Britax B-Ready Stroller #momsmusthaves

New Disclosure (Above placement)Since summer is in full effect, if you have a baby, it’s definitely important to have a great stroller. Going to street fairs, amusement parks, or even just a walk is so much easier with a stroller you love. I’ve tried several strollers and have really fallen in love with the Britax B-Ready Stroller we recently received in the newly released Slate color (I adore grey!).britax b-ready strollerThe B-Ready is great for infants all the way up to fifty-five pounds. This stroller is perfect to use with your infant car seat, or with your child alone in the stroller after they are at least 6 months, before then, it can only be used with an infant car seat or bassinet.

britax strollerThe great Click and Go integrated adapter system works with Britax Chaperone and B-Safe Infant car seats and bassinets, making it even easier to transfer your infant into this great stroller. It is also compatible with several other major brand infant seats with the Infant Car seat Adapter frame (sold separately.)britax b-ready

Some other fabulous features:

  • Foam Filled Rubber Tires
  • Reversible top seat with four recline positions
  • Large underside “basket” to hold diaper bags (with side and front access)
  • Large canopy with sun visor
  • No re-thread, adjustable, five-point harness and head pad (safe and comfortable!)
  • Simple fold with automatic chassis lock (stroller will stand while folded)
  • Fourteen seat configurations (AMAZING!)

configuration-chart-usaI have to say that this is one of definitely one of my favorite strollers! It’s truly amazing. Switching the seats from forward to backward is super easy, which is great for days your child would rather face you, or days they would prefer to see the world. The child’s handlebar swivels easily, making removing Tates from the stroller super simple even when he’s sleeping, and I don’t have to fight to keep it out of the way.britax b-ready stroller

The handlebar that you use to push the stroller is adjustable which is great for parents who are not the same height. That way daddy can pull the handlebar up to be more comfortable, or mommy can push it down to make pushing the stroller comfortable. Tates (my three year old) can even push the stroller because the handle has a height adjustment that is even low enough for him.

britax brakeI LOVE the locking mechanism, it is super simple. When it’s locked, there is a red strip showing that it’s locked, and green for when it’s not. No more trying to push the stroller and not realizing that it’s locked! Simply look down, and unlock, or walk and go, plus, it’s only on ONE side, so no more having to unlock both sides. Simply push the lock with your foot and go! No more scratching the top of your foot, this stroller if flip flop friendly! 😉

britax foldedNo worried about taking your awesome stroller everywhere you go, it folds up pretty compact considering the maneuverability of the seat(s) and stands independently when folded. This stroller won’t take up all your trunk space either

Moms Must Haves Summer Small 150This may be the only stroller that you’ll ever need, or want to use again!  This stroller definitely makes my list of  Mom’s Must Haves! With so many wonderful features (and colors) which is your favorite? Make sure you  enter to win some of my Mom’s Must Have items!
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  1. This is my dream stroller. 🙂 I love that it has a reversible seat, and the big sun shade is great for my very-fair-skinned daughter! And it looks like it doesn’t take up the entire trunk of your car- definite bonus.

  2. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that there are 14 seat configurations. I also love that it folds so compact! I am drooling over their new Frontier car seat!

  3. meegan whitford says:

    I just love the looks of this stroller and really like that you can add the carseat to it I would also love to have a britax carseat that would grow with baby

  4. I love that its so easy to open and close one handed! 🙂 I love their B safe Carseat, I own it and LOVE it. So easy to use and adjust, etc.. And SAFE!

  5. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I love the versatility of being able to change the seat.

  6. Trisha W. says:

    I like the ease of maneuverability with this stroller.

  7. ColleenMarie82 says:

    I also like the B-AGILE Double stroller

  8. The stroller I have now is heavy and hard to turn this one looks like it would be easy to use and comfortable for my baby.

  9. I love that this is so multifunctional and I would love to have the second seat attachment as well as the chaperone infant seat!

