Lulu Wrap #BabyCarrier

 I have mentioned before that we are a babywearing household here, all of us have worn Tates even T-Bone!  We have tried several soft structured carriers (SCC) and have liked some of them very much however I have been too scared to try wraps.  While reading up on babywearing and looking at wrap videos online one night I came across the Lulu wrap by ElleMNOP and I was so impressed with her video and how easy she made it look that I had to contact her about trying one for myself.

The Eggplant color that Elle the creative mama behind these gorgeous wraps sent me is simply breathtaking!  I LOVE the color purple and this shade simply can’t be described or shown how beautiful it truly is with pictures.  The autumn/fall line of colors shown on the website are all rich vibrant colors and I would have a hard time choosing just one as my favorite, I would love to have one for each outfit actually!

Elle carried her oldest nicknamed “Lulu” in a SCC and had an uncomfortable experience with them which led her to explore the wrap world.  The wraps Elle came across seemed restricting rather than comfortable and stretchy not to mention the ‘baby gear’ colors that were not the ‘stylish, modern mom’ ideas she had in mind.  Elle set out to make her own and after trial and error has come up with a fabulous wrap.  In the beginning Elle made each one by hand she wasn’t able to spend the time on other mommy duties she enjoyed so she decided to hire a seamstress to make them for her.  Each one is still made by hand and Elle spends time checking and packaging each one with care.

Each wrap is between 5-1/2 to 6 yards with a 20-25 inch width, varying due to being handmade.  There are two different materials currently being used, one is a jersey knit with a touch of spandex and the other is a plant-based rayon blend that is super soft and lightweight giving the wrap a very luxurious feel.  Each wrap comes with a printed instructions with pictures and a matching drawstring closure bag that has ample space for your wrap (and instructions!) for quick stuffing while you are on the go.  The wraps and bags can be machine washed and hung to dry.

The wraps can be used for newborns up through 30 pounds, Tates is 28 pounds and absolutely loves being worn in the Lulu wrap.  Whenever we use it he immediately cuddles his head up to me and lays it on my shoulder.  He is on the heavier side of the spectrum for using the Lulu wrap however we are both very comfortable using it and plan on continuing wrapping!  We both absolutely adore our soft, easy to use and beautiful Lulu wrap!

Buy It:
You can purchase any of the beautiful colors of Lulu Wraps directly from Elle’s website whether you want to shop on Etsy or Big Cartel Shop!


  1. magenta is very pretty!Jessi Greenmamajama

  2. I have tried several types of baby carriers (mostly cheap brands) and I FINALLY got a Moby wrap and love it! This one is like a Moby but looks stretchier. Hope to win :)Jessi Greenmamajama

  3. entered glow bug and lotus bum and your button is here: Greenmamajama

  4. I like the silver frog.

  5. I babywear. I wear baby when we are out and also a round the house to get things done. It is also they only way to get him to sleep at times.

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  8. I love the heather grey one! klwalley520 at aol dot com

  9. I am a babywearing mama! I have a ring sling in each vehicle, and a beco butterfly, and a mei tai - I love and use them all! 🙂

  10. I like the deep teal color.arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.comRafflecopter name is Alex Liz Robinson

  11. I plan to be a baby wearing mom!arobinson45 (at)

  12. I entered the glow bug diaper and lotus bum diaper giveaways.arobinson45 (at)

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  14. I love Cedar

  15. I wear a Peanut Shell sling or an Ergo Carrier. I've got a moby style wrap and am trying to learn to use it well, I don't think that mine is long enough for me )=

  16. I am so into green right now. I just love the cedar green color.

  17. I am a baby wearing mama. So far I have used a hot mama sling and have been happy with it. I would love to try out the wraps though.

  18. I like the "deep teal"

  19. I am a babywearing mama- from when my baby was about 10 days old until now, when he's one! Durin this first year, my strollers have gotten very little use- a carrier is just so much more portable!

  20. The deep teal is my favorite!

  21. Love them all but maybe rust?

  22. I've worn my last 2 babies!

  23. I like silver fog

  24. I like the Heather Grey wrapvnsscarv [!at]gmail[!dot]com

  25. I like heather grey and rust.

  26. I am babywearing parent. I started with a Moby but quickly learned it was too hot for us. So I got a Boba structured carrier and I love it but we're still looking for a good wrap for the next babe and maybe a woven for this baby (He's 10 months old)vnsscarv [!at]gmail[!dot]com

  27. I am a baby-wearing mommy. I've used my slingling sling the most and would like to try a wrap carrier with baby #4. Thanks for the chance.

