How to Relieve Stress Naturally

We live in a very fast paced busy world and with that comes stress. Whether it’s good stress associated with a blind date or the stress that can come with a big project at work, stress can make our daily tasks less enjoyable. Any doctor will tell you that lowering stress is beneficial to our health, the question is how do we lower stress naturally? Here are a few things I do to relieve my stress naturally.

Exercise - whether it’s a quick yoga session or a full blown workout, exercise is a great outlet for nervous energy and it makes me feel energized!

Games - grabbing a crossword puzzle, sudoku, or playing your favorite trivia game app on your phone can offer a short but immediate break to clear your head.

Bach - Bach RESCUE products are developed by a doctor and are non habit forming, sugar free, alcohol free, and natural in color and flavor. Available in several forms, I have RESCUE Pastilles and RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts on hand at all times. They fit conveniently in my purse so I take them with me everywhere and keep my stress in check!

Music - Music is a game changer for me. I like a wide variety of music and cranking up my jams always puts me in a great mood! Having your headphones and your iPod or a few favorite songs on your phone can make any situation less stressful with a few verses!

Memory Lane - Taking a trip down memory lane and looking at a few pictures always makes me smile. I laugh out loud at my Girl’s Night photos and count my blessings when I scroll through pictures of my husband and boys, it’s an instant pick me up and bye bye stress!

More Info on Bach

Bach Rescue Products have been trusted for generations and are used by millions worldwide. The natural stress relief line are now available in several forms and in four delicious flavors: Orange/Elderflower, Black Currant, Cranberry & Lemon in the US at CVS, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Sprouts and wherever you find natural products.

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How do you relieve stress naturally? 

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  1. Rachelle J says:

    Doing crafts is one of my favorite ways to relive stress. It’s super calming to me and I get something pretty out of it!

  2. I love a nice bath with a good bath bomb. It’s so relaxing. I’m going to give Rescue a try, too. Thanks!

  3. I like that this is all natural.. usually to relieve street it takes something very unnatural.

  4. I also listen to music to distress, I like to go for walks and hit my gym’s hot tub when I have the time. It sure is a fast paced world and we have to prioritize things better to manage that stress. For me it’s not saying no to people when I really should.

  5. Honestly, a good nap pal ways helps me relieve stress. But since I can’t always do that these Rescue melts might be the nest thing I try!

  6. Rescue sounds great. I try to take soothing baths and read whenever I can, but sometimes I still need extra help. I’ll definitely be giving this a try.

  7. Black currant sounds like a delicious flavor to unwind with! Since it’s natural, I feel better about trying it during pregnancy!

  8. I need to do all these to relieve the stress I have. I need to try Rescue as well. Thanks for sharing.

  9. My main avenue to release stress is exercising but sometimes, I don’t have the stamina to do that. Thank you for these tips.

  10. Robin {Masshole Mommy} says:

    I am definitely working on trying to reduce stress in my life. I will have to check these out. 🙂

  11. When I’m stressed, I love turning on some of my favorite music and singing along. It really seems to help!

  12. I found exercise and mellow music is great - but I am going to check out Bach’s for sure - and put it in my wish list - very nice article 🙂

  13. Now that I know where to find these, I am going to give them a try. Thank you for the coupon!

  14. Danielle K says:

    I’ve been using Rescue remedies for years to help with stress. A hot bath and a glass of wine always helps too 🙂

  15. It’s so nice to have healthy ways to relieve stress. I’m so glad there are so many options available.

  16. I never even stopped to consider music as a stress reliever but it works so well for me. I would like to give BACH products a try too!

  17. I keep seeing these and I think it’s a sign! I could probably really use these. I tend to be stressed, a lot!

  18. Exercise is definitely a great stress relief option. It has worked very well for me in the past.

  19. I’m always looking for new ways to reduce the amount of stress that I experience. Sometimes I think it just won’t go away.

