BabyKicks Launches NEW Pocket Diapers~Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

Wow has this week gone by fast!  I can’t believe it is already Friday and time to talk fluff again!  This week I am really excited to be able to share with you all some wonderful new products from BabyKicks!  Officially on the market and for sale now, I have had the pleasure of testing them out and awaiting their announcement for awhile now!

BabyKicks is well known for their hemp products and I am a huge fan for that very reason, hemp being all natural and a great material to use for heavy wetting babies making it a win-win material that we use regularly.  Each of the newly designed Basic and Premium pocket diapers come with a one sized insert that has some layers of hemp in the insert, the main difference being that the Basic pocket insert also has a microfiber side whereas the Premium pocket has the JoeyBunz insert BabyKicks is known for that is pure hemp/organic cotton jersey.  I wrote an in depth review of the JoeyBunz inserts and their differences HERE.

First let’s talk about the Premium pocket, mostly resembling the 3g pocket that I reviewed HERE, as you can see it still has the fleece gussets and side snap closure (now available in hook and loop closure!) along with the snap down rise allowing for a good fit on your baby at several stages of weight and size.

The diaper is definitely more generous in size compared to the older BabyKicks 3g pocket, Tates is only 2 snaps in on the side here (see above and below) whereas the older version is already too small on him!  I am so excited about the larger sizing!

The Premium is still an ultra trim diaper just like the 3g and offers a very nice smooth flat belly fit.

The premium pocket now offers a bamboo velour inner along with a fleece liner included for those parents that like to have a stay dry lining for baby-great for naps and nighttime!

The pocket has a front opening like the previous 3g only this opening is wider which (I really appreciate this because I have really long fingers!) eliminates the struggle of stuffing and fighting with your pocket to get the insert to fit well.

The Basic pocket has a few differences and I really like them!  The first is the inner material is made of microfleece which offers baby a stay dry feeling.  The pocket opening is generous just like the Premium pocket which is again a welcomed feature in my opinion.
We received the Basic pocket with the hook and loop closure (also available in snap closure) which has laundry tabs to prevent ‘diaper chains’.  This hook and loop is a bit different than most I have seen as the front panel on the babies belly is smooth and has plastic teeth that grab that smooth surface for closure making it look nicer in the long run.
As I stated before the Basic pocket offers an insert that is made of 2 layers microfiber and 2 layers hemp terry, the side with the tag is the hemp side.

This pocket diaper is super trim! It fits Tates fabulously! It is even more trim than a disposable don’t you think?

 The Basic pocket has different gussets than the Premium as they are not fleece and are what you see more typically in other diaper brands and I really like them a lot.

Look how much room this diaper offers!  The tabs are actually crossed over Tates belly! The rise is fully unsnapped however he still has tons of tummy room to grow and still fit in this diaper.

We did have to use a cover over this diaper as Tates can undo hook and loop closure on his own so that was an extra step we had to do to use this diaper but that is something that is probably unique to us.

I was also sent some fun goodies that I really love; the hemp washies (wipes) pictured below and a hemp accessories bag (not pictured) which is great for toting kids toys or anything in really.

The washies are sold in a 10 pack and are very generously sized-my huge hand is wide open and there is still room, these are great for huge diaper messes and the hemp makes them extra thirsty.

Want to purchase them? BabyKicks new Basic and Premium pockets along with their entire product line are available now directly from their online store and at retailers as well!  
As this week’s Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature, April from Mama on a Green Mission and I were both fortunate enough to test these great new diapers. Make sure you head over and see how her babies fit into the new BabyKicks pockets!

Which new BabyKicks do you want to try?  What feature is your favorite?  Talk fluff with me! :)


  1. Charis's Mum says:

    Looking forward to reading your new Friday Fluff Feature. I'd like to get the Black premium pocket diaper from Babykicks.

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