  28. charcoal!

  29. The deep teal is gorgeous!jesllee(at)live(dot)com

  30. Blogged about this giveaway: [!at]gmail[!dot]com

  31. I do plan on being a babywearing parent for sure, but I unfortunately do not have any babies yet, not for lack of trying!jesllee(at)live(dot)com

  32. I am a babywearing mama. I have been since DS was only a few days old, it helped in getting through the sleepless nights 🙂

  33. I like the [email protected]

  34. I am not a baby wearingmama but very excited about the chance to [email protected]

  35. My favorite is deep teal!Melissa Hunter

  36. I plan on being a babywearing parent!Melissa Hunter

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  39. I love the Heather grey one!

  40. I subscribe to your newsletter via bethany333(at)hotmail(dot)com

  41. I am a babywearing mama!! I love it! I didn't do it as much with my first, only when we were out and about, but now with this one I wear him everywhere!! I have a ring sling, wrap, and a moby! I would love to get some more for when he is older too

  42. I entered Lotus CD and glow bug for extra entries. Thank you

  43. FB share 12/27

  44. Love the charcoal!

  45. I like the eggplant - (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

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  48. I shared this giveaway on Facebook (Paul T….emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)…

  49. I like the charcoal and black wraps.

  50. Yes, I use a Beco Butterfly II, but I'd like to learn how to use a wrap.

  51. I entered the Rumpeez and Perplexus giveaways.

  52. eggplant!

  53. We don't babywear yet, since our LO is due in February, but we have a baby bjorn to try, and I'd love to get a wrap to use too!

  54. Eggplant is my favorite wrap color.ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. love the rust colorlinda hawes

  56. and i am a babywearing mama. i have quite a few carriers: a ring sling, boba, bjorn, and a cultural/traditional Hmong carrier. but I would love to own a wrap and an ergo. Linda Hawes

  57. My favorite color is Rust!

  58. I am a babywearing mama! I have a Beco, Baby K'tan wrap, and a Comfy Joey ring sling that I use!

  59. There wasn't a space to leave the link where I posted your button so here it is:

  60. I like the cedar!

  61. Both my husband and I love wearing our baby! He usually falls asleep when we do 🙂

  62. I love cedar and heather gray.

  63. My favorite color wrap is Charcoal

  64. I love babywearing my son, and my experience has been great so far! It's the only thing that would keep my son quiet long enough for me to get anything done when he was teeny tiny.

  65. facebook share link - name - Teri Hardy

  66. Yes I am. 90% of the time I am using my Ergo but always looking for something new. Love keeping my guy close by.

  67. Button location - name - Teri Hardy

  68. Favorite color is Silver FogRafflecopter name - Teri Hardy

  69. Entered BobaRafflecopter Name - Teri Hardy

  70. Entered PerplexusRafflecopter name - Teri Hardy

  71. My favorite color is magenta.Ashley [email protected]

  72. I am going to start baby wearing more often. I have baby worn before to nurse and had a good experience with it.

  73. I love the deep teal colorhungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  74. I am entered in the Boba carrier giveaway.Ashley [email protected]

  75. I entered in the bumblebaby [email protected]

  76. Love babywearing, good for both baby and parent. Very convenient for household chores without leaving your baby cry when alone at home and need to take care of the house! And not speaking about store trips- love babywearing!Alena [email protected]

  77. Love the cedar!

  78. I entered the bumblebaby giveaway and the glow bug giveaway

  79. I am not a babywearing parent yet, but will be as soon as this little one is through incubating! 10 days and counting down 🙂

  80. I also entered the Itti Bitti Tutto giveaway

  81. I also entered Babykicks 3G giveaway

  82. My favorite is the magenta.

  83. I am a babywearing parent, I have a Moby and a Pikkolo carrier.

  84. I love this wrap in Deep Teal and Silver Fog. [email protected] dot com

  85. I entered the Glow Bug and Bumblebaby diaper giveaways. My experience with babywearing is limited. I don't have any kiddos but I did try my sling type carrier with my niece just to see how it all worked. I loved it, she however didn't like being confined so it didn't last log! I would love to win this wrap and try it on my future [email protected] dot com

  86. I love the deep teal

  87. I am a baby wearing momma and love it, so does my baby!!

  88. I would love to try the magenta one. I've been looking to buy a wrap. I hope I win. 🙂

  89. I like the black one!

  90. Love wearing my baby! and she loves it too.

  91. I want to try a hand at babywearing. It looks like it's great for bonding. 🙂

  92. I know its a little boring, but I like the black. Matches everything! Also entered: Bumblebaby and Glow Bug diaper giveaways

  93. I love the black wrap

  94. i use a ring sling with my lil girl and we love it it comes in handy at the stores and swapmeets~~

  95. I can't choose just one! I love cedar & eggplant 🙂

  96. Our son is just a week old & I love to wear him every chance I get. He was just two days old when I wore him out of the house for the first time!

