Stokke® Scoot Stroller & Stokke® Scoot Softbag

New Disclosure (Above placement)When it comes to choosing the right stroller for your family there are a million choices and it can be overwhelming. You definitely want to take into consideration what features you like and what activities you will be using your stroller for. So what if I told you there is a stroller that has everything you love and more? You would love me right? Well I’m really excited to share the Stokke®  Scoot stroller along with the infant Softbag with you, I’m sure you will love them and want to make this your family stroller like we have!stokke logo.jpgThis  fashion-forward new stroller from Stokke®  is designed for everyday use by on-the-go parents that want luxury and convenience when it comes to their baby gear. The main feature that I think is the best selling point is the reversible seat that is positioned higher than the average stroller seat on the frame allowing for parents to be closer to their baby. The higher position also allows for parents to use it as a high chair while out eating, making it a clean alternative to those nasty restaurant chairsstokke scoot stroller.jpg.jpgMade to be used from birth through 45 pounds, you will need the infant Softbag to keep your new little bundle safe and comfortable. Super soft and easily carried along when not in use, it folds completely flat! The Softbag cuddles your little one and easily keeps your baby safe with the 5-point harness opening and the breathable material so baby won’t overheat.stokke scoot stroller 1.jpgEveryone knows parents are busy and always have our hands full, with the Stokke® Scoot you can easily fold it for transport/storage with one hand. Need super compact storage? Simply pop off the wheels! You can fold the Stokke® Scoot with the seat facing either way and at a total weight of 23 pounds you can lift your stroller into your trunk with one hand too.stokke scoot stroller 2.jpgBeing out and about town you never know what you might come across. The included rain cover and bug net make it easy for parents to quickly adapt to conditions as needed and the 7″ foam-filled wheels means you will never get a flat. The cup holder, storage basket, and recline option make sure even extended shopping trips can be taken on by mom and baby in comfort and the adjustable handle bar is perfect for parents of different heights or even siblings to help steer!stokke scoot stroller 3.jpgStokke® Scoot is available in 8 colors: Beige Melange, Urban Blue, Black Melange, Purple, Red, Dark Navy, Brown, and Beige. All of which have the lightweight aluminum frame, 5-point safety harness, locking wheels, adjustable footrest and an amply sized multi functional hood…everything you can want on a stroller!

stokke scoot colors.jpgYou can get the Stokke® Scoot right now on the Stokke website! Stokke® is generously offering one Stokke® Scoot to a lucky Eco Baby Mama Drama reader, enter below for your chance to win! Make sure you follow Stokke  on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for all their latest innovative products and gear! ~WINNER~ Matt O.

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  1. Stacey Roberson says:

    I love the one-hand folding and how compact this stroller folds. Great for smaller vehicles!

  2. I love the Beige Melange stokke scoot. It is such a chic looking stroller and I love that the seat can face forwards and backwards.

  3. Love that it has 2 positions - rest and active on both front-facing and rear-facing positions. Plus, the raised foot rest is a nice addition. Also, as you mentioned, there are a plethora of strollers. We are expecting our first and finding the perfect one is very overwhelming. The Scoot is really good but the price tag is beyond our budget.

  4. i love the sleek design. it would make going for walks more fun! our current stroller is not as pretty ;)

  5. I really love the versatility of this stroller! I like being able to see my baby while I’m walking but have the option for an older baby to look out as well! plus the colors are awesome!

  6. Anne Perry says:

    I love how small it folds doen.

  7. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like that the Stokke Scoot has a higher position and is so easy to fold up.

  8. I like the quality of Stokke’s gear.

  9. I love that there is a rain and bug cover. Summer weather has plenty of both, but mom and baby still need to get out of the house!

    The adjustable handle would be great for older siblings helping, or shorter family members.

  10. E. Diane Macauley says:

    I like how light weight it is, how small it folds down to, and that the seat can face either way, but what really got me was how high the seat sits. At a mere 5’11″ I like the idea of not having to stoop quite so low to attend baby.

  11. joanna garcia says:

    i love that the child can be rear or forward facing!

  12. Love the design of this stroller, and the simplicity of folding it up. Brilliant! And I love it in purple!

  13. Andrea Amy says:

    I love that this looks like a good durable stroller that would be perfect for everyday. I don’t drive, so I rely heavily on a stroller for getting around for everyday things, and am in desperate need of one. This looks like it would be comfortable for my son and functional for me! Love the different colour choices too.