  10. I love that there are as many different ways to put the seat on this stroller. One for every adventure we take it on!

  11. Anna Heath says:

    Oooh! I love that there are so many ways to configure this stroller! Very cool. 🙂

  12. I love the big rubber tires - look so easy to maneuver!
    I’ve got a Britax Marathon as well, and it’s great. The Britax brand really puts safety first!

  13. I just love how versatile this stroller is. It truly is a one stop shop. Change directions, change inserts, change positions, turn into a double. It’s awesome. I want one.

  14. I can’t wait to get mine!

  15. Love how there are so many ways you can change up the seating. Great review.

  16. Becky Linderholm says:

    I definitely want this stroller for when baby number 2 arrives! I love that everything is so compact, and that it is made to work with our B-safe car seat!

  17. I need this stroller! Now with our newborn and 3 year old. I need a versatile stroller that can go from a single to a double.

  18. As a mom of 6, I love good quality strollers. The Britax brand is known for quality and excellence and I’d love the B-Ready or the B-Agile for our morning walks in the neigborhood. Having the right tool helps you do the job and do it better, and having the right stroller helps family walks be a pleasant and enjoyable activity that we all look forward to rather than a chore!

  19. Jessica S. says:

    I love that the seat is reversible (one of my big love loves), the size of the hood/sun shade, the big basket, and the capability to add another seat! We’re trying for #2 right now and I think this would be the perfect stroller for our needs. Single now, double later (I will probably be wearing the baby most of the time, but sometimes it gets darn hot or I might want to lay him/her in the stroller).. And my little guy can face me when he wants to. I keep looking up this stroller online over and over.

  20. Love that it can work with 1 or 2!

  21. i have a b-agile but this is really the stroller of my dreams. i love how well made britax products are.

  22. Brooke Wells says:

    I love everything about the B-Ready, but my most favorite thing is how versatile it is!

  23. I love the 5 point safety harness and the huge basket. We also love our Britax Boulevard car seat!

  24. Tannis W says:

    I like that the seat can be reversed and that it can hold up to 55 lbs. Sounds like a great stroller to me!

  25. This is great! I love Britax products. The B-Safe carseat is very nice as well! They work perfectly together!

  26. I love that this stroller can be configured in so many ways… including for two kiddo’s

  27. Darian Bennett says:

    I love all the different configurations! Especially the fact that it can be a double stroller as well!

  28. Love, love all the different options of seat placement. Perfect for a growing family

  29. I love the fact that it can convert into a double stroller and that the seat can be turned to either face away from mom or toward mom. This is a big plus for me because sometimes my little one gets too anxious and just wants to look at my face (this helps him fall asleep, even at home).

  30. I love this stroller. We use it with the infant car seat attached and it is so easy! It’s easy to fold, push turn put away, I can’t say too many great things about the b ready stroller!

  31. I love that this stroller converts to such a comfy, sleek, and maneuverable double stroller! Having one child and another on the way, I’ve looked at this stroller for quite some time as a possible big purchase. We’ve compared to other doubles as this just seems like the best option! We also love the Britax Marathon and Roundabout carseats so I think this stroller would be an ideal double for our growing family!

  32. I love the reversible seat and that it can be a double stroller.. there is more that I love but the list is too long! I also love the new Britax click tight seats.. and you cant go wrong with a Britax Marathon 🙂

  33. Sandy Chiang says:

    I love that this is a heavy duty stroller with a large storage compartment and how i can change it into a bassinet or a baby car seat carrier. many ways to configure this wonderful stroller!!!!!

  34. Janice K. says:

    I just had my 4th child in less than 5 years and my current double inline stroller is starting to get a bit beat up. I’d love to try this one! I love Britax other products (we have two Marathons), and their customer service is great!

  35. Tiona Gudishvili says:

    I love the big cushiony wheels on the stroller. It makes for a smooth ride for the baby and me! I also love the Britax bassinet that is attached to the stroller. It is very convenient for a newborn… large and soft!

