Itti Bitti Minkee Blankee

When I was pregnant with Tates I had an endless list of things to buy, I hadn’t had a baby in 11+ years so I literally had nothing in the way of supplies for a newborn.  I immediately started a gift registry that ended up being a super long wish list of baby goodies.  I didn’t really add many blankets to the list, I had forgotten how many blankets a baby goes through!  I was fortunate enough to be given a bunch of blankets from a friend that had a baby almost exactly 1 year prior to me so we were pretty set however these were regular receiving blankets that weren’t the softest and were wearing thin.

Neither T-Bone or Tates have ever really been ‘woobie’ type of kiddos (is it bad that I kinda always wanted my kids to have a woobie type thing?) so Tates doesn’t have anything he can’t live without however he does definitely have his favorites which most recently he has included his itti bitti minkee blankee to the list.  Right when I opened the mail and Tates saw the colorful Carnivale print he grabbed it and said “Ooooohhhhh”.  He hugged it and rubbed it on my face and said it again!

This minkee blankee is seriously the softest thing I have ever felt and very generously sized at 39″ x 29.5 and is perfect for toddler beds, car seats and strollers.  We have a leather couch so Tates really loves laying his down so he doesn’t get ‘Brrr’ (cold) when he is wearing shorts!  Both sides of the blankee are minkee soft and offer a large solid color panel on one side with a printed top trim and the opposite on the other side.


Tates really loves dragging his blankee all over and the more it gets washed the softer is seems to get!  This is definitely a must have blankee for every child, in fact I wouldn’t mind having an adult sized one honestly!

Tates really loves cuddling with his blankee after napping, when he is playing birds on the iPad and just playing around with his Dad-the blankee is always around :)

Buy It: You can purchase your own itti bitti minkee blankee from the EcoDistribution USA website, available in 4 colors/prints and 4 limited edition colors/prints!  What is your favorite print?


  1. Ayannah is my favorite!

  2. Heidi Daily says:

    My favorite print is Ponder

  3. ponder

  4. Zeebra is my favorite!

  5. Daquiri is my fave print

  6. Cassandra Watson says:

    It’s a toss up between Eton and Ponder for my favorites!

  7. Kelly L says:

    I like the Zeebra pattern.

  8. heather c. says:

    I love the Ayannah print

  9. anne perry says:

    I like ponder

  10. Stephanie Reed says:

    Eton! So cute. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. i love the ‘eton’ blanket!

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  12. Felicia R says:


  13. Julie B says:

    I like the Carnivale print.

  14. Bridgett zaidi says:


  15. Keara B. says:

    Love Ayannah- so pretty!

  16. love the gerry print

  17. joanne major says:

    i like the Ayannah

  18. Amanda N. says:

    I like the Ponder print.

  19. I love the Daquiri print!!
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  20. I love the Ayannah print!

  21. My favorite is Carnivale.
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  22. Charlotte R says:

    My favorite print is Ayannah

  23. Ayannah

  24. Ponder is my favorite!

  25. Brandi Elam says:

    I like the Ponder print.

  26. Tandra Ahrens says:

    I love the Carnivale! But I also like the Ayannah!

  27. Yesenia says:

    My favorite is Ponder!!

  28. Kimberlie says:

    Ayannah is my favorite!

  29. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love the Carnivale print but we already have a blanket and a diaper in that print! LOL My 2nd favorite is the Zeebra!

  30. Nikole H. says:

    Ponder is my favorite!

  31. Zeebra print

  32. I love the Eton blankie!
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  33. Pinky Sade says:

    I love the Carnivale and Ponder

  34. I love the Ayannah print, but the Carnivale is sooo colorful!

  35. Jessica O says:

    I like the Ponder print!

  36. tam childers says:

    My favorite print is Ponder

  37. polly valenzuela says:

    loving the Carnivale & wo-bot

  38. Krystal says:

    Ayannah is my favorite!

  39. I would want Eton or Ponder — I’d LOVE Ayannah, but my husband wouldn’t be too fond of that print for our little boy ;)
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  40. I think the Ponder is cute

  41. Joana A says:

    my favorite is Gerry

  42. Christina C says:


  43. Trasina McGahey says:

    I like the Zeebra

  44. christine jessamine says:

    i love this in ponder!

  45. Paul T / Pauline T says:

    I like the Eton print - emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  46. Ponder is my favorite print

  47. Lily Ivey says:


  48. Breanne says:


  49. Tiffany says:


  50. I love Gerry!

  51. I love the Zeebra especially since my daughter’s nursery theme is zebra :)

  52. i like Gerry

  53. Hi, where can I buy these blankees at a decent price please? x


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