Why We Love Funky Fluff!

The Funky Fluff Fall Festival has officially started and the fun continues with new reviews everyday!  That’s right, each day from October 25 through November 4th a new cloth diapering mama blogger is going to be sharing their thoughts on the Funky Fluff 3 in 1 cloth diaper system.  Kathy and Tricia the cloth loving moms behind Funky Fluff set out to create an economical yet quality product for their babies and yours and after some long nights Funky Fluff was born!

Funky Fluff is not only a super fun and catchy name for a cloth diaper but also the diapers themselves are very unique.  The easy to use 3 in 1 system offers several options for the cloth diaper community making it easily a stash favorite.  The first option from Funky Fluff is a choice in Bamboo or Stay Dry systems, we were sent the bamboo option for review and use in preparation for this fun event.

Both versions offer the same great basic features with a few slight differences.  I absolutely adore that these systems have so many of my personal favorite features including:

  • one sized
  • snap closure (double row for an even more customizable fit!)
  • hip snaps (these are positioned perfectly too!)
  • crossover snaps for newborns
  • double gussets (which are great for no leaks!)
  • back pocket opening (front pocket opening too!)
The Funky Grey and Blue we were sent is ultra soft in every way.  The exterior consists of a breathable waterproof polyurethane laminated polyester (PUL) and the inner lining is a squishy soft bamboo.
The bamboo diaper comes with 2 inserts (small/large) that are 2 layers and 4 layers of bamboo blend terry and are dense and absorb liquid very quickly.  We use both inserts for nap time and Tates wakes up dry!  Each insert also has snaps in the front and back to keep them in place in the diaper.
The diaper fits beautifully and is ultra trim even with both inserts (which we use every time because Tates is a super soaker heavy wetter).  There are never any red marks on Tates thighs or backside where the elastics all just seem to hug his curves.  At 2 1/2 and about 30 pounds Tates still has plenty of snaps left for him to grow and use this diaper for quite awhile.
Now the second option that you have with a Funky Fluff diaper system is HOW you use it.  This is the super fun part!  You can choose to use it as an AIO, AI2 or a pocket diaper, now that is options!!
No matter what type of cloth diaper you prefer you are pretty much covered with Funky Fluff.   These diapers are a fabulous solution for families that might have one parent that like pockets and the other that prefers an AIO, everyone is happy!
Purchase: Funky Fluff has quickly become one of my favorite diapers and is available in a variety of funky fun colors on the Funky Fluff website for immediate purchase with free shipping over $60.  Make sure you check out their boosters, pail liners and wet bags while you are there and stay tuned for my review of some of them too!

Funky Fluff is generously giving away a 6 pack of diapers (winners choice of style) and a double pocket wet bag for the Funky Fluff Fall Festival!  That is a $120 value up for grabs, wish I could win!  Tell me, what combination of diapers would you choose AND what color wet bag is your favorite?


  1. Becky Worthman says:

    Brown+pink, grey+pink, green+brown, pink+grey, white+purple, purple+green, and a dark brown wet bag

  2. Katie Fender says:

    I would choose half bamboo half stay dry.
    blue and silver, brown and blue, green and purple, white and purple, grey and blue and purple and green.
    My favorite color wet bag is green or blue. (:

  3. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that there are 3 ways to use this diaper making it a perfect fit for just about anyone who changes your baby’s diaper!

  4. Amber Henderson says:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  5. I like the purple wet bag. I would get some girly diapers, the grey with pink snaps and the pink with grey snaps. Also the black and pink and the purple and green.

  6. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love that these diapers have cross over snaps to fit smaller babies. 🙂

  7. I am so excited about this giveaway!

  8. I liked how it fit well for our big boys too! 🙂
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  9. I LOVE the Funky Fluff diapers! The bamboo ones are my fave for night time!

    If I won the 6 pack I would choose the black w/silver snaps, brown w/blue snaps, green w/purple snaps, grey w/blue snaps, green w/brown snaps, and the blue w/silver snaps along with the green wet bag.

  10. Jessie T-B says:

    I would get a mix of green, purple, grey, and brown diapers, and a green wet bag.

  11. Great pics!! Lovin’ this diaper!!
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  12. I would choose the green wetbag. I love the Funky Black and Silver combo, Green and Purple combo, and Purple and Green combo. I’d probably get two of each of those colors.

