Moraki All in One Cloth Diaper

It’s no secret that I LOVE Moraki pocket cloth diapers so when I found out they now have an all in one cloth diaper I was so excited to try them! Still handmade in the USA and offering the cutest prints for every occasion Moraki is a faovrite in our home. Now you can choose between an organic or stay-dry option for the new all in one cloth diapers, we luckily got to try both (organic elephunk/stay-dry blocks).Moraki logoThe new all in one cloth diapers have some of the same wonderful features that the Moraki pocket diapers offer making us love them so much. One sized with easily adjustable snap down rise settings make these diapers fit a wide range of children from 7-40+lbs. The two rows of waist snap closures offer a secure fit and the wing snaps ensure there is no wing droop (we cover the wing snaps now that Tates is on the larger size settings).

moraki moraki

So now for the new features of the all in one diapers. Both the stay-dry and organic versions have a super absorbent 4 layer hemp/organic cotton insert that is sewn in to the back of the diaper making this a true all in one style diaper. Each insert is split with a loop style design making for thorough washing and quick drying. And guess what else? You aren’t losing the fabulous pocket feature either! The all in one’s each still have the amazing pocket so you can add inserts for overnight and nap use! LOVE IT!moraki.pngThe soaker on the organic style is slightly longer than the soaker of the stay-dry however as with every item that is handmade, each is unique! The organic version offers an entirely organic inside lining and organic soaker (natural Hemp/Organic Cotton fleece) perfect for those natural fabric lovers. The stay-dry version is perfect for those that prefer their little ones always feel dry, the lining is super soft fleece and the soaker is thirsty hemp/cotton with a fleece top.

moraki all in one cloth diaper.png.pngThe diapers both offer a wonderful fit all around with gentle yet strong elastic that doesn’t leave marks even on BIG boy Tates. Honestly he asks for diapers by print now and he is always requesting elesants (elephunk) and lots of squares (blocks), he knows what he likes and I love them for their fit and ultra absorbency so we are both happy! The organic version is ever so slightly trimmer but it is hardly noticeable. The rise is very much the same however the only pictures I could capture with a super fast Tates shows a bit of a difference (due to his movement NOT the diaper cut).

moraki spring diapersNow until Friday you can preorder the new Spring Moraki cloth diapers! How fun are these? And perfect for upcoming spring outfits and occasions!

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  1. Sharayah says:

    I love the organic AIO because of the natural fibers against baby’s skin!

  2. jodi Armstrong says:

    I’d like to prefer the organic but I like the idea of dryness next to little ones skin so I think I would actually opt for stay dry for that reqson

  3. Sarah Hayes says:

    i really want a organic tie dye from them!

  4. Michelle says:

    Is prefer the organic. We’ve found that stay dry type fleece doesn’t allow enough airflow and causes diaper rash with my son.

  5. Christina says:

    I would like the organic version because I think my little guy’s skin does better w/ natural fibers.

  6. I have the organic all in one and love it. It is also one of daddy’s favorite diapers to use. Plus, I love how easy they are for anybody to change! {Haha, as if anybody else ever changes the kids}. Thanks for comparing the two because I wondered about the stay dry option.

  7. I think I would opt for the organic all in one, and definitely in that elephunk print. OH MY CUTENESS!!!! 😀

  8. Leela R. says:

    I’d prefer the stay dry since DS is sensitive to wetness and as much as I love organic materials the stay dry are a better option for us.

  9. Organic

  10. Keara B. says:

    My first daughter had very sensitive skin, and I’m betting baby #2 will as well so I’d probably pick the stay-dry lining if I won!

  11. I would love to try the organic one, i’m a big fan of natural fibers!

  12. Nicole Bear says:

    I think I would prefer the stay dry. My daughter seems to need that extra wicking away of moisture from her bottom.

  13. christine k says:

    I would prefer the organic. I can easily use a fleece liner if I want it to be ‘stay dry’!

  14. Trisha W says:

    I’d like to try the organic because I’m most curious about natural fiber diapers.

  15. S Hanson says:

    LOVE our Moraki AIO, great review!

  16. Ainee ramos says:

    I would like to win a stay dry

  17. Ooh, this is a hard decision! I like organic, but at the same time, I would like my son to feel dry. I’m thinking I would try staydry.

