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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX, in an effort to show the benefits of the Netflix kids programs and how it can provide quality worry free entertainment for you family. All opinions are my own.

I’m frustrated with regular television. The ratings aren’t accurate (in my opinion) and there isn’t a very large variety of shows considering the astronomical amount we pay each month. Plus if we want to get movies or ‘specialty’ channels for younger kids it’s even more money. I am seriously tickled that we just joined Netflix and beside myself with joy about the dedicated kids section.

netflix kidsI’m really loving that thanks to help from Common Sense Media all content is selected and provided to parents with ratings, reviews as well as other important information so we can easily make educated choices for our kids! We have 2 boys that are pretty far apart in age so the wide selection of family favorites (Hasbro, Disney Jr., Cartoon Network) is great and with shows appropriate for children ages 2-12 both boys are covered.

A few of our personal favorites that are available on Netflix are:

  • My Little Pony
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally
  • Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
  • Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates
  • Johnny Test
  • Suite Life of Zack & Cody
  • Curious George

My favorite part about Netflix is how simple it is to use. I literally signed up for our account and the boys were watching shows within minutes. I am NOT tech savvy at all and I did this all on my own ;). Streaming is much easier than you think. Download the free app on your iPad/phone, click on the Netflix app on any gaming device or visit on your computer – and you’re in business. Simple, fast and pacified kiddos!

netflix moviesYou can watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere, any time you want. You don’t even need to have wi-fi, you can download and save your kids favorites for when you go on road trips or even when an out of the ordinary situation comes up…in our case, we are moving this weekend. No worries about having new services hooked up or disconnected, our kids have their entertainment in hand. Netflix is available on hundreds of devices, which you probably already have at home! Tates is an iPad piggy so he can watch his favorites (My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates) while T-Bone watches Suite Life of Zack & Cody on his laptop and there are no arguments or tears!netflix kids 2

You can feel safe with using Netflix that your getting quality children’s programming and it’s available anytime, anywhere, perfect for today’s on the go kids. No need to rent or borrow movies, no late fees and no trips to pickup or return rentals. Login, click play, done. The hardest part is choosing which movie or show to watch!

What are you watching on TV with your family? Netflix has family favorites from Disney, Disney Jr., Hasbro, Cartoon Network and Dreamworks that are available to stream anytime, anywhere.

And streaming is easier than you think! Download the free app on your iPad, click on the Netflix app on any gaming device, go to the website on your computer – and you’re in business. Check out Netflix!

What are your kids Netflix favorites?  We would love to hear what you are watching so we can check them out too!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX.



  1. We love Netflix and watch it as much online as we do on the TV, best thing we’ve ever subscribed to!

  2. My family streams a lot of Netflix and I appreciate that they offer so much family programming.

  3. That is sweet!! I didn’t know you could download things and save them for car rides - I am getting really frustrated with regular tv and agree that the ratings are not accurate. I used to have Netflix but when they changed the subscription pricing I didn’t continue. So glad you wrote this, I will go sign back up, it sounds like they have made some great changes!!

  4. We love Netflix, too. Having just entered the world of hands free technology (aka an iPad), I didn’t realize that you could watch different shows at the same time. I’m not sure my boys need to know that, though.

  5. My girls are going to be so excited to try this out. We don’t have any cable channels, so they miss out on a lot of the Disney shows.

  6. Tracy adler says:

    We have Netflix and love to watch all the old tv programs that are no longer on. It really is neat to be able to relive the nostalgia. 🙂

  7. Kristin says:

    We love Netflix!

  8. I love netflix! We use my brother’s account and like to wtch family movies (and adult movies when my little brother is in bed)I do think my toddler would enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse though 🙂

  9. Samantha Lippard says:

    We love Netflix! We watch My Little Pony a lot!

  10. Stephanie O says:

    We have netflix on our wii. My girls love Horseman’s, My Little Ponies and my husband is always watching Psycho or Monk.

  11. Netflix is better than ever! With shows like My Little Pony and Batman and Beyond or Disney classics like The Aristocats and Pocahontas or favorites for the older kids like Pingu and Johnny Test … there is a show for every child in your house of every age. And maybe grandma and grandpa too!
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  12. Liana W. says:

    We use Netflix pretty much exclusively (we got rid of cable a few years ago). DS is 18mos and his current love is Curious George!

  13. Rachel A. says:

    We love Netflix, but my 4 month old hasn’t started watching yet, but when he does we can’t wait to watch all the great shows for kids!

  14. Lily Ivey says:

    We have Netflix and love it. We don’t have cable so we use Netflix to catch up on TV shows. My girls love watching Dora!

  15. camelia says:

    I’ve been using netflix for about 2 years and love it. I use it instead of cable.

  16. Olivia L says:

    We have Netflix, mostly for the kids’ programming. My daughter likes Dora and Diego the best.

  17. i used to love netflix just didn’t have the time to watch the movies with my infant son to take care of

  18. Aimee P. says:

    We do not have netflix. My kids like thomas the train.

