Zuvo Water Filtration System ~ In Home Drinking Water Solution

Everyone knows that water is supposed to be good for you, so why does it sometimes taste so bad?  Chemicals…lots and lots of chemicals.  I have found a solution to bad tasting water in the Zuvo Water Filtration System.

Great things about Zuvo:

  • Great choice for anyone who is concerned about the environment, and/or their pocket book.
  • Eliminates bottled water, and plastic byproducts.  Leaves no carbon footprint.
  • All Zuvo products are recyclable!-No waste!
  • Makes your tap water safer to drink for you and your children!
  • Only $.06 per gallon rather than the $.20 per gallon that you pay for a gallon jug, and if you’re into saving money, this is a pretty big deal!
  • Better for the planet!  You can make your difference by not adding to the 60 MILLION plastic water bottles that we add to the landfills each year!
  • Above counter and under counter models available

We did have to install it ourselves, but that went quick and easy, which is always a plus when you have children and a husband who are bargaining for your time.  No one wants to spend six hours on anything!  The unit takes up very little space below the counter which is great for any size kitchen especially our tiny one. After installing we tried it right away.  Let me tell you…there was a significant change in the taste of the water.  It tasted so much better!

I know what you might be thinking, changing filters will be time consuming and expensive…..and how will I know when to change them? No worries, Zuvo makes this super easy! There is an indicator that sounds alerting you to when it is time to change your filter as well as an indicator light, no guess work!

I did find a few things that I would change, I wish the water was colder!  I know, I know, I could put some in a jug or a glass and put it in the refrigerator, but what about immediate satisfaction? :)  That isn’t really something that Zuvo can control though I suppose ;) The system and filters are available at Costco, so if you have a membership there (like I do), you can pick up your filters for a great deal!

So, let’s review… Great tasting water, less waste, and great prices!  I think that Zuvo is a great company, and this is a really great product.  Now to figure out how to turn the sink into a refrigerator!

Win It: One lucky Eco Baby Mama Drama reader is going to win their very own 100 Series Zuvo Water Filtration System! ~WINNER~ Briana D.

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  1. I need one of these! I have a fabulous pitcher, but am constantly refilling it!
    Emily recently posted..Mature Love is True LoveMy Profile

  2. Julia St. John says:

    The 5-step process is pretty cool

  3. I learned that the UV lamp will not hurt your eyes or skin. Under normal use, the UV energy from the lamp is absorbed by water in the Zuvo Water Filtration System and by the materials of the treatment chamber.

  4. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I learned that the tubing used is BPA and Pthalate free and the device doesn’t impart any known harmful chemicals into the water

  5. domestic diva says:

    Their tubing is BPA free. Yay!

  6. I learned that this can help replace some of the 60 million plastic water bottles that wind up in landfills everyday

  7. golden storm says:

    i learned there are two different series of the Zuvo Water Filtration System including the 100 and 300 Series.

  8. Maribel F says:

    I like it because you pay Only $.06 per gallon rather than the $.20 per gallon that you pay for a gallon jug

  9. Becca S says:

    I learned that their tubing is BPA free!

  10. the lamp lasts from 7-10 years

  11. Christmas Davis says:

    The Zuvo Water Filtration System doesn’t wast water like the RO systems do and it takes up much less space under your sink!

  12. Giggedygeekmum says:

    The zuvo water filter uses UV light.

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