  14. I like that you can fold it with only one hand, and the multifunctional hood is great, too!

  15. Theres so much I love about it, but mostly I like how small it folds up and how easy it is! I have a small car and am often out alone, so this is great!

  16. I love that this is a high quality, feature rich stroller that also folds compactly. Makes it perfect for traveling.

  17. It’s a great first stroller to have, it great to take to the park, zoo, or musem. It just fulds up so nice in you car and I just love the colors the stroller comes in.

  18. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that it’s lightweight, compact and comes in awesome colors!

  19. When I read the review of this stroller my first thought is how nice it would be in an airport. The fact that this stroller folds so easily, and the stroller isn’t super heavy and there is really easy access to the basket/bag storage area makes this stroller a real winner.

  20. I love the skoot because it is so stylish while still being functional

  21. I love how the visor come all the way down. I love that it would work so well as a first time stroller. I know that if it win this stroller that I will make some heads turn @ the zoo, park, or the museum cause of the slickness of the stroller. It fold up so nice in the back seat or the trunk of my car.

  22. I like that it has a rain cover. That would be very handy for our school commutes.

  23. Gina Blomgren says:

    I love that this stroller is height adjustable. I am 5ft and my husband is over 6ft so finding a stroller with a compromise is great! I also love that the baby can face me, or face forward. Very neat feature!

  24. I like all of the positive reviews I read about this stroller. I also like the many features that let each person customize the stroller to their liking.
    Thanks for the chance.

  25. I would love a stroller like this… the fact that it’s so compact when folded is a huge plus. My current stroller is very big and bulky, and extremely difficult to get into the trunk of my car. Not ideal when you’re dealing with a toddler at the same time. Plus, I love that you can use this from birth without a car seat attached to the stroller!

  26. great looking stroller lightweight and easy to fold

  27. Sounds like a great stroller! I love that it reclines and love all the fabric options! I am really loving the Black Melange! Would love this stroller for my little one!!

  28. I love the Stokke Scoot because it is lightweight with a reversible seat and a compact fold. These are all key features I look for when looking for a stroller.

  29. I love the giant sun shade. I also like that the seat is higher than a standard stroller. Less bending over!

  30. Rebecca Peters says:

    Love how luxurious it looks and all the wonderful features. Love that it comes in a variety of colors too! My favorite things about this stroller that I love is that its ONLY 23 pounds and can fold with the seat facing inwards OR outwards!!!

  31. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love the compact feature. I have a suv but the back is small for storage and this would fit perfectly.

  32. Kristi Renout says:

    I love the look of this stroller!

  33. I love the smaller size and the fun colors. I love that it is lightweight and would fit in my trunk with ease

  34. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    I just love the way it looks… I also love that it is lightweight and seems to fold more compact than other strollers. :)

  35. I like that the Stokke Scoot is so easy to fold up.

  36. Sonya Morris says:

    I love the Stokke Scoot because it is lightweight and easy to fold.

  37. I love that it folds flat! It’s so beautiful!

  38. amy pugmire says:

    I love that it is Easy to fold and easy to carry away one-handed for your on the go lifestyle! perfect for us!

  39. I like it’s size

  40. I like the reversible seat & that in the higher position it can be used as a highchair.

  41. I love the way this stroller sits high! So pretty!! Never seen one IRL!

  42. I would love to win because my son hates his current stroller. He likes to see me at all times lol So this reversible seat would be great!!!

  43. I like how small it folds and the simplicity.

  44. I love the reversible seat that is positioned higher than the average stroller seat, and it can be used as a high chair while out eating, thank you for the chance.

  45. Honestly, I love the sleek, urban look of the Stokke Scoot! It is so modern looking!

  46. I love all the colour options, and i love how flat it folds!! i have another stroller but it does lie very flat and so it takes up a lot of space in my trunk.

  47. Katie O'Brien says:

    I like how you can also use it as a high chair.

  48. Love the style and quality

  49. I like how easy this stroller seems to be to fold and use.

  50. this stroller looks amazing for me!

  51. I really like how high baby is in the seat and how you can have baby facing in and out, Stokke looks like a great choice for a stroller!


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