  20. Love your relieve of stress tips!Naturally is the way to go. I love exercise to help me relieve stress. I need to check out these RESCUE Pastilles!

  21. There are lots of ways I’d love to relieve stress, but I don’t always have the time. For a quick break, I take a shower & have a few minutes to myself.

  22. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I like to relax with a long hot bath. If i have a great book to get lost in it is even better. I can put my heat lamp on and soak away my stress.

  23. I’ve seen several posts about this lately. This stuff looks interesting, but I’m loving my essential oils right now.

  24. Elizabeth O. says:

    I listen to music before I sleep. It helps me relax after a long day!

  25. Sounds like a great product…and who can’t use something like that on a regular basis?!?

  26. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I relieve stress by taking a walk.

  27. I’m definitely going to try those pastilles. I’m about to be overwhelmed with stress and I love the idea of the popping a lozenge rather than a pill!

  28. I keep hearing great things about Recuse! I’m used to stress, so I that tells me I could probably use this! I will have to check it out!

  29. Classical music helps me too. I do non-thinking games as well

  30. I keep hearing about this stuff! I’m pretty sure that means I need to try is asap. Right?

  31. Exercise helps a lot for me when I am stressed and some time I go window shopping.

  32. We love RESCUE too! Music is a great one for me, it relaxes me and even helps cheer me up when I’m blue!

  33. I will check these out. I like to read to relax.
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  34. I like to relieve stress by meditation and listening to instrumentals music.

  35. I have been using Bach Rescue Products for many years. The remedy spray and I are BFFs.

  36. I love Bachs! I haven’t tried the Pearls, but I love the Rescue Remedy.

  37. Catherine S says:

    This sounds like a great product. I need to try it. I have been so stress recently.

  38. I love using music and my RESCUE products to combat stress. A nice warm bath helps too!

  39. I like that these are natural. I also like that they’re packaged to take on the go.

  40. Breathing exercises helps calm me…4 breaths in, hold for 7 seconds and release for 8 seconds. I do this four times and I normally feel a ton better!

  41. I listen to music to distress, I like to hit my gym when I have the time. It’s better to manage that stress.

  42. Kim Buck says:

    I need Rescue Pastilles for myself! Of course, like you, I use music to relieve stress, but Rescue sounds like something I need when I don’t have my MP3 player around. Thank you for alerting me of this awesome product!
    kimbuckjr at yahoo dot com

  43. I work out and run on the treadmill with my headphones blaring really loud dance music 🙂

    It takes my mind off all the stress..

    Thank you!

  44. I like to relax with a glass of red wine and a good book.

  45. Exercise is a great activity to help relieve stress! I just need time for it. 🙂

  46. I haven’t tried the Rescue Pastilles before. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Vacation is my favorite stress reliever and I could use one of those right about now!

  48. Christine A says:

    I relieve stress by doing yoga stretches. I have a few favorite stretch routines on youtube that I follow and the music for the videos are very soothing as well. I also listen to music on my ipod to relieve stress.

  49. I’m looking into this soon, I’ve heard this once and looks like really effective and this is so much great.

  50. Cynthia C says:

    Playing games on my Kindle or doing a Sudoku puzzle is a great stress reducer for me.

  51. These are awesome tips. I am all about all natural alternatives.

  52. vickie couturier says:

    some reallly good tips,,i like to read and talke a walk to relieve stress too

  53. I definitely cannot take a scroll through memory lane to release stress, it ends up giving me so much anxiety, Music however is a huge help as well as just keeping a planner at hand all the time.

  54. I relieve stress with deep breathing or short workouts.

  55. Music also helps me to de-stress…especially at nighttime. I like that this product is sugar free!

  56. I’ve never tried this before but I think it might be a good option to look into. Thanks for the info!

  57. When i start to get stress out i grab my fishing pole and head for my fishing hole. after a few min fishing the stress leaves me.

  58. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I stress I go and my room close the door and put some music on!

