Treetop Baby Holiday Extravaganza {Giveaway} #2

Welcome to giveaway #2 of the fabulous Treetop Baby Holiday Extravaganza!  With so many wonderful products available for your natural parenting lifestyle, Treetop Baby is your one stop shop!  New to cloth diapers or babywearing?  No worries, Jennifer the owner is more than happy to personally assist you with making your selections!

With the upcoming holiday season Treetop Baby is starting the festivities early with a wonderful celebration chock full of giveaways!  There is still time to enter the first one (check it out here!) and remember a new one is being posted every 4 days!!  Amazingly generous of Jennifer and Treetop Baby huh?!  Don’t forget Jennifer is offering FREE SHIPPING within the USA from now through the end of November and is adding more stock everyday!

So what is up for grabs in giveaway #2 you might be asking yourself?  A BumGenius Freetime All In One one sized diaper in the awesome Albert print in your choice of closure!  Here is a little more about the diaper, I haven’t tried it myself yet!


  • 3×3 snap down design* adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes (approximately 8-35+ pounds).
  • Trim, snug and comfortable stretchy tabs* provide a custom fit.
  • One step cloth diaper - no stuffing!
  • Two rows of snaps ensure a trim, bumGenius fit every time!
  • Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!
  • Semi-attached, stay dry inserts dry faster and allow for customized absorbency where your child needs it most.
Good luck!  Please remember: All giveaways are open to US and Canadian residents and all entries will be verified.  Treetop Baby will ship prizes directly to winners and yes you may win more than one giveaway so make sure you keep entering! ~WINNER~ April G



  1. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the money I save and of course the total cuteness of them!

  2. I love all the money we save

  3. I love that cloth diapering is good for the environment.
    Amanda recently posted..Getting the Nursery ReadyMy Profile

  4. Devona Fryer says:

    The savings are the greatest!

  5. Colleen Maurina says:

    I love cloth diapering because it is eco-friendly, saves money and is better for baby with less diaper rash.

  6. I would love the money saving of it, if I could stop buying more cute diapers!

  7. Jessica Snook says:

    I love not having to buy disposables.

  8. I love that cloth diapers save me money, and of course for all the adorable designs out there you don’t even have to put a bottom piece with my daughter through out the summer i almost never put anything to cover her diaper, because i wanted to show it off =)

  9. Lily Ivey says:

    I like cloth diapering b/c it means not filling up landfills with disposable diapers.

  10. I love home much healthiers they are for my little girl! No chemicals!

  11. Alex Liz Robinson says:

    I love that you save money and it is more comfy and safe for a baby!

  12. Jessica Fiumara says:

    I love cloth diapering because they’re so much cuter than disposables!

  13. Tosia Drew says:

    I love that cloth diapering is better for my baby’s super soft skin. I finally understand the meaning of soft as a baby’s bottom and don’t want anything to ruin that!!!

  14. Money savings are definitely my favorite reason for cloth diapers!

  15. Julie Ghrist says:

    I love that it is better for my baby and I save money! :)

  16. Felicia R says:

    I love all of the money I save and the cute colors and prints they come in!

  17. I love how much money it saves me. I love how I am not putting any harsh chemicals near my baby’s sensitive skin, and the cute prints are a bonus too!

  18. The savings and how cute they are!

  19. I love not having to buy diapers so much and not throwing them away!
    April G recently posted..Tees for Change – Fall Fashionista Sponsor SpotlightMy Profile

  20. save money

  21. I love that is gentle on my baby’s bottom unlike disposables would be, I also love that I am not adding to the landfill!

  22. I love that it saves our family money, and I feel better because there aren’t any harsh chemicals against my baby’s skin.

  23. Kortney Picker says:

    I love that cloth diapering is safe for your little one, no added scents. So less diaper rash!

  24. I love that it puts waste where it belongs!

  25. Savings & cute diaper butts! :)

  26. I love how much easier it is to throw a load of laundry in the washer instead of buying disposables. And I love how much money we’ve saved!

  27. I love how its better for my kids bums and how much money I have saved.

  28. I love that it’s eco friendly and not putting chemicals against my baby’s skin

  29. I love the savings!

  30. Melissa K says:

    I love when EC is going well and I can leave her in the same dry cloth diaper for hours.

  31. Jennifer Barata Allen says:

    that they are eco friendly

  32. I love the cute diapers

  33. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I love cloth diapers because they look so cute and I love trying out all of the different brands and types of diapers!

  34. I love that it’s a money-saver and the fact that CDs are sooo much cuter than ‘sposies!

  35. Cost effective and important of all, eco-friendly.

  36. I love the softness on the bum. I also LOVE saving money. And I like that they don’t stink or blow out like disposables do.

  37. I really love to save money!
    Brandy Anderson recently posted..Flat Cloth Diaper What?!?My Profile

  38. shawna altaffer says:

    the money saved!

  39. LoryAnn Payne says:

    I love how gentle they are on my baby’s sensitive skin.

  40. I love how much money I save and all the cute colours/prints.

  41. oh, oh, my husband would love the Albert print- because he’s a physics fan!

  42. Raquel Beaty says:

    How much money I can save! And the cuteness!

  43. Kristal S. says:

    I love all the cute prints, and the money I save, along with helping to save our world

  44. Ashley Pistolis says:

    I love cloth diapers because they save us money (and a super cute fluffy bottom is an added bonus).

