Do You Know What’s Groovy? Jogging with A Joovy! Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

I am so excited to be a part of the Joovy Mom team and be able to share my thoughts and experiences with you all!  Joovy is an American based family run business that values each customer and provides personal care and attention on every level from purchasing questions (not sure what stroller you want/need?) to suggestions you might have for ways to add new features as a parent and product user, Joovy considers their customers invaluable.

We have owned 2 strollers before receiving the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller (in blue) and both turned out to be disappointments on several levels including safety and comfort so we had some high hopes when our Joovy delivery arrived.

Although my husband tries, he isn’t what you would call a handy man.  Lucky for us our the stroller came partially assembled!  The included instruction manual (with pictures!) made assembling the few pieces not already put together a breeze, he had the Zoom ready to go in about 20 minutes.

The included tire pump stores neatly and out of sight in the storage basket (which is very generously sized) and super easy to use when you are out on the go with baby and might need to adjust your tire pressure.  Having this on hand is not only convenient but a wonderful tool to keep your child comfortable and safe along with assisting you with keeping your stroller in tip top functioning condition.
Although this is a jogging stroller it truly has all the features of a luxury regular stroller making it a must have for every family no matter what degree of workout you plan on using it for.
Large mesh pockets located on both sides of the seat interior for toys, snacks, cups or whatever your child might want to bring for the adventure are nice to offer their own space to store goodies.
The child seat is extra wide, Tates has tons of room with his arms relaxed (he had the chills a little hence the clenched fists!) at his sides and his cup next to him and still ample room on both sides. 
With lots of padded leg room for our 2 year old to enjoy an easy ride for extended runs or nice family strolls Tates was very comfortable and still had plenty of room to grow for many years of use to look forward to.
The extra large canopy is a favorite feature of mine, as you can see is covers such a wide range that baby is protected from wind and sun from all angles.  Need more coverage?  The included rain/wind cover makes this stroller usable in any weather conditions and protects your child and stroller at the same time.  You can easily keep an eye on your child with the see through window that can be rolled up and fastened if you prefer to watch baby constantly.
When you are running you should stay hydrated and Joovy has you and your running partner covered with 2 large cup holders in the parent organizer (an included accessory) made of neoprene so almost any cup/bottle fits.
The organizer also includes a zip closure storage compartment that is large enough for my wallet, keys and cell phone with plenty of room to add more items if needed.
Above the large storage basket is another mesh compartment for even more storage.  This is also where the multi position reclining seat adjustments are made, allowing your child to sit upright or lay down for a comfortable nap!
The shocks make this stroller a comfortable ride for baby and the wheel reflectors are great for twilight or darker jogs with baby. The brake (in red) is super easy to engage and release with your foot and makes sure your stroller doesn’t go somewhere you don’t want it to.
The wrist tether strap offers an easy reassurance that your stroller won’t get away from you, this stroller pretty much pushes itself and doesn’t require very much strength at all.
The reflective 5 point harness makes me feel like Tates is safe and secure and is very easily adjustable if you happen to have multiple children that you are using the stroller with or if you simply want to make an adjustment quickly.  Tates is a little escape artist and this secure system is not one he can get out of!
The Zoom 360 offers you the option of having a fixed front wheel or swivel option for maximum maneuverability which we found really awesome when dealing with smaller places and making turns.
The compact fold allows you to take this stroller along on any road trip whether you are going to your local park or a road trip that might include some all terrain activities that your ‘regular’ stroller might not be able to handle.  Easily folded and opened, folded stroller dimensions are 18″H x 26″W x 36.5″L and the stroller is pretty light weigh at only 26.8 pounds.
Joovy’s standard features and included accessories demonstrate and excellence in what to expect from your stroller without the high price tag you might think would accompany such amenities.  Joovy sets the bar high for parent’s expectations while offering safety, style and functionality in one great package. 

We are more than impressed with this stroller and use it daily for our needs and when it is inside, Tates wants to sit in it instead of our regular chairs so it is Mama and Baby approved here at the Eco Baby Mama Drama household!

Buy It:  You can purchase your very own Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller and enjoy a fabulous stroller with wonderful included accessories from the Joovy online store HERE!

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  1. Mama on a Green Mission says:

    Now that the weather is getting nicer I'll be jogging so I need a stroller like this. Thanks so much for all of this info! The stroller sounds great!

  2. Ooooh, NICE stroller! Looks like it'd be great to travel with.

  3. I SO wish I could have had one of these when my kids were little…I was subjected to the old school strollers that were nothing impressive, believe me. It made things quite difficult. This looks like an amazing stroller — you're lucky!! Great review, btw!

  4. jody cowan says:

    I really like this stroller. It has a lot of extra spaces for everything you need to take. It has a large canopy, which is great to keep the sun/rain off. And it folds up easily, always a plus.

  5. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says:

    I would have loved one of these when I was still in my stroller days! We did have the Joovy Caboose and loved that!

  6. Jewels For Hope says:

    Oh that looks great! Like it has so much storage!! 🙂

  7. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says:

    The stroller looks fantastic but I want to see a video of YOU jogging with it! Oh yes I do!!

  8. Forgetful Mom says:

    Very nice. My 10 month old was sitting in my lap, looked over at my screen with your blog page up, she got so excited! She was jabbering, her arms were going and she started bouncing. I do believe that she likes the colours of your page.

  9. The Shopping Duck says:

    Love the stroller! Wishing they had this when my kids were babies!

  10. Laura Grace Andry says:

    This stroller looks amazing! I love how compact it can be when folded. Thanks for the review 🙂

  11. DealiriousMama says:

    That looks like such a nice stroller! I love the color and that it has the tether strap. What a great idea. I am always paranoid about the stroller getting away from me and this is the perfect way to ensure this does not occur! I want one of these. 🙂

  12. I love the large canopy and the rain/wind cover. With my current stroller weather restrictions keep us from getting out as often as I would like to 🙁 This one would solve that problem for me!

  13. Klcmaher says:

    Strollers have come a long way since my kids were little. What I would have given to have something like this!

  14. I wish I would have had a stroller like that when my son was little! The wheels on our stroller definitely weren't all terrain! I love to walk and hike, and our stroller just didn't get it…

  15. Felissa Hadas says:

    That is a really nice stroller with so many places to store items you need whiel out for a run or walk with your baby.

  16. I really like the mesh pockets for the child and the zip up pockets for keys and wallets! That is so smart!

  17. Danielle @ "We Have It All" says:

    I've been wanting one of these for so long now and every time I see another review I want it even more!!

    Thanks for this review!!

  18. Courtney @ Joy Of Momma Joyner says:

    Great review!! I want one! We will have 2 in a stroller soon, but I'd love a Joovy! I have heard/read great things. I'm glad you like yours too! That makes me want one even more! 🙂

  19. Why is it the cool things come out AFTER you're done having kids? That is awesome! Wish I'd have had something like this when my kids were little!

  20. Crunchy Beach Mama says:

    Wahooo for you! 🙂

  21. Joovy is a great company. I am looking for a 3 stroller right now. Thank you for the great review. ~Susan

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