  18. Lynn sparks says:

    Stay dry please

  19. Ashley Meeks says:

    I love the stay dry AIO! They’re easy to dry, fit great, and I love the stay dry feel of it.

  20. I really love the idea of Moraki aio diaper has a pocket as well. What a great thing!!! Thanks for doing this review.

  21. Amanda W says:

    I actually do not use Moraki AIOs but I love their AI2. If I had to try an AIO I think it would be the stay dry version because that is most similar to the AI2.

  22. Amanda Temple says:

    I would love to try the organic aio. We love our Moraki ai2 and little guy does better with organic fabrics!

  23. megan Ramsey says:

    I’d like to try the stay dry. I currently don’t have any AI1’s in my stash.

  24. We love our Moraki’s!!

  25. Katie S says:

    Since both diapers use the same materials for the soaker, I think I would prefer the stay-dry option! It looks soft and comfy and I think baby would like feeling dry. I love that the soakers are made of hemp/cotton. I bet they are really absorbent! I’d love to try one! I LOVE AIOs because they are so convenient! Thanks!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I’d choose the organic since we mostly use natural fibers!!

  27. Carmen mason says:

    I love all of morakis diapers but I love how their all in one works. I am a sucker for anything tie dyed so I guess an AIO tie dye would be my choice!!

  28. Laurel Bandars says:

    These sound wonderful! I do not own one cloth diaper yet and can’t wait to try this one!

  29. Stacy T. says:

    I only have the Moraki AI2 (Fluffles), so I haven’t really used their AIO. However, from my experiences with other diapers, I think I would like the stay dry, just simply because baby seems less red from them. I just looked at their website, I love the new robins egg, that color is so pretty!

  30. Evan khinsavath says:

    ID like to try the aio staydry 🙂

  31. Jennifer Nutter says:

    I would love to try the aoi organic . I never knew there was a such a difference between the two. I would had never guessed about the trim-nest. and my guys a small guy. im thinking thats the way to go for us 🙂

  32. i would perfer the stay dry just cause the organic doesnt really matter to me and plus my son hates feeling wet

  33. Stacey Simpson says:

    I prefer organic fabric whenever it is available! Trying to avoid stinky build up from hard water.

  34. Rebecca A. says:

    We prefer all organic diapers in this house. Stay dry and synthetic materials give my sensitive skinned daughter a rash.

  35. Jennifer Dawson-Miller says:

    I really love having all natural fibers next to baby’s skin, so I would go with organic. I love my AI2s.

  36. Jessica Fletcher says:

    I prefer the organic because thats the only moraki i have! LOL. I guess i should try the stay dry so i can see the difference!

  37. Catherine BW says:

    I would love the organic and I am already a happy Moraki fan so this would be a huge win!

  38. I think I would prefer the Stay-dry for now…but as we approach a year-ish I would want the organic so they would feel when they were wet - better for potty training, yes??

  39. Ambyr A says:

    I love organic because it soaks up a ton and is all natural

  40. I’d love to try the organic version

  41. I haven’t had the opportunity to use either yet but I would like to try the stay-dry first!

  42. clare Springer says:

    I have 2 organic all in one moraki diapers. They are my absolute favorite. I would love to have my whole stash with these. By far the best fit and absorbency. At night we stuff the pocket with a large microfiber insert to help.

  43. Laurie P says:

    We would prefer the Moraki Organic AOI. Hemp works much better for my little chunk. Moraki sizes up to 40lbs which is another plus for us as my 19 month old weighs 35 lbs.

  44. Organic, i like natural fibers better!

  45. Organic, i like natural fibers better!

  46. Melissa C. says:

    I like stay dry for faster drying time

  47. I actually prefer the organic inners. They don’t hold in stink as much as microfleece/microfiber, and if I want stay-dry, I can toss a fleece liner in the diaper.

  48. Amber P says:

    I prefer the organic because I am trying to minimize the toxins coming in contact with my baby and my family. 🙂

  49. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would choose stay dry to keep my baby comfortable

  50. Juliana says:

    The sweethearts diapers are adorable, the red/pink one is great.

  51. Hannah D says:

    stay dry please

  52. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Would love the stay-dry because I have a heavy wetter!!