  19. Sarah Hayes says:

    we love netflix. im addicted to the show Once Upon a Time! its so nice to be able to watch the episodes back to back and w/o commercials. my daughter is only a year old so Im going to keep her from watching tv for a little while longer

  20. Anne Perry says:

    yes… we love it.
    Super agent Oso, handy manny, bob the builder… and more

  21. Lolli S says:

    We have Netflix and my daughter loves to watch Super Why!

  22. Carrie M says:

    I love that Curious George is on Netflix. I don’t have to worry about unsuitable content (or greedy-making commercials) while I dash to get a shower.

  23. Laura P says:

    We don’t have Netflix now, but when Little gets older, I think we’ll probably cancel cable and subscribe to Netflix and Hulu… better options, and more intentional TV watching! Or, maybe we’ll just get rid of the tv entirely :-).

  24. We have Netflix and use it as our primary source of television. The price is reasonable and the only thing that I can think of to make it better is adding more sports somehow!

  25. We’ve had NetFlix since it’s inception as a DVD rental option. My children love Super Why and I love my Eddie Izzard. 🙂

  26. Danielle D says:

    We had it but it was getting too expensive! We loved being able to have the tv shows available online and through the X-box!

  27. Ashley Santillanes says:

    We don’t have cable so we only use Netflix for the kids. Our Kids like
    the Lorax
    Secret of the Wings
    JoJo’s Circus
    Kick Buttowski
    My Little Ponies

  28. Alyssa U says:

    My nephews love all the super hero cartoons 🙂

  29. We had Netflix a couple years ago… watched lots of different movies/tv shows, but I don’t remember what ones. Our little ones love watching the old Superman, Batman tv shows and Disney’s The Adventures of Zorro and The Adventures of Tintin on youtube now.

  30. Ashley F says:

    We love Netflix! I love that I can find lots of kids shows on their that my daughter loves!

  31. Kelly I. says:

    We don’t have Netflix right now! Not sure if we will try it in the future or not, it will depend on what the budget allows.

  32. Teisha c says:

    My girls love jake and the neverland pirates and my little pony, especially Rainbow dash and princess Celesia. We love Netflix especially that there is no toy commercials!!!!

  33. Brandi Lee says:

    We love netflix and are super excited that it has some of the older episodes of sesame street on it! 🙂 We do netflix instead of cable, such a huge money saver.

  34. Andrea R says:

    I tried Netflix a few months after my daughter was born, but I had such a rough time with her sleep that I never really got a chance to use it. We’d cancelled the cable to save money, and barely watched tv anyway, since I work evenings and my hubby doesn’t watch tv. I also find that the shows I wanted weren’t always available in Canada. I cancelled it, and watch tv on dvd.

  35. Kimberly says:

    We love netflix. Particulary netflix for kids. Some of our favorites are mighty machines, fireman sam, and Justin time. Can’t tell I have boys can you? 🙂

  36. Kirsten H. says:

    We’ve had Netflix for 7 years. It’s been great since we do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV. I’m looking forward to when they can have all the Disney movies/shows next year!

  37. Brittany S says:

    We enjoy netflix so much! No nasty commercials! My son definitely loved Dora, but they recently took it off! He loves the Mickey Mouse Road Rally and Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

  38. We love Netflix! My son really loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse as well as all of the Thomas shoes available

  39. Vicki Hall says:

    We don’t have Netflix . I’ve wanted to try it though We have Dish Network right now.

  40. We have Netflix and it is awesome! We went down to basic cable because there is so much to watch on Netflix. My son loves Dinosaur Train.

  41. Carissa Joslyn says:

    My Mom has netflex, I don’t live with her but before my Xbox got the Red Ring of Death last week I would hack into her account so my kids and I could enjoy a nice movie. Where I live we can’t go outside and play, It’s a bad part of town and there is no yard.
    But we are moving to a safer area soon with a yard so TV will be a thing of the past! Only used on rare occasions and possibly rainy days 🙂 as will be the internet :p

  42. Cassandra Kelton says:

    I have considered Netflix but it would only be worth it if my TV could get internet and I have an old TV still.

  43. Leela R. says:

    We used to have Netflix but because we can stream movies for free on amazon prime and get an occasional movie from redbox we stopped our Netflix subscription. No movies for our little one yet either, still too young for tv.

  44. We used to have Netflix but got rid of it when they raised the prices.

  45. We love to watch Frasier-so funny!

  46. Amber Carney says:

    I love Netflix, we don’t have cable but Netflix is so much better. We have so many favorite shows, Bones is my all time favorite!

  47. We haven’t tried netflix yet since we can borrow dvds for free from our local library and feel they have a great selection.

  48. We don’t have Netflix but my sister-in-law does and it’s great! We don’t watch much tv right now but when my little one is bigger and watches it I’m sure we’ll get Netflix. I think it will be much easier to control what he watches than if we got cable!

  49. Tracie D says:

    We like our Netflix. I really like the streaming capabilities on the iPad and iPhone.

  50. We have Netflix, but no kids yet. We still like to watch Adventure Time!

  51. Briana Sutherland says:

    We don’t have Netflix. Our one year old daughter is just only now starting to show interest in animated cartoons so we don’t have any favorite shows yet!

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