  13. I ‘d pick the funky black and pink, funky grey and pink, and the black wet bag.

  14. I would choose the bamboo 3-in-1 system in funky black & pink, funky purple & green, funky brown & baby blue, funky brown & pink, funky grey & pink, and funky pink & grey. And I’d like the wet bag in pink!
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  15. I love that the inserts are bamboo terry. They look SO soft!
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  16. The purple and green, green and purple, grey and blue, black and grey, brown and blue, and white and black. And a purple wet bag. Love purple.

  17. Love the green wet bag! As for diapers I like the bamboo diapers with the colors black & silver, blue & silver, green & brown, gray & blue, brown & blue, and green & purple!

  18. I’d pick two of each of these colors: Black/Pink, Brown/ Pink, & Pink/Grey all in bamboo. I like the wet bag in purple.

  19. Kimbelry Taylor-Leek says:

    I have a son, so I would choose the “boyish” combinations. I think I would prefer the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion - Bamboo 3 in 1 System. I am in love the Funky Green & Brown, the Funky Black & Silver, the Funky Blue & Silver, the Funky Brown & Baby Blue, and the Funky Grey & Blue!!! Love your wet bag design, the Funky green FUNKY FLUFF Double Pocket Wet Bag, I would choose it in the Funky Green.

  20. Brown/blue, white/black, blue/gray; blue wet bag

  21. Michelle E says:

    I would choose the bamboo 3-in-1 system in funky black & pink, funky purple & green, funky brown & baby blue, funky brown & pink, funky grey & pink, and funky pink & grey. I would love the purple wet bag.

  22. I like the dark brown wet bag. As for the diapers I like: black/silver, brown/blue, green/purple, grey/blue, pink/grey, brown/pink.

  23. All bamboo: Blue & grey funk, green & purple funk, black & grey funk x 2, white & black funk x 2. Purple wet bag.

  24. Trishna Wedemire says:

    I’d appreciate winning 3 grey-blue, 1 blue-silver, 1 black-silver, 1 brown-baby blue and a blue wetbag to complete our Funky Fluff stash. Oh all in bamboo of course… It’s super soft against my boys’ bums 🙂

  25. Elizabeth Volker says:

    I would choose all bamboo diapers, in colors black/silver, purple/green, blue/silver, brown/baby blue, green/purple, grey/blue. I love the purple color for the wet bag!

  26. i like the purple wet bag, & would get pink & grey, green & purple x 2, blue & silver, purple & green, & white & purple in bamboo!! thanks so much for the giveaway!! 🙂

  27. Nicole Bear says:

    I would choose half Stay Dry and half Bamboo, since I have never tried either and I would like to see how each works for my baby. The colors I like are: Purple & Green, Blue & Silver, Brown & Baby Blue, Green & Purple, Green & Brown, Grey & Blue. For the wet bag I would choose the Green or Dark Brown.

  28. I would choose black/pink, brown/pink, gray/pink, white/purple, purple/green and gray/blue in the bamboo. I would like the wet bag in blue.

  29. I reall like all the different colors..

  30. Kimberly Higgins says:

    My diaper-snap color choices would be: Green-d w/purple-s, grey-d w/blue-s, black-d w/grey-s, brown-d w/blue-s, blue-d w/grey-s and purple-d w/green-s. My favorite color wet bag is blue its a kinda vibrant color to me I love it =]

  31. I would choose the black & silver, blue & silver, brown & baby blue, grey & blue and pink & grey and for the wet bag i would choose blue.

  32. I’d get all 6 bamboo in Funky Green & Brown, the (2) Funky Black & Silver, the Funky Blue & Silver, the Funky Brown & Baby Blue, and the Funky Grey & Blue!!! I’d get a green wet bag. Love the color and snap combos!

  33. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I would choose the dark brown wet bag and I would choose 2 black and silver, 2 blue and silver, and 2 gray and blue!

  34. Jessica Beardmore Hilton says:

    I would get half bamboo and half stay dry and choose the gender neutral colors that they offer

  35. Nichole Gibson says:

    I would choose grey/blue, blue/grey, black/gray, green/purple, white/black, brown/blue and a blue wet bag! Love the double pockets wetbag!

  36. I’ve just got to try a bamboo diaper! I’ve heard so many good things about them!

  37. If I won, I would choose: Black & Silver, Brown & Baby Blue, Green & Purple, Grey & Pink, Black & Pink, White & Purple and a Blue wetbag!

