Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGift

Style, elegance and class immediately pop in my head as I drool over the entire Mia Bossi diaper bag collection online.  Am I crazy for dreaming of owning a Mia Bossi diaper bag?  Nope I am crazy for thinking I can choose just one to love!  I was sent the Mia Bossi Caryn diaper bag in the *NEW* Black Bean color way, it isn’t even available for purchase yet!  Boasting the same fabulous features as the popular Tangerine bag, this new color way is gorgeous!

Created by three moms that were tired of seeing the same old boring and not very fashionable diaper bags these ladies really outdid themselves.  Hand crafted with only the finest Italian leathers and fabrics each style bag combines cutting edge fashion (HOT mama!) with highly functioning designs making the entire line of bags every mom’s dream bag.

I am really enjoying my new Caryn bag and have to guard it with my life, my mom wants to steal it and use it as her handbag! The signature dotted waxed canvas exterior seems like it is wipeable for easy cleaning, however, when I received the bag there were some reddish marks that I have been unable to wipe clean.  The long double handles make it super easy to carry even if you stuff it pretty full.  My bag doesn’t have the easy-open snaps to strap around stroller handles, brushed gold hardware or the lock and key embellishments (which I would love!) like it’s Tangerine sister bag online.

Nicely sized (10″ h x 6.5″ w x 17″ l) to fit what you might want to bring along with you whether a quick trip to the store or an all day outing, the Caryn has a spot to hold everything in place.  For me organization is key so I love all the pockets and secret areas to store everything! A super cool feature of this bag is that it has a zip in/zip out lining that can easily be removed from the bag if you decide you don’t need to be super organized (say you want to pack it full of clothes for a trip with baby?).

I never have to worry about packing the diaper bag, I know my Caryn is always ready to go and everything has it’s place and I look like a with it mama too.  With a private inside as well as exterior zipper area I can keep my personal items secure and separate from the baby and kids things and my cell phone is easily accessible with it’s own pocket too.  I was a bit disappointed in the exterior zipper being a bit stingy and not working most of the time, when it finally did seem to start to work it would zip but the teeth wouldn’t actually grab making it close 🙁 There are two easy access bottle/sippy cup pockets on the outside AND on the inside area of the zip in organizer, with all those drinks you are sure to change a few diapers right?  You can reach for your included luxurious machine washable faux fur changing pad and change baby anywhere!  If you are anything like me your bag becomes a catch all so the roomy double pockets on the interior and exterior make for great little areas to devote to each child or even your husband lol! This is really a family bag 😉

You can purchase the Caryn which retails for $480 as well as the other styles of Mia Bossi bags online directly from their website.  Which style and color bag is your favorite?

Disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way. 


  1. What a great review! Sounds like an awesome bag! i want one! But I’d hope that I’d get one without the red marks and with all the accessories that it’s supposed to come with!! I love bags and I’d LOVE to have one of these! Yours is awesome, but I think I actually like the Tangerine (for some reason I’m really into orange recently 🙂 )
    Courtney @ Joy Of Momma Joyner recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide - Zoobies Review And *Giveaway*My Profile

    • Courtney,

      I adore all the colors (tangerine included!) and styles they have! I hope nobody else paying or reviewing a bag would get one similar to mine. Thanks so much for sharing your favorite color with me!

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

      • I would hope nobody else would get a defective bag either… but why did they send you one? BTW, I think the tangerine is awesome too!!
        Amanda recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide GiveawaysMy Profile

        • Amanda,

          I can’t honestly answer that one, I hope I can update everyone with some awesome news and me getting a new bag with all the cool features and embellishments though!

          Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  2. Looks like a cute bag! Bummer about the zipper though- I know that if I paid $480 for a diaper bag I’d probably want it to close. But otherwise it looks great!
    Shell Fruscione recently posted..Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Review & Free PrintablesMy Profile

    • Shell,

      I did love the bag at first sight, super cute it right! The zipper does bum me out though.

