Earthy Crunchy Mama~BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz + Flip #ClothDiaper Cover Review & A #G!veaway!

Jenn the owner of Earthy Crunchy Mama never pictured herself as the “earthy crunchy’ type until after she had her son Cole.  He was born with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis, a rare spinal deformity and although Jenn knew Cole’s condition was not something she could control she knew there were lots of things she could control to ensure he grew up healthy.  Earthy Crunchy Mama was born and Jenn’s transformation became a way of life for her family.  Along the way in her journey she realized going green isn’t always cheap or practical so it became her mission to not only become more health and environmentally conscious without breaking the bank for her family but also her customer’s too.

Jenn graciously sent me 3 different BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz inserts in various sizes and types along with a bumGenius Flip diaper cover in grasshopper.  I am a huge fan of one sized cloth diaper items and all natural fibers so I was elated when I got the Flip cover and the hemp inserts. I received 2 medium JoeyBunz inserts; 1 regular and 1 premium, and 1 large premium.

The regular inserts are made of six layers of absorbent natural hemp/certified organic cotton jersey and are super thin at only 1/8 of an inch thick while the premium inserts are the same material and thickness however are made of four layers of hemp/certified organic cotton jersey.  The mediums measure 15 ¼” long by 6” at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 ½” at the center and the large measures 17 ½” long by 6” at the widest part of hourglass shape and 4 ½” at the center. These are prewashed measurements and are expected to shrink about 15% after washing.

Not only is this make your own AI2 system super absorbent but also super trim, even with all three inserts together in the cover super.  The large insert is a bit too long and needs to be folded slightly for us.  The premium inserts dry faster in the dryer since they have a split design however the regular inserts are a bit more dense (absorbent) in my opinion.  I think this is a great system for when we potty learn because the jersey material will let Tates know when he is wet.  These inserts are also great to add to any pocket, fitted, AI2 or AIO for extra absorbency without extra bulk. Look how trim the two mediums are on Tates in the photo below.


Tates showing off his new diaper, I even caught him dancing around a bit!


I am really excited to announce that Jenn is opening a brick and mortar store in Bennington, Vermont!  You can check out her Facebook page for updates and details but here is a few sneak peek shots!  Check out the awesome community room!



Buy It:

Until the store opens you can shop online for everything that I got and much much more! Earthy Crunchy Mama has a great selection of cloth diapers, baby carriers and other all natural family products.

Win It:

Jenn is offering one lucky reader 3 BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz inserts of their own!  You even get to choose your sizes and types, mix and match if you like!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I received the above mentioned products at no charge to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


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