Rinse Hopper the Baby Wipes Eliminator {Giveaway}

Making the change to cloth wipes was pretty easy, once we switched to cloth diapers we just started using cloth wipes too.  The down side to using wipes in general are obvious….purchasing wipes, purchasing wipe solution, extra laundry and the extra irritation to babies sensitive skin causes by constantly wiping their tush.  What can you do though right?  I mean babies poop, A LOT and you have to wipe up the mess right?  Not anymore!  I am really excited to share the Rinse Hopper with you all, the baby wipes eliminator and ultimate diaper changing companion.

Any mom will tell you that you will change diapers on your child a million times especially when they are very young, with the Rinse Hopper you can change baby without having to deal with wipes or messy cleanup after baby is changed.

No more wipes, wipes solutions, irritated baby skin or messy cleanup after baby is changed, I am loving this!  Knowing baby is truly clean and not just wiped down until bath time is a wonderful feeling for mom and baby too I am sure!

The Rinse Hopper is very easy to use and not just for diaper changes, babies get messy and maybe you don’t have time to give them a full bath but think they really need a spray down, you can quickly place baby in the Rinse Hopper and clean them up.  Perfect for those super messy meals or even if baby is sick and needs to be washed quickly and is not in the mood for a bath, this thing is brilliant I tell you!

Make sure you drop by and see what April from Mama on a Green Mission thinks of her Rinse Hopper!

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  1. karla-rae krekoski says:

    This looks great but I can’t see my daughter staying still long enough - she barely stays still long enough for me to wipe her - I have thought about switching to cloth wipes since we switched to cloth diapers but disposable wipes are so convenient - this is a great alternative to both if only she’d stay still!

    Thanks very much for the review!

  2. Vivian Sun says:

    Never thought about just rinsing them off especially when it is really messy haha! I always use dry wipes with water to clean an infant.

  3. This looks awesome! I will be needing something like this in the very near future! Not going to use the kitchen sink with #3 this time (just kidding) I had an infant tub, but like everything else, got rid of it!
    Is this BPA free?

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