  36. I want this stroller so bad for my 3rd!

  37. I love that this stroller has so many combinations.

  38. In have the B-ready, chaperone, and boulevard and very happy with all three purchases. I’m especially thrilled that the B ready has the
    Second seat option for #2 and some really cute color option!

  39. Rachel N says:

    I love that the seat is reversible. I also would love to try the Britax boulevard car seat.

  40. We currently own the chaperone and the marathon car seats. I would love to try the B ready, especially now that I have 2. I love all the options it affords. 🙂

  41. I like the reversible top seat… and with four recline positions. Nice idea. And ALL THAT STORAGE!

  42. Lleona C says:

    I love so many things about the b ready-its stylishness, the awesome main seat (easy to flip, full coverage canopy, easy recline, and safe harness). A few things I wish were better- the rear wheels are super wide, which makes it a touch awkward. I find the fold hard to do, and although you don’t have to remove the second seat to fold I find it drags on the ground if you don’t. I would also like to see the top seat an inch or two higher to provide a bit more head room when using the front seat facing mom. Also, the wheel guards are somewhat flimsy, and like to pop off at inconvenient times. But all in all a good stroller, and it handles like a dream!

  43. Lindsey Doepker says:

    There is not one thing bad that I can say about this stroller. It can do so much for one little thing, I have been wanting one for some time now can’t wait to have one. Hop to win one from #Mon’sMustHavesGiveaway if I don’t win one I will just have to bye one. But it would be great to win one.

  44. Lindsey Doepker says:

    I really love your baby carriers they are so easy to put on.

  45. samantha s says:

    I really love that baby can grow with this quality stroller. I do not own any Britax items but I would love to.

  46. Bonnie M. says:

    What is there not to love about this stroller seriously! This is every mother’s dream come true! Especially for mothers like I who have 2 children under the age of 15 months! I have a 15 month old and a 1 month old so this stroller is a god send! I currently struggle carrying 2 baby strollers everywhere and its just impossible to do anything when I’m pushing two strollers. But I just love how you can configure it in so many different arrangements & also love the fact that it’s slim! I won’t feel like I’m taking up the whole sidewalk or aisle in the store or the mall lol. Another product I love from Britax is the Pavilion 70 car seat in Sophia! Simply adorable & very safe with all the awesome features it has built inside of it!

  47. My favorite part is the large storage on the bottom! Great for the diaper bag!

  48. I love that it goes from a single to a double and back again. You don’t always have both children with you and it’s nice that you only have to have one stroller in the car

  49. Vanessa Coker says:

    Love all the possible configurations 🙂

  50. Nupur Kesarwani says:

    Large combination and large storage

  51. Shannon Jefferson says:

    I have a Britax B-safe car seat and love it! This stroller would be perfect to use with our older daughter and our newborn, as it has high weight limit and accomodates taller kids too!

  52. The B-Ready stroller is so versatile! I love that it can be used in so many ways. Another Britax product that I absolutely adore is the Britax Pavilion in Sophia! It is perfect to help keep my 14 month old rearfacing.

  53. marijah Monfette says:

    My first son used abritax and I can’t wait until our second can move into one! I remember loving it so much!

  54. Laila Salem says:

    I really want this. I wish I would have bought it when LO was born. It’s nice because it grows when your family does.

  55. I love all the seat configurations.

  56. My favorite thing(s) about this stroller is all of the different configurations…so versatile!

  57. Thanks for the review. Now thinking about getting this if we gave a second child.
    I am loving the britax b-safe right now and this would be great with it.

  58. Erika Reyna says:

    OMG I love this. I have a double stroller now that is super huge and takes up my whole trunk. This would give us so much more space for groceries. Not to mention is looks super comfy!

  59. Stephanie Brown says:

    Looks great-love how easily it can be a double.

