa Brent says:

    I’d love to try the Britax B-Agile

  265. The Britax Frontier car seat rocks!

  266. Michelle Barnhill says:

    We have the britax Marathon car seat and love it. I would love to try the britax stroller. I have heard great things about it.

  267. Love Timi and Leslie and the Britax is my dream stroller!

  268. Stefanie W says:

    We love our britax Frontier. But we could really, really use a britax stroller!!

  269. Jessica Larsen says:

    I love my Britax Marathon car seat it is my favorite out of 4 car seats and my 4 year old says it is the most comfortable.

  270. I would like the marathon 70 from britax

  271. I’ve never owned Britax but have heard wonderful things about them. Help me become a new owner!

  272. I love our britax b-safe carseat.

  273. Cindy Jones Bechinski says:

    We haveo the Britax Bulevard carseat for our future granddaughter! Feel very safe with that.

  274. Christine g says:

    I like the BRITAX Vehicle Seat Protector because it offers a non-slip material for car seats that also provides protection to the car from spills, debris, and indention marks on the seat.

  275. Elizabeth Keller says:

    I love the Britax Frontier because it is safe and easy!

  276. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for posting such a great blog!

  277. Stephanie Brown says:

    Love Britax! Going to use the B-Safe as our go-to infant car seat.

  278. I loved trying out the Britax boulevard-feels super safe and looks good too!

  279. Ching-I Meng says:

    I would love to have the Britax B-Agile to travel with lightly.

  280. I would love to win the B-Ready to give to my friend who is expecting and can’t afford it. I used it myself with my son and I love it a lot.

  281. Pamela Mateo says:

    I always. Wanted a Britax product! They look durable and look like they will last a long time!

  282. Lindsay Sorensen says:

    I like my chaperone car seat

  283. I love the britax fronteir

  284. I loooove my jujube diaper bag! It’s so easily organized with lots of compartments, nothing ever gets lost in there like a black hole!
    Would love the britax stroller, due soon with baby #4 and my crappy phil and ted’s seat is falling apart at the seams, and can’t afford another! :(

  285. I desperately need a stroller for my newborn and I’ve been eyeing up the b-ready!

  286. oops, misread what to comment on! lol
    we currently love our britax frontier and have just purchased a britax frontier ct in zebra print for my daughter, just about to open the box and set it up to her height etc! definitely the best forward facing seat on the market!

  287. i love the timi & leslie Tag-a-long Tote - Sami

  288. i love britax car seats and would love the b-ready stroller

  289. T. R. Alvarez says:

    Really like the Britax Marathon car seat!

  290. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    We have a Britax B-Safe, that is so easy to use, and really safe for baby; we love it so much! Thanks for the chance to win some other Britax products!

  291. I love all Britax car seats!! Had them with all 2 of my children. They are the best!! I would love to have a Britax stroller!

  292. Alexandra Brauch says:

    I love Britax and the B Ready!!

  293. Jackie K. says:

    We live our Britax carseats. Excited for this giveaway!!

  294. Marissa C. says:

    I love the Pinnacle 90!

  295. I would love the brutal b-ready!

  296. I’d really love to try the B-Agile double!

  297. I love our B-ready infant carseat!

  298. Would love all of these prizes!

  299. Kris Kipp says:

    The Britax Marathon is a great car seat!

  300. Rachel Cole says:

    Our Britax B-Agile Double stroller is perfect for my family!!

  301. Hanna Katz says:

    Britax B-Safe is awesome!

  302. Jennifer P. says:

    The Britax Marathon car seat.

  303. We love the Britax Chaperone cow print carseat super cute and keeps baby safe. Need a stroller so that I can take my child with me when I go walk.

  304. Samantha P. says:

    I love my Britax B-Safe infant carrier and stroller travel system

  305. We’ve been using Britax carseats and boosters since my 9 year old was born! The marathon 70 is my favorite!

  306. FRONTIER 90 car seat

  307. B-SAFE- would LOVE to have :-)


  308. I like the look of the 2-in-1 Backpack - Sami from Timi & Leslie!

  309. deanna hollman says:

    I love our britax B-safe car seat & feel confident that our daughter is safe while driving.

