New GroVia Wool Care ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

There is nothing like some new products to get a fluff loving mama super excited! I’m lucky enough to be working with GroVia and will be sharing their wonderful new products with you all! This week I am sharing the all new wool care products.

The Grovia Kiwi Pie line offers fitted diapers, wool covers and today’s topic: Organic Wool Wash Bars and No-Clump Lanolin Spray! These are essential items if you have a heavy wetter and a great idea for overnights and nap times or when you want a really breathable option for your little ones delicate skin.

The Organic Wool Wash bars are a minimum of 5 ounces in weight which is large and will last you quite awhile. Each bar is hand crafted with the finest organic ingredients and scented with the finest of essential oils.  These bars really have great stain removal capabilities and are great for scrubbing without damaging your precious wool. Each bar is enriched with lanolin too so you can shorten the prepping process for your wool and made in the USA (Alaska)!

There are 3 scents available for the bars:

  • Ginger Grass
  • Balsam
  • Red Mandarin Orange
We were sent the Ginger Grass scent and Tates says it smells like watermelon but I think it smells like a ginger/wood/grass mixture. Tates wants to use it in the bubble bath lol, he really loves soap bars lately 😉

The No-Clump Lanolin Spray is a 2 ounce spray bottle and is available in unscented only. Also made in the USA (Alaska) with a special blend of lanolin and organic emollients and moisturizers to treat your wool. No alcohol is used to dilute the formula and no emulsifiers or chemical dispersants are in the spray.

The spray is super easy to use simply spray lightly on your wool and massage (gently) into the fibers, let air dry and your covers are ready to use! The formula truly is clump free 😉

Friday's Fabulous Fluff Feature

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Buy: You can purchase these new GroVia products directly from their website, make sure you checkout the great closeout items on sale too!

Win: One lucky reader is going to win a wool care set including a Organic Wool Wash Bar and No-Clump Lanolin Spray, thanks so much GroVia! ~WINNER~ Court J



  1. jessica long says:

    Their AI2 system looks Awesome, I would love to get a few of them!

  2. Michelle L says:

    I want to try the new pail liner!

  3. GroVia newborn AIO

  4. Anne Perry says:

    GroVia My Choice™ Trainer

  5. I’d like to try their new kiwi pie fitteds and wool covers.

  6. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d like to try one of their AIOs and Trainers

  7. Elizabeth Volker says:

    I really want to try one of the new wet bags, their hybrid shells, and their new wool cover :) I already LOVE the organic cotton boosters, they save us at nighttime!!!!

  8. jamie davis says:

    When LO starts to potty learn I’ll probably try Grovia’s trainers. I like how they can be pulled on like big girl undies but snapped off for accidents.

  9. A newborn aio.
    ~Kelly recently posted..And another postMy Profile

  10. Melinda C says:

    Id like to try the Kiwi Pie fitted with the wool cover.

  11. Joanne Gregory says:

    GroVia Newborn AIO

  12. I like the GroVia AIO

  13. Hannah Avery says:

    I would love to try a Kiwi Pie Grovia fitted, also a Grovia Newborn AIO diaper!

  14. I would love to have some shells with snaps!

  15. jeanette sheets says:


  16. Pail liner!

  17. Terri Moore says:

    I’d like to try Grovia Organic Cotton soaker pads!

  18. I’d love to try their “Mighty Bubbles”
    Ally recently posted..BoredomMy Profile

  19. Would love to try their stay dry soaker pads.

  20. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    Followed on RSS…Google reader subscriber …as Paol Trenny …pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me

  21. I would love to try their newborn AIO
    Amanda recently posted..New Baby, New Fluff | Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop Sign Up OpenMy Profile

  22. I would like to try Tiny Bubbles
    All Natural Katie recently posted..Winner AnnouncementMy Profile

  23. Would love the GroVia all in one for my newborn!

  24. I have yet to try any of their diapers, I cant wait to get my hands on one!
    Monique Eckert recently posted..Thrifty Nifty Mommy: *Kickin’ It Off With Cloth* Oh Katy DiapersMy Profile

  25. grovia trainers!

  26. I’d love to try the newborn diapers on my little girl arriving in a few weeks!!

  27. i want to try their new fitteds
    Pollyanna recently posted..Mama’s Got A Brand New Babe Giveaway Sign-UpsMy Profile

  28. Did you find the GroVia lanolin spray effective? It’s hard to find any reviews on it, and I’m keen to know how well it works. Any thoughts you can share, from your trial of it? Thanks :)

    • I used it as an additional spray on AFTER my regular lanolizing process and liked it. I haven’t used it as a replacement to my regular lanolin soak.

  29. The Gro Via range is fantastic! The only care products that I would use on my Woolies and recommend to friends. Cheers, Carly :)


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