  53. Alexandra Pitcher says:

    Would love the stay-dry because I have a heavy wetter!!

  54. I prefer the organic because it has a longer soaker. I have noticed that the longer soaker for us is a must with my boys

  55. janine williams says:

    would LOVE a stay dry for my LO! have heard great things about Moraki and would love to try one! Thanks! 🙂

  56. I prefer stay dry in hopes that it could work overnight without irritating.

  57. Lisa H. says:

    I like the AIO stay dry. I love the heart buttons!

  58. Jessica Hughes says:

    My LO hates to feel wet, so we love stay dry!

  59. Danielle D says:

    Organic, because I try to maintain a completely organic lifestyle, whenever possible, and the Moraki diapers that I have now are organic, and I LOVE them! Everyone I show them to is in love, can’t wait to get more!

  60. I like the Stay Dry because I always have a concern of diaper rash, it can be so painful for the little ones.

  61. I would prefer organic because I like to use natural fibers when possible.

  62. Martha England says:

    I prefer organic to stay dry for my guy.

  63. Rachel N says:

    They both look really wonderful. I would probably choose the organic version though.

  64. You know, that’s a really good question. There are benefits to both; I like the idea of the organic AIO and that it’s trimmer, however, I like that my baby won’t feel as wet with the stay-dry AIO. Hmmm…I’m thinking about this diaper for my newborn that’s due on 5/27 and I don’t know if the little one will be sensitive to wetness or not. I think b/c of that I’d choose the organic option.

  65. I love pockets, but that AIO has me interested! Especially in the elephunk pattern, it’s beyond adorable.

  66. i think i would go for the organic aio tie dye one so cute!!

  67. I want to say organic, but have been fighting a stubborn diaper rash, so stay dry wins out.

  68. Billie Jo Hayes says:

    Organic all the way! Washes better and is nicer over the long haul.

  69. Rebecca T says:

    I prefer stay dry because my baby is prone to rashes with natural materials.

  70. Definitely the organic if I have a choice. I always try to do my best to have organic products for my little lady!

  71. I love the organic. I have very sensitive skin, so I can only imagine how sensitive my kiddo will be when he comes out. For me, the priority will be keeping kiddo free from harsh chemicals and preservatives.

  72. I love the Organic AIO from Moraki! It is super absorbent and has a great fit on my little guy!

  73. As a whole, I am trying to do more organic in my life. I hope that isn’t a lame reason. The stay dry is intriguing and if babe has some sensitivities, I would go that route.

  74. Khristina says:

    I love the organic AIO Moraki! Good review!

  75. Khristina says:

    My son loves the AIO organic. Good review!

  76. I’d like to try the organic as I would like to replace my older diapers with new natural fiber diapers.

  77. Taylor Schell says:

    I preferred the organic all-in-one because I am moving towards potty training my son and it is helpful for him to feel the wetness

  78. Jennifer says:

    I have never used a Moraki. I like the idea of organic, but would probably try both to see which works best.

  79. Brittany Crews says:

    I would go organic, most because I always try to choose organic fibers when possible!

  80. Carissa Joslyn says:

    I’ve never tried a Moraki Diaper, but I think I would choose Organic. We don’t have any organic diapers and I really love trying new types that we can fall in love with!

  81. Raina Hood says:

    I like the Elephunk organic, and the Robin’s Egg candy.

  82. melissa bottorff says:

    i perfer the stay dry because we have SUCH sensitive skin in our house…i saw these diapers at a baby expo in San Diego they are truly awesome!

  83. Vicki Hall says:

    I prefer stay dry because my little one is sensitive to wetness.

  84. organic aio is the best

  85. Corrie K says:

    Hmmmm that’s a tough choice! Like others have mentioned, I like the idea of organic, but I’m worried that it won’t stay as soft over time. Sooooooo I’d have to go with stay-dry.

  86. Michelle VanHuss says:

    Organic - trying to get some natural fibers for naps and nighttime.

  87. I definitely prefer the stay dry AI2. My poor baby kept getting really bad rashes with the organic inserts, which frankly was very surprising!

  88. I really love Moraki diapers. I have tried the aio organic and it was absorbant but I had too many fit issues. I have all ai2 now. I have not tired the stay dry aio so I really want to try one next to see how they compare.

