Bumblebaby ClothDiaper #FallingIntoFluff

Jamie the Work At Home Mom (wahm) of two hand makes each wonderful item in her online store and boy does she have an awesome selection!  Her storefront is full of ready to ship items in several wonderful prints in various items such as baby leggings, baby blocks (wipes solution), cloth wipes, nursing pads, wet bags and of course cloth diapers!

Jamie sent me the cutest turtles print one sized pocket diaper.  This is one of the most unique diapers I have ever had the pleasure to use on Tates.  With snap closure and snap down rise making this a one sized pocket is very easy.  The super wide pocket opening is located in the front and has a snap to close the opening.  Turned and top stitched detail makes for a smooth edge on babies skin. These super trim pocket diapers have a hidden layer of PUL under the cute cotton knit print and an ultra cool pique lining that is up against babies tush and allows for a stay dry feel.  The legs have PUL to prevent wicking and the elastic is very gentle leaving no red marks on chunky thighs.

The snap closure has two rows for wing droop prevention and also hip snaps and cross-over tabs to ensure a one size fit for every size baby.  With three rise snap setting you can surely have the smallest baby in this cute cloth diaper.  Tates is on the largest setting and is about 27 pounds but has room still to grow in the waist.

Look at that awesome fit!

Look how trim!

Each diaper comes with a super absorbent 4 ply bamboo fleece insert that is very generous in size allowing for customization whether you have a boy or girl.  The diaper and insert are super quick in the laundry (I prefer to hang my shells to dry).

Jamie offers very thorough directions for prep and care of all her products online but doesn’t print and send them in an effort to save paper (LOVE IT!).

Buy It:

You can purchase any of Jamie’s wonderful creations at her online storefront and with her super affordable prices you can purchase lots!  Her pocket diapers can be purchased for 40% off on Boxing Day (December 26th).  You can preview them now though!


  1. I love the Sesame Street print!

  2. My GFC name is Melissa, and my Google+ name is Melissa Huie. I like the Landing Zone print. Thanks!

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  6. My fav is the Elephants print.

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  7. I like Bumblebaby and Waddle waddle prints

  8. Sarah Hull says:

    I love the Waddle Waddle and Elephant prints!

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  10. the elephants or sesame street

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  13. Yoko and Levi says:

    I can't choose between the turtles, bumblebaby, and elephents. I love them all!

  14. I like the hoooot! owl print.
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  17. The Hoooot! Owls gender neutral pocket diaper is freakin' adorable! So is the skulls :) Since I don't know the sex of my unborn child yet, I'm sticking with unisex stuff! Love it :)

  18. I entered the oh katy and lotus bumz

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    GFDC and Google+ name is Lori Davis. Same as my entry name.

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    I like the Hooot! Owls design diaper! Lori Davis

  21. gfc - Amy M
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  22. I like Elephants and Later Gator!


  23. love the space aliens print

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  26. I like Lime Daisy PUL
    GFC - Julie G
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  27. I entered the gogreen giveaway and I entered the oh katy giveaway

  28. Gfc Bridgett zaidi
    Would love a wet bag, like the guitar and zoology print
    Other giveaways. Go green and glow bug

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    Google + Olivia Lasting
    I love the Peace & Stars fabric and the pink zebra!
    I also entered the Red Barn and Gorgeous & Green giveaways.

  30. Madeline Miller says:

    Love the robots!

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    I would really like the LITTLE MISS KATE 4PK CLOTH WIPES :D
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    Amy Bailey

  33. I like the ladybug print!

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  35. My GFC name is Beth

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  39. Rebecca M. says:

    I like the green argyle minky.

  40. Rebecca M. says:

    I also entered SmartiPants and Go Green giveaways

  41. The monster PUL is my favorite!

  42. I like the girly skulls minty and would also love to try one of your wool soakers!

  43. I'd like to try the cloth wipes.
    I also entered the GlowBug giveaway.

  44. GFC: mmmorgans

  45. GFC - The FTM

  46. GFC: kk03220725

  47. I like the elephants print!

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    i love the monsters print and the cupcakes those 2 are adorable
    Bonnie Rodriguez

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    i entered the glow bug diaper giveaway
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    i entered the gogreen giveaway
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    I love the Hooooot! Owls PUL print!

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    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

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  59. I like the Small Wetbag with blue and green dots

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    Boba 3 Winner #Giveaway! Ends 12/30

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    I like the whoot!

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    My favorite is the elephants print.
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    Note: I'm sorry to put all this info here, but there weren't lines to put it in the RC form and you wanted it written where things were.

  93. GFC Name: Raquel Beaty
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  99. I like the flower print.

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  103. my GFC name is Stephanie Crosbie

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    I would <3 to try anything of hers'. :)
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  115. Oh my goodness! I love so many of her prints! Anything Owl I'm a huge fan of, as well as the diaper you tested! It is so cute! <3

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    Love the Monkeys and the Hoooot! Owl prints!

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  1. blog del narco

    Bumblebaby ClothDiaper #FallingIntoFluff - Eco Baby Mama Drama

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