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New Disclosure (Above placement)I have to admit when I first started cloth diapering I sold my husband on the idea of one size diapers being all we would ever need. So not true! With our stubborn little one showing no interest in using the big boy potty and lots of our stash becoming too small for him the choice to research sized diapers was a no brainer for me. FuzziBunz perfect size large cloth diapers were recommended to me by several cloth diapering friends so I was really excited to check them out from Thanks Mama.

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The perfect size FuzziBunz is similar to the FuzziBunz one size Elite cloth diaper in many ways. The unique snap closure configuration, extra wide back pocket opening and solid construction make the FuzziBunz a wonderful diaper to include in any stash.  The soft and durable waterproof PUL outer layer comes in a rainbow of fun colors (we chose candy apple red) and the super soft fleece inside layer keeps baby feeling dry and air dries quickly when laundered while keeping it’s lushness throughout the life of the diaper.fuzzibunz perfect size cloth diaper.pngSince the diaper is sized large (designed to fit 25lb-45lb babies) there is no adjustment needed with elastics or rise you simply stuff the included single microfiber insert and snap the diaper on your child. The diaper only needs one prep washing and it is ready to go! fuzzibunz perfect size cloth diaper 1.png.pngWith only one insert the diaper is super trim and with the absorbent microfiber we have no worries about leaks even with a heavy wetting older child. The unique snap configuration I mentioned before offers a great fit as the hip snap hugs the thighs. At over 36 pounds you can see there is still plenty of room in the waist snaps for Tates to grown and the ultra gentle leg and back elastics never make marks but hold up well to toddler size messes.

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We really love the FuzziBunz Perfect Size cloth diapers and want more to add to our stash. Tell me, do you prefer sized or one sized diapers? Why?EBMD Disclosure

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