Snuggy Baby One Size All in Two Cloth Diaper System

I didn’t know until recently that I am lucky enough to have a cloth diaper maker relatively close to me! Snuggy Baby is based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and makes a one sized all in two (AI2) cloth diaper system that is very popular in our home now.snuggy baby logo.jpgWe love this unique cloth diaper system for so many reasons, Tates is always asking for his dinosaur diaper so you know the print is totally fun! The design of this system is unlike any I have ever seen and I highly recommend it to all moms who want an easy to use and versatile cloth diaper for their children no matter what age/size.

First let’s talk about the cover, constructed of super strong PUL this cover is bullet proof. The inside is wipeable however only soft polyester touches your babies delicate skin, perfect for sensitive skin little ones. The wide leg and back elastic is super strong and can hold huge toddler messes however is gentle enough that even chunky thighs aren’t irritated.snuggy baby cloth diaper cover.pngTates is on the larger side of the scale for this diaper, actually he is over the weight limitations of the diaper system (recommended to fit babies 8-35lbs) at weighing 38 pounds however he still has room to grow in the waist. The patent pending crotch and bottom snaps offer a revolutionary adjusting option for the width of the entire cover which is fabulous for smaller children. The double snap closure ensures we have no wing droop even with a crazy active toddler who thinks he is an acrobat!snuggy baby cloth diaper system.png.pngThere are tuck in flaps in the front and back of this cover along with a snap in the back to secure the Snuggy Baby insert in place. The inserts are contoured and have a petal design for easy washing and drying. There are 2 separate pieces to each insert; a large and a newborn size, the newborn size snaps into the larger insert to double as a booster to provide additional absorbency for heavy wetters or for nap/overnight use. We use both inserts at all times and still get a very trim fit. The inserts and are SUPER absorbent consisting of 100% cotton with a polyester wicking jersey stay dry top lining to keep baby dry and comfortable. We have never had a leak with this diaper, we love it and want more in our stash!snuggy baby diaper.pngSnuggy Baby carries more than just fabulous cloth diapers, they also offer handmade wet bags, wraps, ring slings, and doll slings! Tell me what is your favorite Snuggy Baby product?

Enter below to win a $25 gift card to shop for your favorite Snuggy Baby goodies! Good Luck!

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  1. I love the look of their ring slings, but have yet to try their diapers!

  2. I love the elephants cloth diaper cover!!

  3. Colleen Maurina says:

    My favorite is their Caribbean Stripe Cloth Diaper Cover.

  4. I love their beautiful wraps, so many pretty fabrics but I think I like mesmerized best.

  5. Shalaina S says:

    I really like the sparrow baby wrap. The mustache diaper cover was calling my name too.

  6. Angie Kunst says:

    I love their Maya Carriers

  7. I love the Elephants Cover

  8. Jessica Orr says:

    I love the Olivia wrap!

  9. I love the Caribbean Stripe Baby Wrap

  10. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I love the Aqua Blue Solid Prestige Ring Sling!

  11. LoryAnn P says:

    I love, love, love Caribbean Stripe Cloth Diaper Cover. It is so bright and cheerful!

  12. Sarah Hayes says:

    i love the botanical garden print. i have that in a wet bag and love it. I also like the fantasy garden small wet bag

  13. E. Diane Macauley says:

    I really like the wet bags in Caribbean stripe and daisy daze. too cute and I really need one. I also love their baby wraps. so bright and awesome!

  14. I’d love to also try their Diaper Balm and love their Elephants Cloth Diaper Cover!

  15. I’d really love to have their Caribbean Stripe Hanging Diaper Pail Laundry Bag - large wetbags like this are a must-have for us!

  16. I like the ring slings!

  17. Samantha L. says:

    I would love to add the Caribbean Stripe Cloth Diaper Cover to my stash.

  18. I love the stained glass prestige ring sling

  19. I love the Anchors Away cloth diaper!!

  20. I like the rainbow chevron diaper cover.

  21. Jenn McClearn says:

    I like the woodland owls cloth diaper cover

  22. Amanda Boerst says:

    I love the Black Champagne Baby Wrap

  23. I like the Anchors Away wet bag.

  24. I also really like the Caribbean Stripe Baby Wrap.

  25. The dino diaper cover is adorable!

  26. I like the the rainbow chevron diaper cover!

  27. I like the Sorbet Dot Child’s Doll Sling

  28. Vicki Hall says:

    I love the moustaches and the anchors away cloth diaper covers.

  29. Shanna M says:

    Do I have to pick one thing? There are so many adorable things, but I really like the Botanical Garden Baby Wrap, and the cloth diapers are cute too!

  30. Becky Marie says:

    I love the Baby Doll slings! “Tweet Tweet” is one of my favorite prints for it!

  31. Michelle says:

    I love the rainbow Chevron diaper and wet bags! If need a set for sure! If I had a girl, I’d want the fantasy first print instead, but it’s a bit feminine for my LO.

  32. I love the bicycles large wet bag!

  33. Tricia Maze says:

    I love their elephant diaper cover!

