Smart Snugs Review & #G!veaway

As a cloth diaper loving mama on a budget I was beside myself with excitement when I found Smart Snugs.  This family owned and operated cloth diaper business was just recently opened in 2011 with high standards in customer service and product quality.  Having two small children in cloth diapers themselves Samantha and her husband offer two types of diapers for busy parents just like themselves in a nice variety of colors to suit any baby.

Tates little tushy was super blessed to receive the vibrantly colored fluff mail (shown above) from Samantha.  We were sent a red Bamboo Snug (AI2 diaper) and a canary Simple Snug (pocket diaper).  These are both great diapers for several reasons and have several similar features.  Both are one sized diapers and have snap closure which are two favorite features of mine.  I also love that the diapers offer crossover tabs and hip snaps to help with wing droop and help to fit smaller babies.  Both diapers also come with a five (5) layer insert consisting of 3 layers of microfiber sandwiched between 2 bamboo layers.

Side by side both inserts appear similar in size and texture although the AI2 soaker comes with a two hidden snaps (so no snaps are touching babies delicate skin) so you can securely attach the soaker to the diaper shell.


The soaker is very generously sized and covers most of the shell. The bamboo is super soft and allows the soaker to form to babies tush.


The shell consists of a super soft natural bamboo charcoal microfleece lining which hides staining better and wears better typically.  This diaper is super trim and very flexible with a super soft bamboo outer material.  This diaper is a great option when potty training as the baby can feel when they are wet.

I can’t say enough about how soft and trim these diapers really are. The elastic on both is truly gentle and never leaves marks.

The pocket diaper offers a opening perfectly sized for the insert to be put in and not pop out of place.  I really like the tuck over extra fleece part to ensure stay dry feeling is on baby.


Since the pocket diaper does offer the stay dry feeling with the soft and fuzzy microfleece inner lining I would recommend this as the option for overnight or nap use if choosing between the AI2 and pocket.  With the pocket being very trim if you have a heavy wetter it is very easy to add extra inserts for added absorption without adding much bulk.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, Tates was super squirmy and didn’t want to cooperate until I asked him to sit up and show me his belly (see below!).




Don’t both of these diapers look like a great fit on Tates chunky thighs and belly?

Buy It:
Remember the part where I said I was excited about these diapers because of our diaper budget?  You can purchase these diapers for as low as $11 each when you purchase a 6 pack of them!  5 layer bamboo and microfiber inserts are included in that price!  Sweet deal huh?  You can purchase them directly from the Smart Snugs website.  Right now there is a GIVEAWAY on the main page of the website too!

Win It:
AND there is a giveaway right here too!!  One lucky reader is going to win their own Simple Snug pocket diaper!  Thanks so much to Samantha and family!

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  1. Diddlepoyner says:

    I like the simple snug pocket canary.

  2. Mommy and Me Giveaways says:

    I am a snap girl and I like the configuration of these snaps!
    Kristen Jeffery

  3. Samantha Farias says:

    i love the simple snug pocket diaper in lavendar its just the cutest girl color ever!

  4. I love the Pretty Pink.

  5. Christine L. says:

    I would choose the Red diaper.

  6. I love the Lavender!

    ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Emily Murnen says:

    I love the lime green.

  8. Alex Liz R. says:

    I like the red color.

    arobinson45 (at)

  9. sari berry says:

    My favorite color is Lavendar!

  10. Tucan Samantha says:

    My favorite parts of the Smart Snugs diaper is the insert- looks like it holds fluids in well- and the dark inside!

  11. Artist4life925 says:

    I love the lavender! And I love how the AI2 isn't a stay dry!

  12. jodi lasher says:

    i like the light blue … pretty color

  13. I like Lavender

  14. Denise Taylor says:

    I love the lime green 🙂

  15. I love the inside of the diaper

  16. Red diaper for my boys 🙂

  17. I really like that the shell has charcoal microfleece!

  18. like that they have a 1 year warranty and that the insert looks to absorb well.
    blue racer
    [email protected]

  19. Everyday Super Momma says:

    I love the Blue Moon! The warranty is fantastic also!

  20. Kelsie Harris says:

    I like the canary color.

  21. Mrs.Smitty says:

    I love the lavender diaper! And I love that there's the pocket or snap in option with bamboo!

  22. Love the canary color.

  23. I love the canary color.

  24. I like the orange dipe!

  25. I like the red with the grey inside

  26. Hannah Avery says:

    Love the yellow!

    [email protected]

  27. lillabrigi says:

    Lavender is pretty.

  28. I also love the canary yellow!

  29. Madeline Miller says:

    Lime green!

  30. Christina D says:


  31. Red! It's bright and unisex.

  32. I want the orange. It's such a nice bright color.

  33. Couponmaster says:

    I really like the Bamboo Snug with Snap in soaker-Red. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  34. Lime green! FUN!

  35. definitely blue moon. Very nice!

  36. NewlyCrunchyMamaOf3 says:

    I like the red! Thanks so much for the chance!

    Brandy Nelson

  37. I like the red with the grey inside
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  38. Tifany Ede says:

    My favorite thing about the Smart Snug diaper is that the inner fleece is NOT white. 🙂 I wish more diapers were made this way.

  39. My favorite colors are bright white and red.

  40. orange
    maelynnesmommy at gmail dot com

  41. Charis's Mum says:

    My favorite color is the red.

  42. Kiersten W. says:

    LOVE the lavender!

  43. Rebecca M. says:

    My favorite color is the Orange, I love the natural antimicrobial properties of the bamboo inserts!

  44. I like the lime green color.

  45. windymama81 says:

    I love that they are mostly cotton and bamboo.

  46. I like the red and I like the charcoal bamboo microfleece lining the insides of these!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  47. Mama Squirrel says:

    In like lime green 🙂

  48. My favorite is the blue.

    jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  49. Just Elisabeth says:

    My favorite color diaper is Lavendar

  50. My favorite color is the lavendar.

    [email protected]

  51. THey have a one year warranty
    hsteinke2001 AT yahoo DOT com

  52. I like the pretty pink color!

  53. julia campbell says:

    i like the orange and the red ones. love the price too.

  54. I like the purple

  55. The Knapps says:

    My favorite diaper color is Orange

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  56. Andrea G. says:

    My favorite diaper is the red diaper!

    andrea_grupe at yahoo dot com

  57. Heather M says:

    Blue or Blue Moon
    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  58. ticklemetiffyyyy says:

    I am in love with the purple diaper!!!!
    ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

  59. i love the purple!

  60. rebecca williams says:

    lime green!
    rebeccaw2005 at gmail dot com

  61. lime green

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