  97. Blogged about the giveaway here:

  98. Entered the rumpeez giveaway

  99. My fav color is deep teal.cmcosman at

  100. I am a baywearing mama who has mostly used the BabyBjorn, Ergo performance carrier, and Kelty backpack. I tried a Hotsling, but my baby never liked it and it was uncomfortable for me. I have always wanted to try a carrier style like this Lulu wrap.cmcosman at

  101. I also entered the Boba and Glowbug giveaways.cmcosman at

  102. I really like the Cedar amymccarty at hotmail dot com

  103. Yes I baby-wear and LOVE it! I have a few different type of carriers and am always wanting to try new ones 🙂 amymccarty at hotmail dot com

  104. I love the Eggplant and the Rust colors!tvpg at aol dot com

  105. We are a babywearing family! We started out with the regular commercial carriers and then I discovered all the other options! Now that dd is 4, we use a Beco for me and dh using a backpack carrier from Phil & Ted.Giveaways entered: Bumblebaby & Lotus Bumztvpg at aol dot com

  106. My favorite is the deep tealI believe the name on rafflecoptor is Tonya Extine-Hopkins

  107. I didn't baby wear with my first, but I want to with my 2nd and beyond

  108. No link to enter blog address where button is found

  109. Entered Boba and Lotuz Bumz

  110. I really love the cocoa brown.

  111. I'm not a baby wearing grandparent because my daughter is a baby wearing parent & loves to have her babies this close to her so it's impossible to get her to give her up!

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  115. I'm definitely a baby-wearing mom! I love stretchy wraps for when they're newborns, the non-stretchy wraps for easy storage in the diaper bag, and my boba for longer walks when they're a little heavier!hungrymonkey09 at gmail dot com

  116. I love baby wearing and can't wait to start again with baby #2 coming in March. Also I have your button on my blog but there was no place to leave the link so I'll leave it here. charliemama.blogspot.cometwilkins at gmail dot com

  117. I really like the Charcoal color!

  118. I'm still pregnant so I don't babywear just yet, but I plan to wear my son once he's here.

  119. i entered the bumblebaby diaper giveaway.

  120. i like 2 colors the black deep tealBonnie Rodriguez

  121. im a baby wearing mama im using my hotsling and thank you for this chance on wining a new one that can grow with my babyBonnie Rodriguez

  122. i entered the bumblebaby and the glowbug giveawayBonnie Rodriguez

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  124. I <3 the Rust color.CntrySccerChk (at) yahoo (dot) com

  125. I would babywear if I had an easier carrier to do it in.

  126. I entered in the Rumpeez and the Glowbug giveaways.

  127. I like the Rust colorI entered your Willow Store and Rumpeez giveaways

  128. FB share 12/28

  129. I like the silver frog and will be a baby wearing once the time comes

  130. I love the teal one!

  131. i like the magenta one. its really pretty.

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  133. I like the rust color

  134. i wore my daughter and will start with my son soon

  135. I like the cocoa brown

  136. Did baby and toddler wearing with my last son. Excited to baby wear my twins coming this spring 🙂

  137. FB 12.29:

  138. I entered The Green Nursery giveaway.ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. I entered The Silver Liner giveaway.ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com

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  141. I like the deep teal!I entered moba and the puzzle.smartinez03 at live dot com

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  144. Deep tealJsapalio at yahoo dot com

  145. I plan to be when baby arrives.Jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  146. I love the charcoal color

  147. I entered the Glow bug Cd giveaway

  148. I entered the Boba Carrier giveaway

  149. i like the charcoal color! it wouldnt let me enter my twitter name which is naemanic. i also entered glow bug and boba carrier giveaways.nikkiperry84 at yahoo dot comNikki Perry

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  151. I like the Eggplant and Charcoal colors. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  152. We didn't do much babywearing with my daughter. She was small for our Ergo and didn't like it, so we never got into it, much to my dislike :/ BUT, I'd love to try a wrap style carrier with Baby #2 — this child will learn to like babywearing 🙂 ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  153. FB share: at gmail dot com

  154. cedar is my favorite wrap color.