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  3. Wow, what a cool bag! I love that it has the liner that can come out and so many pockets 🙂 But for the money (while I think it is cool, I don’t have that kind of cash to spend on a bag) I would hope that they could send a product with a working zipper and without stains on it 🙁
    Amanda recently posted..Turn Your Shed into Santa’s GrottoMy Profile

    • Amanda,

      Wouldn’t this make a great gift?! I know I would love to have one that is in perfect condition! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  4. Looks like a REALLY nice bag! I’d probably want to use it as a purse like your Mom!
    Lindsay recently posted..*HURRY* $5 off a $25 Amazon Purchase!My Profile

  5. Sounds like an all around great diaper bag. I love the looks of it also! It doesn’t scream “diaper bag”. lol Bummer about the zipper. You would definitely want that to stay closed.
    Mimi recently posted..Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway LinksMy Profile

  6. The bag is beautiful, but getting a defective bag is weird. I hope you let the company and three mom owners know that you received a defective bag. You would think a company would go above and beyond to see their product promoted in the best way possible {defective free}. Still cute, but if I am going to risk getting something defective for $400, questionable. Love to get an update on how the company resolves your defect issue!

    • I agree!
      Gena recently posted..Grab some Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family!My Profile

    • Michelle,

      Thanks so much for your support, I have contacted the company with my concerns and will definitely share any possible updates!

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  7. Looks great, I’d carry it if I still had little ones in diapers. Thanks for sharing.

    Brenda W
    Brenda Wood recently posted..Coupon Clippers Merry Christmas Giveaway!My Profile

  8. What a beautiful bag, but bummer about the defects! I would be really sad if I received this as a gift (which is the only way I’d ever receive it) and it had these defects in it. Do they have a decent exchange policy if this happens? I don’t know if I’d want to risk it if they didn’t. I know there are tricks for sticky zippers and of course I can’t remember them right now!
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    • I would surely hope there is a quality control clause in their return/exchange policy for this type of thing especially for gift giving purposes….I was disappointed with the problems I had and have shared them with the company. Thanks for the idea to search about zipper fixes!

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  9. The bag looks amazing!! I would absolutely spend the money for a GOOD quality bag, however, if they are sending media bad samples that someone will publish about then it makes me wonder what they send to their actual customers. I would think media would get the absolute BEST so others can read about how great the product is. With a price of $480 a broken zipper is absolutely unacceptable.
    As someone that is sharing about products with other moms I am so happy to see that you shared all the good and bad because if I spend that kind of money I want to know everything - good and bad. Thank you for being honest but I’m sorry they sent you an unacceptable bag.

    • April,

      Thanks so much for your support, it is always hard to share any disappointments or views that aren’t 100% fun and positive however I do want to share my entire experience and really appreciate reading both sides when I am researching products for my family.

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  10. Nice, but if I spend $480 on a bag…it better be red mark free…and have no defects.
    Lessie Purpera recently posted..50% Off Adorable Christmas Aprons – as low as $15!!My Profile

  11. Looks like a cute purse, not a diaper bag, which is awesome! After carrying a diaper bag for almost 8 years, I was sick of it. A diaper bag that looks like a purse (and works like a purse) would have been wonderful! Make me feel like a woman AND a mom, not just a frumpy mom. lol
    I love all of the separate spaces for everything too- I hate when my stuff gets mixed in with the kids’ stuff and I can’t find what I’m looking for.
    Odd about the zipper… Don’t they have a quality department that checks the bags before they are sold? You’d think something like that (and the red spots!!) would have been caught if they did. If I could drop $400 on a bag I’d hope that it didn’t come with any defects! Hopefully the company will take care of the defect issues… That would be a true sign of good customer service! No fashionable look is worth $400 if it’s defective, and I’d rather buy from another company that has cute bags for less that aren’t sent defective.
    Keep us posted on the customer service so we know if they’re a company we’d like to purchase from!! Thanks! 🙂
    Alesha @ Full Time Mama recently posted..Delicious Dish Tuesday Recipe Link Up: Scalloped PotatoesMy Profile