  59. I relieve stress by working out, exercise is an awesome stress reliever.

  60. I relax at night by getting away from the TV and internet and reading a chapter or 2 or 3. By immersing myself into the plot it helps me shut down whatever is going on in my family and life. I expect it is a natural progression that we each find what works for us. Taking a bath for example, just puts me in a situation where my mind focuses on what I’m trying to not worry about. But reading requires that I follow the plot line

  61. To relieve stress I enjoy taking outdoor walks, singing, dancing, and playing the piano!

  62. Great stress relieving products. Exercise is such a great stress reliever. Walking on the beach is my favorite.

  63. celina k says:

    Music and reading are both great stress relievers for me.

  64. Robin Abrams says:

    To relieve stress I take a hot bubble bath by candle lite

  65. I relieve stress by cooking, working out, and/or spending some time with good friends!

  66. I love the bath tub to relieve stress.. It makes me feel better

  67. rebretta says:

    i relieve stress by getting my mind off of it via a warm bath, music, and good book

  68. I either go work on jewelry or I read a book.

  69. Music is a big stress reliever for me too. It can change my mood in an instant!

  70. When I need a little stress relief, I tend to grab a nice cup of tea. My other go to is music. It always makes me feel better.

  71. Music can change my stress levels almost instantly.

  72. Thanks for sharing about the Bach products. I hadn’t heard about them before, but I’m interested in learning more and will look for them in my health food store.

  73. When exercise doesn’t cut it for me, I use the Rescue Pearls. I love their citrusy taste!

  74. Dee Lafrenz says:

    For me, I take a long hot bubble bath. It totally relaxes me.

  75. I like to get outside and if I can I walk a block down towards the river and just listen. I think its the fresh air on my face and the gentle sound of the water. It works every time.

  76. Great tips, I love relieving stress naturally. I take a bath every night, bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine.

  77. I relieve my stress through prayer!

  78. Hannah Avery says:

    Going to the library and some computer downtime destresses me!

  79. I have a number of ways to relieve stress, I like to run (it’s almost the only alone time I get) I also use oils, and take long hot baths.

  80. Talking to my husband or going for a walk relieves my stress.

  81. I can de-stress by petting my cat, or watching tv shows that make me laugh out loud.

  82. Susan Broughton says:

    Usually I seldom relieve stress. I have been told I don’t know how to relax. I guess I enjoy reading. and a good hot bath so maybe those would relax me as much as anything can.

  83. These are some great tips that I feel like everyone cantake away from. I will have to try some of these when my life gets to stressful.

  84. rebeccabasset says:

    I try to put my Mind on something else, and I haven’t heard of the Bach Products before, so thanks for that too!

    Thanks for the Tips !

  85. Rosanne Morrison says:

    I like a hot bath, a book and a cup of tea with toast

  86. LAURIE MURLEY says:

    music is my relaxing or stress buster, it really helps me alot

  87. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I relieve stress by running. It’s the only thing that really works for me.

  88. Emily Endrizzi says:

    Looks like a helpful product. I usually just take a 5 minute time-out when I need to de-stress.

  89. Jennifer Shelton says:

    Any moment away from the kiddos lol!

  90. Alison Gibb says:

    I relieve stress by turning off everything that is making noise and I rub my temples. And, Ipat my cat!

  91. To relieve stress I designate a fifteen minute time period a few times a day to do something relaxing. I usually play a fun game on my phone or tablet, or listen to music, or watch online videos, or surf the web, or read a magazine, or do yoga. Taking fifteen minutes away from working and just relaxing, focusing on something I enjoy, helps me get through the day and eliminates stress building up.

  92. Richard Hicks says:

    I relieve stress by jogging around the neighborhood.

  93. Those are all fantastic ideas to help a person relieve their stress more naturally. I couldn’t have written anything better myself! 🙂 I personally love exercise of any kind when it comes to feeling stressed out which definitely includes a good and thorough yoga practice.

  94. Rhonda Scott says:

    I like to take a long warm bath with scented candles to relax.

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