A Very Veggie Easter Collection

I can’t believe it is almost Easter! I’m trying to plan a move and completely didn’t realize we will be moving the day before EASTER!? Yikes!

Very Veggie EasterIt’s such an important time of year and with Tates being three (he is like a little sponge!) we are trying to teach him what the holiday is really about and why we celebrate. Lucky for us A Very Veggie Easter Collection is available now and we can prepare ahead of time as well as enjoy our favorite Veggie characters!

veryveggieeaster hosanna
A Very Veggie Easter Collection contains two popular Easter DVDs “Twas the Night Before Easter” and “An Easter Carol” as well as two great CDs - “A Very Veggie Easter” and “Hosanna!” The Easter CDs include Amy Grant and Mark Hall making them perfect for the entire family as well as a perfect gift for Easter!

Veggie Tales Easter Collection

With a run time of 97 minutes this collection is great for sharing with your children and not having it be too long. The adorable Larry the Cucumber is a favorite of ours, he really makes us laugh….a lot! I really enjoy being able to sit down and watch a movie with my kids that now only teaches important principles but also makes them entertaining to keep kids interested ;).

I’ll warn you, once you pick up the collection you might have a few little robot bunny impersonators running around your home acting like their favorite characters, but at least they learned something from the movie right? 😉


  1. I admit this looks cute…I had a friends kid who could not stop singing the theme song to veggie tales! Lol so funny how they remember and repeat everything!

  2. Krista C. says:

    I love VeggieTales!

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