  60. Love the way this looks! It’s sleek, but looks safe!

  61. Michelle Barnhill says:

    I love that you can change the position of the seat from facing you to forward facing. This stroller has everything you would want in a stroller.

  62. what don’t I love about this stroller? I love that I have the option of having baby face me, plus so many options for toddler and baby combined! I neeeeeeeed this stroller!
    Other britax gear I love, we have the frontier carseat for my son, and JUST purchased the new frontier ct with click tight technology, in zebra print! for my daughter! we figured it would be the safest option as she’s being moved to the back row of the van, where there are no lower anchors to belt in the seat! With baby #4 arriving soon, this stroller would be amaaaazing! considering my crappy phil and ted’s is falling apart!

  63. I love the versatility of this stroller and the large basket!

  64. It is so versatile!

  65. annetucker says:

    we use Britax carseats because theyre great… would love this stroller for #2- I hate big bulky double strollers, I love the size of this one and how easy it is to steer!

  66. Samantha P. says:

    I love my Britax B Ready travel system but this stroller is so much smaller when folded which is great since I can fill my trunk with other baby things (especially great on my shopping sprees!)

  67. I love pretty much everything about this stroller! The fact that it is so versatile and can hold a child up to 55lbs. is awesome! I’ve never met a Britax product that I don’t like! Their carseats (I personally prefer the marathon 70) are easy to install, look great, and are some of the safest on the market!

  68. This is my dream stroller. I love all the different positions for the seat.

  69. I love how versatile the B-ready stroller is:) Five point harness, indeed, looks comfortable. A large basket for storage is a must and super convenient for a mom of multiple kiddos!

  70. Gina Hiskes says:

    There are so many ways to use this! I’d love to use it with the bassinet attachment, how perfect. I don’t think Britax makes anything that isn’t amazing, their Frontier is the only car seat that can harness my almost 4 year old, and I’m so thankful for it!

  71. the way the stroller is made is great and then i like the that you can carry alot in the back wehn we go to thepark aor the shows

  72. I love how smooth the stroller ride is for my son!

  73. Shantal Sigouin says:

    I have not tried this stroller but would love it. Currently we have a Chaperone carseat, Pavillion and are getting a Marathon and have not been disappointed. We are also considering baby #2 so need to consider strollers that will work for multiple children and this is top of list!

  74. Kyla Gillings says:

    I love that it takes you from 1kid to 2 without having to buy another stroller!!!

  75. I like that it fits in the truck yet sturdier than an umbrella stroller

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  76. My dream stroller! I’ve been selling off a lot of my cheaper double strollers that have pick and choose featrues to get this one.

  77. Beanybopp says:

    I love the 14 different configurations! I wish that I would have known about Britax before getting our son’s infant car seat and all. We got a Graco travel system and it is heavy/bulky!! We are in the market for a good lightweight stroller for our son…if we had gotten this, I wouldnt have to worry about it because this stroller looks like it is small and easy to move in small spaces.

  78. Hannah Avery says:

    I like the Bob B Safe black car seat from Britax

  79. MaryAnn Boswell says:

    I really hope to get a B-Ready when baby #2 comes. I love our Britax Chaperone infant seat and B-Agile stroller.

  80. Michelle F. says:

    Love how big the basket is. My nephew has that truck so I can tell how big it really is 🙂

  81. So in love with this stroller…my favorite feature is the 2nd seat option!

  82. Christina Strapp says:

    I love Britax and I love this stroller. I really like the second seat option for when we have another baby.

  83. I really like all the configurations about this stroller - we just had a new little guy join our family, and we got rid of all our old baby gear. So to be able to purchase one stroller and be DONE - especially one that folds flat like the b-ready, makes this a dream stroller for me! I love Britax products - especially the ease of installing car seats. I imagine that using the b-ready is a breeze as well. Thanks for the great photos! Now if only they would go on sale, LOL.

  84. Britni Bradford says:

    We also love the Britax Advocate car seat!

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