    • Alesha,

      I am so like you, loving rockin’ the hot mama bags not a frumpy diaper bag! And I am a bag lover in general lol! I have informed the company of my concerns and hopefully I can update everyone with some news of a replacement bag 🙂

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  12. I hope you contacted the company to replace this item for you. As a review blogger, I’m a bit surprised they sent you a bag that wasn’t perfect. After all, we are required by law to be honest in our reviews. Great review!
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Nutty Guys Nuts and Sweets - Review and GiveawayMy Profile

    • Lisa,

      Thanks so much for your support! I have contacted the company and would love to hopefully update everyone with some happy news of a replacement bag! I know as a mom before starting to share reviews I greatly appreciated honest reviews and valued them when choosing which products to buy and use in my home.

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  13. The bag is super cute but would want it in the Tangerine 😉 I like how big it is!!
    Melissa Rheinlander recently posted..Interview: Moriah Densley Author of The Valkyrie’s GuardianMy Profile

  14. Looks like a super cute bag. I love the polka dots and the large amount of pockets. BUT i am a little worried about ordering a $480 diaper bag with the chance of it having a faulty zipper. Please do share if they resolve it. Still agree it is quite cute tho!
    Stephanie Hebert recently posted..$500 Christmas Cash Giveaway!My Profile

    • Stephanie,

      Sounds like we have the same taste and love of polka dots! I will definitely update everyone on any possible resolutions! Thanks so much for your comment!


  15. Wow that bag is gorgeous! I’m not sure I’d want to spend close to $100 let alone $500 on a bag knowing the zippers won’t work? I hope they send you a brand new bag soon.

    I love diaper bags. I had 11 at one time. Yes, eleven. Bags are my thing. I love quality bags. These look gorgeous!!

    • Hi Brett!

      I agree, it’s a gorgeous bag and I love the color way! I would love to have a replacement bag with all the ‘bells and whistles’ working and especially the gold hardware and lock & key embellishments….here’s for hoping! 🙂

  16. I think this is a great review, I also would be put off if I were to invest in something, that it be right! I really hope the customer end of the experience improves, or a great idea could potentially be a huge flop!

    • Eileen,

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I hope the company takes care of customers differently than the way my review item was.


  17. It’s been many years since I’ve had to use a diaper bag, but I would’ve loved one like that when my kiddos were small. Doesn’t even look like a diaper bag… it gorgeous! A shame, though, that you had marks and a zipper that didn’t want to cooperate.. especially for that price.
    Tree recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Oh Christmas Tree #WWMy Profile

  18. very refreshing to see an honest review of a product thank you

  19. Thanks for this review! I was actually looking for reviews because I was considering purchasing the Maria Chocolate bag… so I wanted to know what other moms thought about the MiaBossi brand. I won’t be chancing my $600 on them to possibly get a defective bag! This is horrible, and I am SO glad for honest reviewers! Thank you!

    • Sarah,

      Thanks so much for sharing! I adore how their bags look online and would love to won them all however like you I am a bit weary now to spend that kind of money and risk getting a similar bag to my review one.


  20. Beautiful bag! It is too bad they didn’t send you a quality piece to review. I mean, I can understand sending ‘seconds’ to review but I would at least think they would make sure the zippers/buttons/snaps etc were in working order.
    Kay M. recently posted..WW~ Lemons From My Lemon Tree - With Linky!My Profile

    • Kay,

      Thanks for your thoughts, I was sad there were some quality issues as I love how this bag looks and it is a higher priced item.