  45. i love that i never have to worry about running out of diapers
    christine k recently posted..Healthier Lunches In a Snap!My Profile

  46. I love that he looks so adorable and that we are saving money!

  47. Beside the money saved, the lack of diaper rash, and the cute patterns, I love that we don’t have a huge trash bag of diapers to throw away every week!

  48. I love that I’m being green about diapering my son and that he’s not surrounded by chemicals

  49. I love that its healthy and safer for my babies and that it saves me money

  50. Joy Newlan says:

    its so cute! and i love not buying something that I know i will just turn around and throw it away. and call me crazy I like laundry

  51. bonnye sensenig says:

    good for the environment and my baby’s bottom!

  52. no chemicals!

  53. Melissa Pope says:

    I love cloth diapering because of the money I save

  54. Niecey Docherty says:

    saving money, and they’re cute and soft

  55. I love saving money and the cuteness factor.
    Sarah Jane recently posted..Market Bag {Yarn Along}My Profile

  56. I love cloth diapering because of the cuteness. All of the benefits are just gravy :)
    Regan recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkins and CornMy Profile

  57. Justice Montgomery says:

    We love that it’s better for the environment!

  58. neva Hurlbut says:

    Saves a lot of money and I can’t stand to think how many disposables would be entering the landfill

  59. jamied davis says:

    it saves me money, its better for the planet and my daughter just looks so dang cute with her fluffy bottom.

  60. I love it because cloth diapers are so cute!!

  61. domestic diva says:

    It’s good for my planet and my baby’s bum.

  62. I love cloth diapers because they look so much nicer than disposables. Also, once we have them (and are equipped with some repair elastics etc.), we expect to have all that we need… no running to the store or having to walk those big packs of disposables home from the grocery store every week. Albert is our #1 favourite pattern of everything we have seen out there. :) Actually, I’ve tangoed with the thought of buying 10 of that one print, knowing how much my engineer husband likes them too. Maybe that’s too much.

  63. I love all of the adorable prints!
    All Natural Katie recently posted..Squeaky Clean Revolution with Green Mission WipesMy Profile

  64. I love saving loads and loads of money, and the cuteness!

  65. Madeline J. says:

    The fact that its so wallet friendly!!

  66. We haven’t started yet. Our little girl is due any day now, but currently I love how they look much more fun than disposables, I don’t have to worry about how many “size 1” I get in case she grows fast, and they will save me a lot of money in the long run! :)

  67. nicole lewis says:

    the savings, i just started and am already seeing it add up

  68. I love how cute they are!
    kelly recently posted..I’m doing better than I thought.My Profile

  69. I love the cuteness!

  70. I love the savings and the environmentally friendly factor.

  71. CDs are way cuter than disposables and so much better for baby.
    Nicole Gutermann recently posted..Fluff Review: GroVia Bamboo PrefoldsMy Profile

  72. Krista Mercurio says:

    I started CDing to save money, but have become so addicted to how adorable the diapers look, that I am saving less than planned (but still saving a ton). So now I’d say I cloth diaper because it is so stinkin cute 😛

  73. Christa Mattatall says:

    i love the beautiful prints and the eco factor

  74. Lauren Simms says:

    I love never running out of diapers

  75. They are adorable, saving us money and never have to worry about going out and grabbing diapers at incontinent times.

  76. good for the environment, and I feel good putting it against my baby’s skin

  77. I love that cloth diapering is good for the enivornment and my baby. Plus the prints are so darn cute!

  78. Cloth diapers save money and are SO cute!

  79. Hannah Avery says:

    I like that they save us money, and I love the way they look!

  80. Becky Worthman says:

    love the cute fluff and the reusability-I am not a disposable kinda gal!

  81. money saved!

  82. Lillian De Jesus says:

    I can’t wait to cloth diaper knowing that it’s healthier for my baby!

  83. I am subscribed already with magickmoon73 at yahoo dot com but the form won’t allow me to change my email address :)
    Regan recently posted..Halloween Pinterest Ideas for Ordinary PeopleMy Profile

  84. My first reason to love it is the $$ savings, but I’ve come to find that I love the cuteness just as much!

  85. I love not having to continually spend money on disposable diapers just to throw them away. That’s why I originally started cloth diapering. In researching this choice I discovered there are many health benefits for my babies.

  86. Rebecca Orr says:

    Saving money and cute bums!


  88. I love that cloth diapering is better for my baby and we are saving money too!

  89. stacy hancock says:

    i love the fewer blowouts and leaks!

  90. Trisha W. says:

    I like the money savings and reduced waste.

  91. Jessica melvin says:

    I love how freakin cute they are! And you aren’t throwing money down the drain at each diaper change.

  92. The cuteness!
    Karine Traverse recently posted..Kindle Fire Giveaway!My Profile

  93. i love that they’re best for my son, our family & the planet.. plus they’re adorable & come in so many styles!

  94. the bums! I love the cute bums!

  95. I love the cost, saving the environment, the cuteness factor, the lak of chemical smell, no rashes..

  96. My favorite thing about using cloth diapers is that we never have to run out to the store or worry about setting money aside for diapers if we run out of them. I just do a load of laundry & BAM! DONE!



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