Why Choose Green Choice Carpet Cleaning?

There is nothing like walking on or lying down on a thick, soft carpet when you come home from a hard day at work. Especially, a newly cleaned carpet. If you’ve ever taken notice, even your dog and cat like a clean carpet. Even they can tell when chemicals haven’t been used.

More and more people are into green cleaning than ever before. After reading articles about how many toxins are in the chemicals used in rug cleaning and other services nowadays, making the decision to use the green carpet cleaning new york residents rely on the most just seems the natural and wise thing to do.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning will do your wall to wall carpet cleaning. They do carpet repair and stretching, along with repairing water damaged carpeting. They are fast and efficient. Not only do they clean the carpets, they also educate customers on how to keep food, drinks and pets from leaving a permanent stain on beautiful carpeting. For friendly service at the right price, you can not go wrong when you choose the carpet cleaning company that specializes in using non-toxic and organic cleaners. Fully trained and certified technicians offer free estimates and same day service with guaranteed results.

You may be a business owner needing leather furniture or commercial carpeting cleaned. You may be a home owner who needs carpets and air ducts cleaned. Now you can have them all done professionally by Green Choice Carpet Cleaning.




  1. Nena Sinclair says:

    Where I live, it’s really hard to find a Green carpet cleaning company. I definitely don’t want harsh chemicals used!

  2. We don’t have green carpet cleaning companies in my area either :( I’m planning on having my furniture re-upholstered and would love to have non-toxic cleaners to keep them looking like new afterward.

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