  21. I swear the link I clicked on said a Giveaway? Is this not a giveaway?

    This is what was in the search results…
    Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag {Giveaway} - Eco Baby Mama Drama

  22. The bag looks awesome, but yeah I was sad to hear that for that kind of money the zipper didn’t work right. Surprised they didn’t offer to immediately replace it…Thanks for an honest and fair review… I would still definitely check them out based on all the nice features you mentioned, especially that zip out interior….I’d love to see one of these bags in person and will keep an eye out for the brand in stores!
    JulieK recently posted..Let’s talk shoes, ladies! ~ $50 GiveawayMy Profile

    • Julie,

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I would love to see them in stores so I could ‘try before I buy’!

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  23. Wow, I like that! I totally need to check out what other bags they have! I am not a diaper bag person because they are all big and ugly, but I love this one! Thanks for the info… I’m heading over to peek around.

  24. Cute bag, but total bummer about the defects! I saw a review posted by one of their customers on Amazon that they returned their bag for a refund. It took two months and several calls, emails, etc just to get their money back, and then the refund check from the company BOUNCED because of insufficient funds. Eeek :-/
    Erica recently posted..Flourishing Meals: Custom Meal Plans For YouMy Profile

    • Erica,

      Whoa that is definitely an unfortunate situation, I hope that customer got their money back! I think customer service can sometimes be non-existent in this day and age which is so sad.


  25. Wow, thanks for the honest review. I don’t understand why they would send a reviewer something that isn’t perfect….makes me wonder how many customers have issues. 🙁

  26. I really like the black bean and the faux fur makes it fit for my little princess. It’s pricey for a diaper bag but really pretty and very functional
    regina p recently posted..Thoughts about birthing babiesMy Profile

  27. I love how nice looking this bag is! I am really missing carrying a bag that doesn’t scream “baby” and this one looks posh while still being functional. That is such a bummer about the zipper though. I hope they fix the manufacturing problem. For $400+ I would expect quality zippers!
    Rowan recently posted..Holiday Hack Jobs: Rejuvenating the Broken Christmas TreeMy Profile

    • Rowan,

      Thanks for your thoughts! I agree this is such a posh bag, I am hopeful they fix the issues too 🙂

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  28. Gorgeous bag, and it doesn’t look like a diaper bag! Still, though, if they’re sending out second quality bags to reviewers, what are they going to send out to customers who don’t write about it online? Hope they get you a good one soon! (I know that their willingness to make it right would definitely influence whether or not I’d buy one of their products, anyway.)
    Suzi Satterfield @ClothAddicts recently posted..Mostly Wordless Wednesday – Plum CrazyMy Profile

    • Suzi,

      I really hope they aren’t sending out second quality bags to anyone else, I will definitely share if the situation gets fixed 🙂

      Bri recently posted..Mia Bossi Caryn Diaper Bag #HolidayGiftMy Profile

  29. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I have been looking for a new diaper bag, I told my hubby I want a new one for Christmas 🙂 I love this one because it looks more like a purse than a diaper bag 🙂

  30. I really like the design, and of course the way you can organize what you need close by via the outer pockets but for the price would definitely like to see a better made zipper-thanks for the honest review

  31. Robyn Lucas says:

    Wow! Beautiful bag! Almost doesn’t look like a diaper bag! I need one, definitely competes with my PPB!

  32. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    That is such a cute diaper bag. I love that it doesn’t scream mom bag. It looks more like a purse 🙂

  33. Julie Ghrist says:

    I love all the pockets on this bag… really makes it much easier to stay organized. I also love that it looks like a purse and not a diaper bag. You can definitely still use this beyond the years of needing a diaper bag which is nice when you are buying an expensive bag like this! 🙂

  34. IT;s a gorgeous roomy bag, but I don’t pay that much for my handbags, much less a diaper bag I carried for a year tops! It’s so lovely though, maybe they will repair or replace since the zipper is defective!
    Allyson Bossie recently posted..Frosty Kiss Cookies Recipe-The Perfect Last Minute Gift Idea!My Profile

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