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New Disclosure (Above placement)There is nothing quite as torturous as not being comfortable in your own skin. Inflamed, rashy, itchy, dry and red skin is no fun for anyone no matter what age….now add to that the awkardness of being a teen. This really breaks my heart as a mom so when we found Exederm ultra sensitive skin care products I was really excited to be able to have T-Bone try them out.Exederm logoExederm’s philosophy is simple: avoid irritants that trigger eczema & always use the mildest ingredients possible, how brilliant is that? Our doctor told us there is no way to know what is causing T-Bones eczema so we can’t really prevent it but with the wide array of Exederm products we can now treat his flare ups easily and affordably too.

exederm babyWe were able to test out the Hydrating Baby Lotion and the Flare Control Cream on T-Bone, and I tried them too ;). When I get really stressed out I sometimes get small dry patches on my arms plus I have sensitive skin so Exederm is perfect for us both! Don’t let the term ‘baby’ or the pictures of the little baby on the bottles confuse you, the entire family can use these products!exederm babyNot knowing what might or might not cause flare ups for T-Bone we try to choose wisely what he uses on his skin. I’m a huge fan of what Exederm products DON’T have in their list of ingredients:

exederm ingredientsWith no yucky chemicals the creamy goodness in these potions soothes T-Bone (and my) skin and nourishes it so we are comfortable and on our way to a quick recovery. Both the lotion and cream go on easily and absorb into our skin leaving no greasy feeling, only relief which is heavenly. A little dab of each product goes a long way so your bottles/tubes will last awhile too.exederm full lineBoth the baby and adult line are affordably priced raging from $12.99 to $14.99 each and are available at several retailers across the US & Canada. Make sure you check out the full range of products at the Exederm online store, if you order 3 or more items you receive 20% off with free shipping over $50!

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  1. thx so much for sharing i will definetly give a try i have a 4 year old who has had severe eczema since he was born at only a few months old his face was covered in weeping patches he was so miserable and DR’s had no answers we still dont know what causes it but we manage the best we can. he hates the steroid cream since they sting on his freshly scratched skin so i like the idea of a “flare up” cream.

  2. These products sound great! My oldest two children had eczema when they were younger. I had it when I was a teenager. So far, my toddler hasn’t experienced it. Then again, my kids were about 3-7 when they had it I think. So his time may come. I will definitely have to keep these in mind. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I remember when my son was little we had to be so careful because he would break out from anything I am glad that he is not so sensitive any more.

  4. this is great i need to pick up these products for my newborn on the way!

  5. my daughter has extremely dry skin, so will try this brand.

  6. My first was that way, he broke out with so many products! I will check them out as I am looking for a few options to have on hand for our 3.0 to try out. Love what they don’t contain as well, kids don’t need those chemicals!

  7. My daughter has awful issues. I am always looking for something natural to help her. I haven’t heard of this brand.

  8. Pretty affordable for a baby care line. My sister and 1 of my children had eczema as a infant so I can understand how important products like these are to a family.

  9. I love to use mild products on babies, and this line looks very gentle.

  10. Definitely going to have to look into this line with the new baby on the way since my other 4 all have sensitive skin.

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