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As many of you know Tates has a speech delay which requires extra attention and teaching on my part.  Tates is a visual learner and could care less sometimes about interacting with people.   He is quite content playing alone even if you are sitting right next to him, he can ignore you pretty darn well especially if you are trying to make him talk when he doesn’t want to.  This means I really have to be creative with playtime to keep Tates interacting with me which is where my Educational Insights comes in.

If you browse the website you will be amazed by all the tools that are offered to help teachers and parents teach children through  play.  We recently started using a super fun learning tool from the Hot Dots® Jr. product line called “Ace” - the Talking, Teaching Dog.  The pen talk, laughs and lights up which really amuses Tates and keeps him interested in working through the card sets (sold separately).

Honestly Tates loves hearing Ace talk so much he carries him around tapping on things just to get him to say “incorrect”.  Even though Tates is only 2 there are plenty of card sets available that we can use, everything from colors and shapes up through problem solving and Science for when he is much older.  These are a great idea for children that might be older and need a little extra help or maybe a summertime refresher before school starts.

Each card set comes in it’s own handy carrying case with plenty of room to even add your Ace pen inside if you are on the go and your child would like to bring a fun activity with them!  Each nicely constructed box closes securely with strong velcro so your child’s goodies are sure not to fall out on accident.

If you look closely you can see Ace’s green eye, Tates got the answer correct!

You can purchase your child their very own Ace pen or Kat the kitty (if your little one prefers) from the Educational Insights online store, there is FREE shipping during the month of June!  I already stocked up on card sets but am definitely eyeing a few more sets!


  1. I’d get the Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Numbers & Counting 🙂
    Shell Fruscione recently posted..Interview with Design Expert Kelly EdwardsMy Profile

  2. Renee B. says:

    Science set, human body

  3. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like the vocabulary developement set

  4. phonics fun
    Brett recently posted..Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars #GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Science Card Set

  6. Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics

  7. amy craft says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Problem Solving Card Set

  8. Leslie Galloway says:

    I’d really like to have the “getting ready for school” set for my son, but I can’t tell if you can buy that card set separately from the pen.

    The card set I’d choose for my daughter would be the Science Set, Earth & Weather — because she LOVES science and the water cycle.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  9. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  10. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics for my 3 and 5 year olds

  11. I think my son would like the Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics
    Sarah Hull recently posted..My Pregnancy Journal: 15 WeeksMy Profile

  12. Jessica O says:

    Hot Dots Flash Cards, More Addition Facts

  13. debbie jackson says:

    the vocab ulary development set

  14. Tandra Ahrens says:

    I’ve been eyeballing these sets for a while now! We’d love the Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set The Alphabet! (and the Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Numbers & Counting, Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Science Card Set, Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics, Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Shapes, and Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Patterns & Sequencing, and……)!

  15. the alphabet
    tcogbill at live dot com

  16. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Beginning Problem Solving Card Set

  17. tam childers says:

    i think phonics fun

  18. Christina says:

    I would love the Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set The Alphabet set -

  19. I would like the beginning science deck.

  20. Kelly L says:

    Numbers and Counting or the Alphabet one.

  21. Michelle Macaluso says:

    Beginning Phonics

  22. Francine Anchondo says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics

  23. Hot Dots states & capitals

  24. Carrie Phelps says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Numbers & Counting would be perfect for my 3 y.o. grandson.

  25. Beginning science. 🙂
    Nicole @ Some Call It Natural recently posted..Never Stop Learning Giveaway Event *FREE*My Profile

  26. Paul T / Pauline T says:

    I like the Beginning Phonics - emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  27. Elizabeth Groves says:

    Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Numbers & Counting

  28. Joana A says:

    alphabet bean bags

  29. Samantha says:

    Hot Dots Jr. Card Set Numbers & Counting

  30. I would like Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Beginning Phonics for my son.

  31. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d like the Hot Dots® Phonics Activity Cards, Reading Readiness.

  32. Yesenia says:

    Beginning Science Card Set

  33. I like the GeoSafari® Omega Refractor Telescope
    Anne Perry recently posted..Backyard DiscoveryMy Profile

  34. Heather S says:

    I would love beginning phonics.

  35. I like the Beginning Science Card set.

  36. Carlotta says:

    I like the Numbers & Counting set for my toddler!
    carfoster at aol dot com

  37. Lily Ivey says:

    Beginning Phonics

  38. Mike-Shannon Alexander says:

    Beginner science card set

  39. christine jessamine says:

    i like the Hot Dots Science Set, Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems

  40. Daily Woman says:

    I would love the Hot Dots Science Human Body Cards.


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