  34. I love the I love the Aqua Blue Solid Prestige Ring Sling.

  35. Amber Carroll says:

    I would like to try some of the diaper balm. I haven’t bought a CD safe rash cream, so I’m always having to use a guard over my CDs.

  36. I like the anchors away diaper pail laundry bag.

  37. Tracy Gordon says:

    I love the anchors away wet bag.

  38. I love the Rainbow Chevron Cloth Diaper Cover!

  39. I like the wet bag in Caribbean stripe.

  40. Rebekah Drapeau says:

    The Elephants Diaper Cover and Child’s Doll Ring Slings.

  41. I like the Caribbean Stripe Cloth Diaper Cover

  42. Amanda Menting says:

    Dino Dudes Cover

  43. i love the POW! Cloth Diaper Cover so cute i really love comic books prints right now!

  44. I like the Madras Cloth Diaper Cover.

  45. Woodland Owls Cloth Diaper Cover

  46. Jessica Fletcher says:

    I love all the ring slings! How do you choose?!

  47. Marian F. says:

    The elephants cloth diaper cover!

  48. I like their all natural diaper balm.

  49. I like the Madras Cloth Diaper Cover and the Spa Fizz Linen Banded Ring Sling!

  50. Ashley Leonard says:

    I actually love the diape pictured 🙂

  51. Sheridan says:

    My favorite product is the Anchors Away Cloth Diaper Cover

  52. mariko lafontaine says:

    I love the rainbow chevron large wet bag.

  53. I’d love to have the POW! Cloth Diaper Cover

  54. Jen Wilson says:

    I like the Orange Fizz Baby Wrap.

  55. I like the woodland owls diaper

  56. AmyKathryn says:

    I like the Spa Fizz Prestige Ring Sling or Madras Sling 🙂

  57. Jennifer says:

    Caribbean stripe baby wrap and the diaper cover to match!

  58. Love all the baby wraps! My fave is the Caribbean stripe!

  59. Kate O'Brien says:

    I love the stained glass ring sling.

  60. DelRae H says:

    I love the Elephants Cloth Diaper Cover print

  61. Jennifer says:

    I love the fantasy forest cloth diaper cover!!

  62. Jessica B says:

    I like the woodland owls wetbag

  63. alexandra creech says:

    anchors away is so cute!

  64. Anne Perry says:

    I love the Rainbow Chevron Large Wet Bag

  65. I love the sparrow baby wrap, and the rainbow chevron wetbag! Hard to pick a favorite

  66. Amanda D says:

    Madras or dino dudes cloth diapers ….its a toss up which I like the best. 🙂

  67. I like the mustache wrap, so cute.

  68. Jessica Barnes says:

    I LOVE the Woodland Owls wet bags

  69. Amanda Temple says:

    Wet bags and diapers!

  70. Mitzi Dico says:

    the elephants cover looks very cute!

  71. Raina Hood says:

    I love the camo and Anchors Away wet bags!

  72. Jessie Hay says:

    I love the Espresso Damask Baby Wrap

  73. Cloth diapers

  74. Jayna Harris says:

    I love cloth diapering!

  75. Jayna Harris says:

    I love cloth diapers

  76. Viv Sluys says:

    My favourite thing from Snuggy Baby is the Orange Fizz Cloth Diaper Cover

  77. Robyn Forrest says:

    The dinosaur’s are too cute!

  78. Their ring sling!

  79. Nicholle Holycross says:

    I love the madras cloth diaper cover!

  80. Anchors away diaper cover.

  81. Maryanne says:

    Baby wrap!

  82. Taylor Schell says:

    my favorite item is the maya wrap They are so versatile and cute. I really need one

  83. jodi armstrong says:

    These look great- we have Flips & i’d love to compare with another cover

  84. I think the dinosaur cover in this post is adorable. Excited to try them out.

  85. jodi armstrong says:

    the prints are so cute!! carribean stripes…

  86. Elephant wet bag or Olivia wrap. 🙂

  87. Charlotte Robinson says:

    I love their Ring Slings… would love to try one of those.

  88. Dacia Meckle says:

    The ring slings

  89. The espresso damask baby wrap is my favorite

  90. I like the fabulous foliage banded ring sling and the POW! Cloth Diaper Cover

  91. Gabrielle Dennison says:

    I love the blue cheveron banden ring sling.

  92. Lyndsey Lancaster says:

    Orange Fizz ring sling

  93. amanda w says:

    Orange Fizz cloth diaper cover… I love that print!

  94. Caitlin Butler says:

    Love the anchors away cover

  95. Breanna R says:

    I love the POW diaper cover.

  96. Trishelle Burchett says:

    The cloth diapers are so cute 🙂 and I especially like that woodland owl wet bag 🙂

  97. I love the elephants diaper cover!

  98. I like the diaper coveres

  99. Hilary M. says:

    Love the anchors away diaper cover!

  100. Amber Thompson says:

    I love the diapers. The POW is adorable!

  101. Jessica Sawyer says:

    So cute!

  102. Jessica Sawyer says:

    Love the POW! Cover!

  103. I like the Rainbow Chevron Large Wet Bag


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