  155. I like wearing my baby, but we have yet to find the best carrier for us.

  156. I entered the silver liner giveaway

  157. I entered the twin city diaper co. giveaway.

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  159. I posted your button on my blog

  160. I love all the colors but my fav is the deep tealaigcanada7 [at] hot[mail] dot} (com))

  161. theres not a comment box on the form to put my networked blogs follow name - hannah knitaigcanada7 [at] hot[mail] dot} (com))

  162. babywearing experience - I don't have a baby to wear yet, but I have been learning so much about it and it is something I totally want to do! hence, I'm trying to win baby carriers and wraps! :)aigcanada7 [at] hot[mail] dot} (com))

  163. there is no extra info/comment box on the form to put my share on fb. can you please doublecheck on your next giveaway forms that all the boxes are there? thanks!shared on fb: [at] hot[mail] dot} (com))

  164. Posted your button on my blog:

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  167. I like the rust color(rachel n on raffelcopter)

  168. I am a babywearing mom, with 2 kids under the age of 2 babywearing is a necessity.(rachel n on raffelcopter)

  169. Charcoal or Deep Tealhmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  170. shared on fb!/permalink.php?story_fbid=293030030747542&id=100003195944539bonnie rodriguez

  171. I like charcoal

  172. I am a babywearing mommy, that's the only thing that would calm my daughter down and let me get anything done!

  173. entered itti bitty

  174. Shared on FB Beth Rees 12/30

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  178. FB share 12/31

  179. I love the Deep Teal color.

  180. I wore my daughter in a wrap, and she loved it. However, that wrap was pink and hubby doesn't want to use it and gave me dirty looks for saying I was going to use it in public with our son. LOL So I guess I need a new wrap. I also acquired a sling during my pregnancy, and my son loves that!

  181. Link for button:

  182. Silver Fog is my favorite [email protected]

  183. I'm definitely a BWing parent and have been doing it practically since my daughter was born (1/10). My experience will be expanded after I start wearing her & her brother together after he's born in April :)[email protected]

  184. Posted your button:[email protected]

  185. Entered the BabyKicks [email protected]

  186. Entered the Itti Bitti [email protected]

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  191. Sorry I didn't paste the tweet link for today 1/1:!/PsMamae/status/153551433168465920and FB:

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  193. Your button can be found here:

  194. Blog post here:

  195. I like the cedar.

  196. I am a baby wearing parent! I love it! It helps me get things done around the house and do my school work while keeping baby calm. It is also great because I think baby feels secure and safe and warm so close to me.

  197. The "extra info" box didn't show up to enter this info: Grab my button: Another Active Giveaway, I'm entered inAppleCheeks Cover + 2-ply Bamboo Insert and$10 Gift Certificate to Abby's Laneand many more!

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  202. grabbed button

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  204. I really like the charcoal.

  205. I wear my wee man in a Babyhawk Mei Tie whenever he is willing. Which, unfortunately, isn't very often lately - he wants to be facing out and he can't do it in that carrier!

  206. shared on fb!/permalink.php?story_fbid=355302537829645&id=100003195944539

  207. Maybe Cedar, Magenta, eggplant, or cocoa. -Hannah Avery [email protected]

  208. There was no "extra box". I also entered the sprout change giveaway.

  209. No "extra box". I also entered the green nursery givewaway

  210. I'm a babywearing auntie. I've just got my first wrap and am trying it out.

  211. I like rust

  212. I discovered babywearing when DD was about 7 months and fell in love with it. We've been babywearing every since.

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  216. Magenta or Cedar 🙂 Thank you!!

  217. I like the charcoal colorfiestyred-head @

  218. I wore my son all the time in a wrap for the 1st 6 months, but then he wasn't such a fan of it anymore, so that was the extent of that. But I know I could not have survived the first few months otherwise!fiestyred-head @

  219. FB share 1/3beth.rees333(at)gmail(dot)com

  220. sharder on fb!/permalink.php?story_fbid=154527944656771&id=100003195944539Bonnie Rodriguez

  221. I like the silver fog color. Classy. carriethegood(at)gmail

  222. I am a babywearing mama, from Moby when she was small to Ergo now that she (mostly) walks. So many advantages to babywearing for both mom and kiddo!!

