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mom central kidoodle tv disclosure.jpgI’m a BUSY mom (aren’t we all?) especially during the holidays it seems I’m even more on the go and have so many more things to get done. We have had quite a bit of time in doctor’s offices recently too and with children in tow it can get tricky keeping them entertained. I’m really grateful I found the Kidoodle.TV app, it’s great for using on the go with my iPhone and iPad and both my boys love logo.jpgAs a parent that monitors what my children are exposed to on TV and social media closely I am loving the way Kidoodle.TV works. The platform is easy to use (I’m no tech genius!) and is designed specifically for the use and navigation by kids (ages 12 and under). No worrying about ads or inappropriate adult content, Kidoodle.TV ensures an age-appropriate viewing experience.kidoodle tv.jpgYou can try Kidoodle.TV FREE for the month of December and see just how fabulous and easy to use it really is! Simply sign up and customize your children’s individual profiles (up to 5 children) and you are all set to start watching quality shows that your children already love. Each child will feel special with their own personalized profile complete with a fun icon and their favorite background color. kidoodle tv tbone.jpg Parent’s have complete control over what each child has access to watch via the easy to use Parents Room where you can tailor content to your child’s needs including age category filtering and title selection and de-selection. I really love being able to set separate parameters for Tates and T-Bone within Kidoodle.TV and not have to worry about what they are watching. Allowing both boys to have the freedom and diversity of Internet access but with parameters built in to ensure their safety is a wonderful feeling.kidoodle tv tates.jpgThe boys really love the wide selection of shows, there is always something fun and new to watch. Some of their favorites are Monster Math Squad, Pound Puppies, Rescue Heroes and all the versions of Transformers. I love that they are happily entertained and I’m secure knowing they are watching quality and educational shows I’ve pre-approved without any advertising!

kidoodle tv giveaway

~ Kidoodle.TV Giveaway ~

Try Kidoodle.TV for FREE and enter by December 31, 2013 to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year-long subscriptions!

To enter the giveaway, go to Kidoodle.TV to sign up for a free trial. Follow the on-screen directions and submit!

Make sure you stay connected to Kidoodle.TV on Facebook and Twitter for all their news and promotions! mom central kidoodle tv disclosure.jpg


  1. We are enjoying our subscription too! 🙂

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