Maggie Bags New Bailey Bag ~ Must Have Summer Bag!

Summer is still in full swing, and if you still have lots of dates with the pool or the beach, you may still be looking for the perfect beach bag. I think I may have found it! Maggie Bags has really outdone themselves with their newest seatbelt purse, it’s definitely my must have summer accessory!

maggie bags logoThe Bailey Bag is made from seatbelt straps, and is a great bag for concerts, amusement parks, or even the beach. They come in a wide array of colors including some fabulously bright colors perfect for summer! The Bailey Bag has lots of zippered pockets to keep your stuff well organized. You can wear it on your shoulder or across your body, whichever you are more comfortable with. I really love how the strap is made to lay flat, no bunching!

maggie bags bailey bagI think this bag would also make a great first bag for little ones as well, because my nieces keep trying to steal mine!  The colors are very vibrant and don’t fade (didn’t I already mention they are perfect for spring and summer?), and people notice my bag everywhere I go. I’m seriously in love with the Maritime Combo, the colors just pop!

seatbelt purseIt really is compact, and it’s perfect for holding all of my essentials when I don’t want to carry a huge bag everywhere in addition to my diaper bag. I love to wear this bag across my body so that I can be completely hands free, and being that it’s made from seat belt straps, I know that it can hold whatever I need to put into it ;).

seatbelt bagBoth sides of this bag have great zippered pockets at different heights that can hold my lip gloss, ID, or gum for easy access, while the signature Maggie Bags rich purple satin interior offers a touch of luxury and class. The inside also has a zippered pocket, as well as two open pockets to hold your cell phone and keys to keep them easily at your touch.

In my opinion, this bag is great for vacations, summer trips, and any on the go plans you have planned!

Maggie Bags I absolutely adore my collection which includes the Butterfly Bag, Cicily Tote, Campus Tote, and of course my must have Maggie Bags Key Chain! Do you own a Maggie Bags bag? Do you love yours as much as I love all mine? Which bag is on your wish list?

Maggie Bags Cicily tote Campus ToteMaggie Bags is generously giving away one of their all new Bailey Bags to one lucky Eco Baby Mama Drama reader! Enter below, good luck! ~WINNER~ Kelly T


  1. Sandy McFadden says:

    I love the Safari one pictured

  2. Keara B. says:

    Oh how I love Maggie Bags…. the Bailey looks perfect for short trips and packing light! Color-wise I love the Maritime Combo bag, but for practicality and matching everything, I’d go with the Mocha Combo.

  3. Joy Newlan says:


  4. I like black

  5. Rachel M says:

    Love the Maritime Combo!

  6. Trisha W. says:

    I like the Mocha.

  7. I am so excited at the idea of winning a Bailey Bag. I have two of the Medium totes, a small tote, an executive laptop bag and a tote of many colors — all of them my favorites :) :) They can take any abuse you throw at them - being seatbelt material - and I am not a gentle bag user!! I have been drooling over the bailey bag since they announced it and can’t wait to get one!

  8. jennifer wexler says:

    i like the black cherry combo or the black

  9. Crystal Fairchild says:

    I love this bag! I think it would be perfect for traveling abroad with and for when you do not want to bring your bigger maggie bag you may have with you! I love the Black Cherry one!!

  10. Crystal Fairchild says:

    I meant to add to my above comment that I have both the Large Messenger and the LeConte Messenger. I could not love this companies bags more. If you do not already have a Maggie Bag you should defintely give the company a try!

  11. Heather says:


  12. Kristin Troska says:

    I love love the Mocha Combo. Thanks for the chance to win. Fingers crossed.

  13. I love maritime and sorbet! The colour combos are vibrant and pretty.

  14. April C. says:

    I love the black cherry combo!

  15. nicole lewis says:

    i like the black cherry and the maritime

  16. debbie l says:

    love the mocha combo

  17. Dana L. says:

    I love the black one! Goes with every outfit!!

