Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make Last Minute

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and if you’re at a loss as to what you should get your mom this year, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people scramble last minute to find that perfect gift for mom or grandma and many are left holding a big bouquet of disappointment. This task can be especially hard if mom is environmentally conscience, so what do you do? Try one of these great ideas!

Homemade cards and breakfast in bed

Cooking at home and making cards from left over items you have lying around can be a wonderful way to help mom relax and show her you care- plus, it doesn’t cost much (if anything) and it reuses things- just like mom taught you to do! Wake mom up with a few handmade cards and a wonderful breakfast she can enjoy with those she loves most.

Take a family picture

It doesn’t cost much, and it’s something mom will love. All you have to do is gather the family and someone to take a picture of you all- but not mom! Moms love taking pictures, which often leaves them out of the picture. Remedy that this year by giving her a family portrait and then placing it in a frame you and the whole family pitches in to make. Make it with scrap materials around your home or from mom’s craft closet and really show her that you know how to be eco-friendly, too.


photo courtesy of Full Time Mama blog

Give mom a spa day

This is an easy one to accomplish- simply run her a bubble bath, put on some music she loves, pour her a glass of her favorite beverage, and let mom be alone. It’s her day and she can relax and enjoy it as she pleases. Even if this is last minute, you can still make it look like you planned it all along. Get a scented candle or make one, pick some flowers from a field (instead of buying them), and make her a plate of fruit and cheese to snack on. You can even make her some homemade chocolate body scrub in a few minutes with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen! It will look like you really planned it out! To make it extra special, combine this idea with the breakfast and cards, and the following gift.

photo courtesy of Not Quite Susie Homemaker blog

photo courtesy of Not Quite Susie Homemaker blog

A Memory book

Make mom a memory book with leftover gift-wrap. Cut the gift-wrap into rectangles and write a special note or memory onto each one. You can even color her some nice pictures, if you’re artistic, and then clip the pieces together with a binder clip. If you leave enough space on them, mom can use it as a notepad, but if not, she can place the book on her desk or workspace and enjoy reliving memories of those she loves every time she looks at it.

Help her go green

While this isn’t actually a gift you’d make, you can help your mom go green if that’s a goal she has.  Help her out this year by greening up your home some. Switch out her incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights or LEDs, set up recycling & compost bins, and buy her some reusable items (like cloth rags, instead of paper towels) and package them with a few nice plants (hey, what’s more green than growing things?). This will show mom you put some effort into making her Mother’s day a great one that she will remember every time she waters her new plants.

What ideas do you have for homemade gifts for mom? 



  1. These are such fantastic ideas, even for moms who would not label themselves eco-friendly! Thoughtful gifts like these are always better than store bought. Thanks for the ideas… I think we will use a few for grandma this year! :)

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