FML ~ No Way! I Really LML!

The norm today is busy busy busy, we don’t even have time to type out words when texting/chatting kwim (know what I mean)? And almost daily I see FML (F*** My Life) in personal texts and in posts everywhere; Facebook groups, status updates and even Twitter….but is it really that bad?

I know everyone saying it probably doesn’t really mean it but what kind of example are we setting? What kind of atmosphere and mindset are we putting ourselves in? Not so great huh? YES life is frustrating, ‘when it rains it pours’, and not everyday is roses but FML? Nope!

I will admit I have said it, texted it and posted it but NEVER really meant it. And today, it stops….right here and right now.

I am taking the challenge set forth by my mentor and now close bloggy friend April from Mama on a Green Mission and I am making my new most used talk/text internet slang LML, ‘Love My Life’! Everyone has something to be grateful for and love about their life everyday and sharing and talking about it will encourage us all to think positive!

No matter what the circumstances are I am blessed everyday in SO many ways, here are just a few that immediately come to mind:

  • GOD - It’s not about me, it’s all for him and I want to remember that and be more like him everyday
  • My Husband - he makes me crazy and he keeps me sane, he is truly my rock
  • My Kids - they give me purpose and the honor to be called Mom
  • My Family - past, present and future they will always be MY family and there for me no matter what
  • Our Health - we have fought many battles both small and large and we are still here to tell the tales
  • Our Home -  we may not have a house (yet) but HOME is where we make it
  • Work - my husband’s job thankfully supports our family and allows for me to be a stay at home mom
  • My Blog - WAY more time and work than I ever imagined but a blessing in so many ways
Roll with me and keep the positive vibes going! Tell me why you Love Your Life! Leave me a comment or if you are a blogger link up your post!
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  1. I love this post!

  2. I completely agree! Good post.

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