  18. I like the safari and the maritime.

  19. elven johnson says:

    Maritime & black. Color for when you need it & when you don’t

  20. I like all the colors, would be happy with any of them. GREAT BAG!!!!!

  21. Monica Flatford says:

    Drawn to the Maritime but if I was buying I would go with a solid in Red to get a little out of my norm.

  22. Terra W says:

    Maritime or sorbet!

  23. Laura Lee says:


  24. I love the Maritime Combo. It looks great!

  25. Jenna T. says:

    I like the black cherry combo and the maritime combo.

  26. Susan Willard says:

    I love the Maritime Combo colors

  27. Brandi Dawn says:

    I love the Maritime combo and the black. Cute bag!

  28. marisa b says:


  29. Teresa Thompson says:


  30. Dorothy Teel says:

    My favorite Maggie Bag is the Baily Bag is Maritime Combo they are just so pretty…

  31. Elaine Powell says:

    the Cicely tote would be handy

  32. Carolyn Colley says:

    I like the sorbet color

  33. Love the sorbet combo

  34. The Maritime Combo is my favorite.

  35. I would love the safari, mocha or maritime combo bag. Such great colors!!

  36. Cassandra Queen says:

    maritime combo :)

  37. Stephanie says:

    My favorite is the mocha!

  38. Donna Bryant Barnes says:

    I like the Maritime one.

  39. I love the colors in the Sorbet bag, especially during the summer. I like the Maritime for when I wear jeans in cooler months.

  40. latanya says:

    I like the Mocha combo

  41. Lauren Plummer says:

    the sorbet is lovely- perfect for summer!

  42. elizabeth miller says:

    I like the black color bag. I have a job where I have to wear black a lot so it would match daily

  43. Laurie J says:

    I like the Black!

  44. I like the black since it will match everything but I also really like the Maritime Combo!

  45. Angela T says:

    My favorite is Maritime Combo! :-)

  46. Emilie Roush says:

    I love the Maritime colors.

  47. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I like the Maritime blue/green combo or the basic black.

  48. ruby reis wade says:

    I like the safari and the sorbet

  49. Jenelle D says:

    I’m not usually one for bright colors but I’m loving the maritime combo. Something about the blues and green just shout “Summer!” to me and would be great to use during the Summer. I also love the length of the strap - easy to wear across the body and with the typical Maggie Bag construction, the sturdiness of the bag along with the functionality would just make a great Summer bag!

  50. nancy horton says:

    the maritime is my favorite

  51. Michelle Olms says:

    I love the Black Cherry Combo.

  52. Kayci Stanley says:

    I like the black cherry combo =]

  53. Lisa Cory says:


  54. Sorbet Safari I love these bags

  55. I love the black Cherry! The Safari is ok, but the Black Cherry totally ROCKS!

  56. Kelly wright says:

    I really like the maritime combo.

  57. Krstina L. says:

    I LOVE the all black.. And the all Black butterfly bag!!

  58. Helen May says:

    I really like the muilti color bags so either of those are ones I would pick. Thanks!

  59. Black cherry is a gorgeous color! If I were going to choose one Id go with black so it would match with everything.

  60. Jennifer says:

    I love the maritime combo color!

  61. Kim Pollock says:

    I like the mocha combo

  62. i love the lime green and pink

  63. kelly mcgrew says:

    i think i like the mocha one or the maritime one

  64. Nicole Bear says:

    I like Maritime

  65. Lynn Banks says:

    The black and the black cherry are my favorites :-)

  66. Kathy flanagan says:

    I really like the green and pink..

  67. ellen willett says:


  68. jeannine s says:

    i like the Tote of Many Colors - Solid - Open Top

  69. I like the Maritime.

  70. Kim Reid says:

    I love the Maritime Combo, thanks!

  71. My favorite Bailey Bag is the Maritime Combo color!

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