Internet Safety Tips & Win an iPad Mini! #CyberTribe #CyberSafe #MC #Sponsored

Being a parent is most definitely the hardest job. Being a parent to a teen in this world that focuses on the internet and social media for just about everything is overwhelming. On one hand you have the advantages of being able to keep track of your child and have them communicate with you whenever they are away from home which is wonderful however there is the other hand that is the scary unknown world of your child’s access to the internet and all that comes with it. Whether you consider yourself tech savvy or not there are some wonderful ways to make sure your child is safe while online thanks to the partnership between the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Sprint.Boys and girls club logo

  • Respecting yourself and others online - talk with your kids ahead of time about cyberbullying and make sure they are behaving in a manner that you approve of. If they are faced with a situation make sure they know they can come to you for help.
  • Monitor your child’s social network accounts - whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or another online forum make sure your child’s profile has the correct age and privacy setting intact. Make sure you check and confirm them regularly.
  • Don’t forget cell phones - cell phones have internet access along with texting features which need just as much monitoring as computers, laptops or tablets. Make sure your children know the dangers of texting while driving and sending images anytime, images sent cannot be unsent 😉 .
  • Set Limits - make sure you set clear limits on technology free times for your family as well as the information that is shared. Maybe you don’t allow technology after 8pm or at the dinner table? Also make sure your children know to never share personal information as well as passwords under any circumstances.

As we all go through our parenting journeys there are lots of questions that arise along the way. A parent’s best friend can be the CyberTribe! You can submit your cyber safety questions online and get them answered by the CyberTribe panel of teen experts that are ready to help you through your families technology questions. Make sure you check back for updates from the CyberTribe each week during Internet Safety Month and anytime you have a question!

Be a cyber smart parent! Check out the  BGCA CyberSafe site for helpful resources, meet the CyberTribe, Take the CyberSmart Parent Quiz and submit your questions for a chance to win an iPad mini!