  89. i like the direct energy link with tips for a smart home

  90. I would prefer the stay-dry aio if i win. My son has super sensitive skin and gets a rash without the stay-dry layer

  91. Holly Wells says:

    I have never tried Morkai, however I would love to be able to try one! I would prefer to try the organic because of the natural fibers against baby’s skin.

  92. Holly Wells says:

    I have never tried Morkai, however I would love to be able to try one! I would prefer to try the organic because of the natural fibers against baby’s skin.

  93. Veronica Bohan says:

    organic bc my baby boy is sensitive skinned.

  94. Stay dry I think. It would the first AIO diaper for us!

  95. I prefer the stay dry aio because my baby is sensitive to wetness.

  96. Jessica B says:

    I would like to try the organic (I can add a fleece liner for stay dry)

  97. I prefer organic, both because it’s natural and because it absorbs so quickly.

  98. Heather ayers says:

    I would love stay dry for my heavy wetter.

  99. jennifer laur says:

    i would choose the organic because i prefer natural fibers against baby’s skin whenever possible

  100. I’m not sure. I’m new to this cloth diaper thing. Have my first coming and would love to try both!

  101. amanda w says:

    My first is due in July, so I haven’t had the experience yet. I would like to try the stay dry. I have heard it causes more diaper rash, but I’ve gotta find out for myself if it would work for my little one!

  102. Tracy Gordon says:

    I would prefer the stay dry option because my son does not like being even a little wet.

  103. Ashley F says:

    I’d love a “Smart” thermostat that I can control away from home!

  104. having twins and im in need.!..

  105. Rebecca T says:

    I learned that having a strong wifi signal makes a difference in energy efficiency. I guess I’ll check my wifi signal.

  106. Gabby Dunai says:

    I would want the Stay Dry AIO because my son is heavy wetter and we seem to change quite often even with multiple inserts in our pocket diapers.

  107. Katy Emanuel says:

    I would love to try an all in one as we don’t have any and I suspect my husband would prefer that! I love the fluffles, they are so cute and would be really cute under a dress.

  108. Meghan Bozza says:

    I prefer stay dry. We started out with it, and it is has been by our side throughout our diaper journey. Would not trade it for another 🙂

  109. Amy Hall says:

    I prefer the stay dry, for the always feeling dry reason.

  110. Jazmin ybañez says:

    I love using organic diapers, because the natural fibers are better for my daughter’s skin.

  111. I’d like to try the organic, just because I’ve never had the chance or funds to try an organic diaper before. I’d love to see how it works.

  112. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like the organic diaper version because it has natural fabric that would be great for sensitive baby skin.

  113. Nicholle Holycross says:

    I would choose the organic because I like to buy natural fibers.

  114. Viv Sluys says:

    I like the organic better. My little one is getting close to potty training age so I want her to be able to feel wetness a bit. I like organic next to the skin and I find hemp to be super absorbent!

  115. Melanie Lapierre says:

    I like the organic one, I think it’s a little more ecological!

  116. I’d prefer to try the organic, since most of my cloth diapers are stay dry.

  117. Rebecca Loofboro says:

    I’d never heard of Moraki until today, but I really like the look of them. I think I would prefer the organic. My little girl hates being wet, but we’ve found that stay-dry inserts don’t make much of a difference for her and just make diaper changes that teensy bit more complicated.

  118. I’d like to try the stay dry.

  119. Rebekah Drapeau says:

    I think I would prefer the organic. Natural fibers seem to breathe better than stay-dry and we have far less diaper rashes when I use them.

  120. Stay dry so that the skin isn’t esposed to wet material

  121. I love the Nite Brite in the Stay Dry!! We don’t have a black diaper yet!! And I love the bright multi colored snaps on the dark black!
    Jessica C recently posted..Breastfeeding has no expirationMy Profile

  122. Ashley F says:

    Probably prefer the organic at this time because my girl is starting to potty train and I want her to know when she is wet.

  123. Lara Clinton says:

    I love how gentle the organic fabrics are and that these are super absorbent!

  124. Stay dry because they dry faster

  125. Emily Nielsen says:

    Stay dry - sensitive skin here!


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