Breaking the Co-Sleeping Habit is Easy with PeaPod Plus by KidCo

New Disclosure (Above placement)Although I love waking up to some cuddle time, having a toddler co-sleep with us can be challenging. I want to get a good nights sleep but also have our big boy in his own bed full time. Making that transition has been much easier with the KidCo PeaPod Plus P4010, we have the kiwi (green) color and it has really been the answer for us in trying to make this transition easier and fun for Tates too.KidCo logo

Tates is a big boy and I tend to get kicked, smacked and trampled ALL THE TIME while sleeping. There’s nothing like be woken up from a dead sleep to a smack in the face lol ;) . Plus whenever we travel to see my inlaws accommodations can be even tighter as our sleeping space is a full size bed….barely even room to roll over if 3 people are there! With the new KidCo PeaPod Plus we can all sleep more comfortably which makes everyone happier.

Designed for children 1-5 years old the new PeaPod Plus is larger in size but has the same great features and versatility of the previous models. It’s quite compact both open and when packed up in it’s included storage/carry case making it easy to take with you everywhere you go. Perfect for camping, trips to the beach, hotel stays or even play dates you can have a place for your children to rest and be comfortable at all times. Setup and breakdown literally take a few seconds!

With the included extra soft and supportive padding kids are comfortable and the fun tent like design makes it an adventure no matter where you end up. The thick plush sleeping pad is attached on the outside of the PeaPod reducing any risks of children being harmed and at the same time there is no additional assembly required with inflating a mattress or worrying about air pressure loss.

Each of the 4 sides has a vented opening for open air circulation, kids are always comfortable but also protected from the elements too. Although it doesn’t offer complete sun protection it does offer some and full protection from bugs when the inner mesh zipper panel is closed. With the amount of bug bites I recently had after only an hour outside I am so happy that Tates was in his PeaPod Plus, he didn’t get bitten once! We really love taking it everywhere with us and Tates adores it too, it’s so great for him to have his own safe play and sleep area. We love how much room he still has to grow into it too.

We are loving being able to get Tates to sleep comfortably in his own space whether he ends up in our room in his PeaPod Plus or the boys decide to campout in the living room. Having his own safe space means we get our own space too! We highly recommend it for every family!

Guess what? KidCo is giving one lucky reader their very own! Enter below!

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  1. Wow - this looks amazing! That would have been great when my son was younger and slept in our room all the time.

  2. I never would have thought to use a product like this for breaking the co-sleeping habit. How genius!

  3. I love how it zips flat for easy travel and storage. I hope there are some very restful nights in your future!!

  4. I have one of these and they are awesome!!! We use it every time we travel for our daughter. It takes up very little room, but makes her feel independent and have her own bed. I love mine.

  5. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable letting my son sleep in there, but it does look very cozy, so who knows I just might! We still co-sleep (he’s 2 now) but I don’t mind too much because one day he won’t want to sleep next to me anymore and that will be a sad time. I love the innovative products that are coming out for co-sleepers though, this one looks pretty cool.

  6. That is fabulous for so many awesome uses!!!!

  7. The Go Pod looks like something we could really use!

  8. I’d really love a Go Pod! I love KidCo!

  9. All my children love “camping out,” even if it’s right in the middle of the living room. This looks like so much fun! My favorite is the PeaPod Plus in Twilight Blue! Anne from the Zephyr Hill Blog

  10. The Go Pod looks pretty neat, but I’d really like to try the PeaPod and the Babysteps Electric Food Mill F900. I’ve been wanting to try making baby food.

  11. I havent ever used their products - but I do like their natural feeding line

  12. Go pod looks really useful!

  13. I actually love the bed rails. Those are hard to find, and transitioning a toddler into a toddler bed without rails can be rough on them!

  14. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Aside from the Pea Pod Plus that I love, I would also love to own one of the Go-Pods!

  15. Would love to try out the Go-Pod.

  16. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I’d love to have a GoPod in cardinal!

  17. Would love a baby gate!

  18. I do not have any KidCo products, but I would love to have the Custom Fit Auto Close HearthGate G3100 to put up in front in the fireplace.

  19. I also like the go-pods…

  20. I would love the Custom Fit Auto Close ConfigureGate ® G3000 so I could block my sewing machine.

  21. Trisha W. says:

    We have a red Pea Pod and love it.

  22. I looove the go-pod!

  23. Jill Daniel says:

    if I ever have another child I definitely want one of the go pods.

  24. The go-pods look cool!

  25. Laura Grace Andry says:

    I love that this folds flat! I would also love to give the kidco mesh bed rail a try too!

  26. Linda Trinklein says:

    bed rails,
    need these! thanks

  27. The Bath Storage Basket would be useful in our house!

  28. Anne Perry says:

    I like the Go Pod

  29. the bed rails would be handy!

  30. I love the BabySteps Deluxe Food Mill with Travel Tote F810

  31. I also like the Go-Pod!

  32. You get the good with the bad on this purchase. Fortunately, the bad really isn’t so bad. It IS large, and since I bought it for indoor use we really have to open up a space in the room when we bring it out. If your plan is to use it outside then this won’t be an issue for you.
    Graciela G. Mcneil recently posted..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  33. I’d love this for my son… we love their little food mill!

  34. Colleen Maurina says:

    I also like their Children’s Mesh Bed Rail.

  35. Julie Bolduc says:

    I like how eady it is to use and looks vety light weigh

  36. Rebecca P. says:

    I have the go pod and I take it everywhere! The beach is a perfect place for it, It helps from her eating the sand when she is on the ground! lol

  37. I like the Go-Pod.

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