  38. Julie Ghrist says:

    I would get 4 stay dry and 2 bamboo diapers. I would get the colors: Funky pink/grey, purple/green, black/pink, green/purple, grey/pink, and blue/silver. I would choose the pink wet bag

  39. I would choose grey/blue black/silver, brown/blue, green/purple, , pink/grey, blue/silver and the brown wet bag
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  40. I like the black wet bag! And the colors I would choose would be green w/ purple snaps, purple w/green snaps, black w/silver snaps (2), silver w/blue snaps (2)!

  41. I would get one bamboo diaper to try - black w/silver. The other 5 diapers I would all get in the stay-dry - black w/pink, white w/ purple, purple w/ green, brown w/ pink, and pink w/ grey. I would also choose the purple wetbag.

  42. bamboo 3-in-1 in brown with pinkx3, green w purple, purple w green, white w purple & purple wetbag

  43. I would get a mix of nuetral ones I think like… the black w/silver snaps, brown w/blue snaps, green w/purple snaps, grey w/blue snaps, green w/brown snaps, and the blue w/silver snaps along with the green wet bag.
    Trista Anderson recently posted..The League Of Incredible Vegetables Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  44. Kristal S. says:

    I love the Black+Gray, the Blue+Gray, the Brown+Blue, and the White+Black…and I would either want a Black or Blue wet bag

  45. I’d get all bamboo 3 in 1s in boy colors (brown and blue, black and grey, blue and silver, green and brown, grey and blue, and the white). I’d get a green double pocket wet bag.

  46. Nikki Hurtsellers says:

    I’d choose black with silver, purple with green, brown with blue, green with purple, blue with silver, and silver with blue. And for the wet bag, I think green.

  47. Katie Fowler says:

    I like the black wet bag. And I would choose all bamboo in white+purple x2, grey+pink, black+grey x2, pink+grey

  48. I would choose 3 bamboo in funky green and brown and three stay dry in funky brown and baby blue!

    For the wet bag I would choose brown!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

  49. Michelle J says:

    I would choose all stay dry; (1) black/grey, (1) white/purple, (2) blue/grey, (2) grey/ blue. My favorite wet bag Colorado is blue. 🙂

  50. Danielle ! says:

    I love the pink. The snaps are such a great feature!

  51. I’d probably pick two bamboo diapers each in Black/Pink, Black/Silver, and Pink/Gray. I’d love a brown wet bag!

  52. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would choose the Green/Brown, Brown/Baby Blue, and Black/Silver color combos, 3 bamboo and 3 stay dry.

  53. Gina Ferrell says:

    I would choose 3 FUNKY FLUFF Fusion - Bamboo 3 in 1 System in Purple and Green, Green and Purple and the White and Purple.
    I would choose 3 FUNKY FLUFF Fusion - Stay Dry 3 in 1 System in Purple and Green, Green and Purple and the White and Purple.
    I like the color purple in the FUNKY FLUFF Double Pocket Wet bag.

  54. I love the bamboo option. Purple and green is so pretty

  55. sara m ford says:

    white and purple for the diaper and the wet bag purple

  56. I like the grey with blue snaps diaper and green Wetbag!!

  57. nicole lewis says:

    i would do the purple diaper with green snaps and the blue wet bag

  58. 3 Bamboo diapers (black+silver, blue+silver, brown+pink), 3 Stay Dry diapers (purple+green, brown+blue, pink+grey), dark brown wetbag.

  59. tonya cowart says:

    Half bamboo and have stay dry. Pink and gray purple black. The colors are so fun i would get a purple wet bag

  60. mp phaiah says:

    i would choose the bamboo diapers and would get a mix of colors (i am expecting a girl and also have a boy in diapers). for the wetbag i like the pink one for my new little girl!

  61. I really like that the inserts snap into place, the diapers we use now do not have that feature and we get bunched up all of the time - or we get too much coverage in the front, when we need it in the back, or vice versa.
    Shelley Gajus recently posted..Giveaway Post For Novemeber 6My Profile

  62. I like the white on red and green for a wet bag 🙂

  63. I love the colors and the wetbag. Nice to see a bigger one for the diapers 🙂

  64. I love the pink with grey snaps! And the dark brown wet bag! 🙂

  65. I would go for 3 bamboo and 3 stay dry in colors funky black and silver, grey and blue, green and blue. For wet bag, i will go for black.


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