Earth’s Best New Organic Veggie Purees

This month, Earth’s Best introduced new Organic Veggie Purees! These tasty purees offer a healthy meal for your baby, rich in Vitamin A, E, C and Zinc. The new Veggie Purees are available in four delicious flavors including Sweet Potato & Beets, Carrots & Broccoli, Pumpkin & Spinach and Squash & Sweet Peas.

Earth's Best Veggie Purees

Adding to Earth’s Best current line of pouch products including Fruit & Grain purees and Fruit & Yogurt smoothie pouches for infants and toddlers, these purees are the first all-vegetable offering from Earth’s Best! Easy to store and even easier to carry, this little pouch offers a big, flavorful punch of healthy nutrients and minerals to help your baby grow.

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The new Veggie Purees can be served as a wholesome meals for babies 6 months or older and as a snack for toddlers. Even more exciting, Earth’s Best Organic Veggie Purees come in non-BPA packaging.

Some interesting Info:

  • Parents who eat more fruits and vegetables often have kids who a) are less picky and b) consume more fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t pressure kids to eat. Studies show that parents who pressure their kids to eat actually get kids with higher levels of pickiness and kids who eat significantly fewer servings of fruits and vegetables.

More tips can be found here on the Earth’s Best website!

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  1. Julie Ghrist says:

    I don’t really have one yet. My son always liked to smear food in his hair tho

  2. Colleen Maurina says:

    The first time we fed him beets he loved them but oh what a mess!

  3. Joanne Gregory says:

    The baby is not born yet but I’m sure we will have lots of stories once he gets here!

  4. my daughter turned orange from sweet potatoes as a baby… wierd but later we found out it was a reaction to the food!

  5. The first time my son tried avocado he inhaled it! He got it all over his face and hands and couldn’t eat it fast enough. We all thought it was hysterical so he started laughing too 🙂
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  6. natalie nichols says:

    We don’t have any funny stories yet

  7. My little man’s ear itch every time we feed him so not only do I have to clean his mouth, hands and clothes but also his ears.

  8. Every single time my daughter eats yogurt it is in her hair, on her face, on her clothes…..everywhere. Then when she’s done with the yogurt cup she places it on her head. Silly girl. She’s 1 1/2 🙂

  9. Candace says:

    I walked in on my hubby feeding our son and it looked like our son fed himself. He was covered in food 🙂


  1. […] One Lucky reader is going to win a Sampler Pack of Earth’s Best’s new Veggie Purees! […]

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