  310. Heather M says:

    I love the B-Agile stroller from Britax! So light and easy to use.

  311. lori butler says:

    the sunflower body wash

  312. I would love to have a Britax convertible car seat. They are favorites among my friends but out of my price range. Sigh. Maybe the marathon?

  313. Amelia Barnaby says:

    I had been eyeing the b-ready online for a while, and finally saw one in use out and about the other day! what a good looking stroller! Would love to win one!

  314. We have the Britax Marathon Car seat for our son. I always feelhe is secure and comfortable in it.

  315. I love the sophia black and white tote from timi and leslie!

  316. Sarah Hayes says:

    I like the vanilla translucent foundation from Ely Organics. Id love to try it

  317. Duel purpose products are my favorite! love the shimmer creme in berry from Miessence.

  318. Gina Hiskes says:

    I would LOVE to own a timi & leslie. I’ve had my eye on the Rachel (in caramel) for a long time now!

  319. Christina Brundick says:

    love the Marathon 70 seat!

  320. Nicole lillie says:

    I’d love a Boulevard by Britax!

  321. Nicole W. says:

    I love the looks of the Britax organic baby carrier! It would be so cozy for baby, and I love that it’s made with 100% organic cotton! :) Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  322. the thing you are giving way can be used for alot i hav elittleone coming

  323. Did you say britax? Count me in that stroller looks amazing!

  324. I love my Britax BOULEVARD car seat! My son just got out of it this year and into a Britax Booster. Now I just need a new car seat for my 9 month old baby girl!

  325. the b ready love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) the b agile love !!!!!!!!!!!!1 my toddller would love two he just turned 1 on july 26 yeaayyy!!!!!!!!!

  326. I like Britax Frontier 85 SICT and Timie & Leslie Charlie diaper bag, thank you!

  327. i really want a britax b safe double stroller

  328. Shantal Sigouin says:

    We love Britax and would love to win!

  329. We have the Britax Roundabout 55 and love it. Will definitely be looking at Britax when it comes time for a booster seat too.

  330. if I can’t get a britax b-ready, I would really like the Britax b-agile…

  331. the Motorola monitor and diaper bags

  332. The Britax organic baby carrier looks great!

  333. I love the Timi & Leslie Messenger Bag.

  334. We have the Britax B-safe and the Britax Marathon….absolutely love both!

  335. I love the Britax marathon carseat - Britax makes great products.

  336. B-AGILE Double

  337. MaryAnn Boswell says:

    We used the Britax Chaperone infant seat with our daughter. I loved the safety features. She always fell asleep right away in it, so it must have been comfortable too.

  338. I like the Britax Marathon Classic Carseat

  339. Maegan Morin says:

    I love the Hanna Bag in Pewter from timi & leslie

  340. Stefanie Gladden says:

    my sister has the Britax FRONTIER 90 & she absolutely loves it! i know i would too

  341. Sharmila M. says:

    The Britax B-Ready is great

  342. Sharmila M. says:

    Britax B-Safe carseats are great!

  343. I would like to have the PARKWAY SG 2013 booster seat! It is beautiful!

  344. Ellen Anderson says:

    The Britax Frontier Carseat looks great!

  345. Christina Strapp says:

    I love Britax products and I really like the Britax Frontier.

  346. I am totally loving the clicktight installation in the Frontier 90 from Britax. I have an older car (pre-LATCH) and am also trying to do 3 across with the car seats - no one has that many LATCH attachments! The click tight would be a great way to install a booster for added safety for my tall, skinny 6 year old, with side impact protection, too. Love it!

  347. I like all the Britax car seats they all look really safe and comfortbale

  348. We love love all Britax!! Our Advocate is our favorite carseat!

  349. Lindsey Doepker says:

    Love the red and I love that you can use it for 2.

  350. I just love these contest! The britax brand is the only one I trust.


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