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Meg from Got the Love, Got the Marriage, Got the Baby is a new Mom to little Benjy.  Like me, she is a cloth diapering, babywearing co-sleeping mama but she is also very crafty which I am NOT! LOL!  Her blog talks about the crafts she does, her love of cloth diapers and just about anything else on her mind.  Her most recent post about Kawaii diapers was a great tool for me as I haven’t tried them yet and she compared them.

Meg & Benjy

Meg offered to share one of her favorite cloth diapering accessories and a tip on how she saves money-making her own cloth wipes!

One of the main reasons I cloth diaper is to lessen my impact on the environment. When I first started cloth diapering, I was using disposable wipes.  It didn’t really make any sense to me to use one product that was reusable while I was throwing away another product.  So I found a little time in the evening after my son had fallen asleep and sewed up some cloth wipes.  It didn’t take me very long to do and I was able to use the flannel that I had on hand to complete them.  The great thing about cloth wipes is that you can make them any size you want them to be.  I made some small for when he just peed, and I made some larger to handle the really messy diapers.  Some of the flannel I used came out of the scrap bin at the fabric store which I got at a great discount. 

One thing about disposable wipes is that they are scented and pre-wet.  You can pre wet them with water, but there is nothing else on them. I originally made my own solution using baby wash, baby oil, and water which did work fine, but then I got some wipes cubes.

The wipes cubes I got from Monkey Doodlez do not contain any of the harsh aspects of soap.  They do contain vegetable based glycerin which helps to moisturize the skin and allows the wipe to easily slide over their bum. It also contains aloe, tea tree oil and lavender.  Altogether it makes a very pleasing scent.  One of the coolest things as well is that a little jar of just 100g contains enough little cubes to make an awful lot of solution.  You mix 1 cube with 2 cups of warm water.  The cubes dissolve fairly quickly and leave the water with an translucent shine to the water.  It says on the package to make to a new solution each week.  In about a week’s time I have almost used the whole two cups, but still have a bit left.  I don’t feel bad about dumping out the rest as I know that I still have lots of cubes left.  I prefer to not prewet my wipes, but instead have a spray bottle to spray on as much solutions as I need for each job.  When I go out, I use a squeeze bottle to wet my wipes.

For roughly $10 - $15 for the wipe cubes and $5 for the fabric, I have enough solution to make enough wipes for at least 6 months.  That is quite the savings then buying packages of wipes every few weeks.  It also cuts down on the amount of garbage that we throw out each week.

I really like the wipes cubes as my son has sensitive skin and has broken out from scented detergents and heavily scented baby wipes.  The Monkey Doodlez wipes cubes have natural and gentle ingredients that help my son’s bum to stay free of rash and redness.


  1. Passport To Frugal says:

    Cloth diaper have come a long way since my children wore them. Kudos to you for using them!
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    Excited about the Giveaway hops with Darcy.

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