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  225. The Charcoal is my favorite.

  226. I'm baby wearing mom.

  227. FB share:

  228. I entered the Willow Store giveaway.

  229. I entered the Perplexus giveaway.

  230. i love the rust

  231. I am a babywearing parent and I love it!! The little one doesn't like it so much, he is too antsy most of the time but I wear him out of the house any chance I get.

  232. Facebook Share: (at) gmail (dot) com

  233. Fb Share[email protected]

  234. [email protected] like the deep teal color

  235. [email protected] am a babywearer

  236. FB Share:arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com!/alexlizr/posts/317500178281984

  237. FB share: at gmail dot com

  238. LOVE the charcoal wrap!smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  239. I am a babywearer! It makes life so much easier being able to wear my 4month old so I can chase my 2yr old at the same time. :)smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  240. My favorite color is the charcoal.

  241. FB Sharebeth.rees333(at)gmail(dot)com

  242. there was no comment box on the form to leave my share link on fb(hannah knit) aigcanada7 (at) hot[mail] dot {com}

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  245. Rafflecopter didn't let me enter the link to view the button, so here it is! 🙂

  246. I'm pregnant with our first child. We plan to be babywearers.We've been planning for this pregnancy for a year and discussed our desires for a natural birth, a family bed, cloth diapering, baby wearing, and more. Over the summer, my husband & I were at a large farmer's market and saw a couple with a very little baby that the man was carrying in a wrap similar to the lulu wrap. Seeing the man from behind and being puzzled, my husband said, "What is that guy wearing?" "His baby!" "OH!" and the rest of the trip was full of him talking about how cool that was and he'd never seen that before and he couldn't wait until we have a baby that he can carry around all day. ♥

  247. Deep teal is my favorite wrap color! 🙂

  248. Love the charcoal color!gottabeemyself (at) hotmail (dot) com

  249. entered the itti bitti giveaway

  250. entered the perpele maze toy giveaway

  251. FB sharebeth.rees333(at)gmail(dot)com

  252. Magenta is my fav

  253. Giveaways entered in:Twin City Diaper Co.~AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper andWillow Store~Reversible Shell + 2 Super saver Organic Inserts

  254. fb SHARED!veawayI am a baby wearer and love it, on my third babe!!!


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  257. Fb Share:arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com!/alexlizr/posts/344454865564962

  258. entered apple cheeks

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  260. So many great colors! My favorite today is magenta.

  261. I am a baby-wearing parent and I love it! I wasn't sure about my wrap when I got it, but now I use it whenever I can. It's nice to have, especially now that my daughter is getting too heavy to hold comfortably for long periods of time.

  262. Facebook Share: (at) gmail (dot) com

  263. Shared on FBbeth.rees333(at)gmail(dot)com

  264. havent tried it yet

  265. I like the heather grey!rebatink at gmail dot com

  266. I'm a babywearing momma. My baby has to be in the right mood to enjoy it though. He has fallen asleep several times while I've worn him though!rebatink at gmail dot com

  267. I like cedar and cocoa. It would be hard to choosejust one

  268. I do wear my two youngest children. They are 19 months and 3 years old. I have a wrapsody Bali breeze and a boba. I would love this carrier for the little one we are ttc!

  269. eggplant

  270. LOVE babywearing! I would never be able to get anything does, as high needs as my babies are, otherwise.

  271. FB Share:arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com!/alexlizr/posts/226510304095962

  272. I like the Charcoal, thanks for the giveaway!

  273. give away 1

  274. give away 2.

  275. fb post

  276. FB share: at gmail dot com

  277. FB Sharebeth.rees333(at)gmail(dot)com

  278. My favorite color is Charcoal

  279. I like Rust!hnnhhyr at gmail dot com

  280. Yes, I am a baby wearing parent. I had my 3 week old (6 weeks old on the way back) in a Moby wrap going through security at the airport for Christmas. hnnhhyr at gmail dot com

  281. FB shared

  282. I'd choose the cocoa brown, but the eggplant is SO beautiful!

  283. My 5th baby is 18 months. I have worn her some. I wish I had had a great carrier when she was itty bitty so that she had been used to being carried in one.

  284. Entered applecheeks giveaway

  285. Entered wild mountain mommies giveaway.

  286. I like the cocoa brown color and deep teal!

  287. I babywear. I still wear my son and it is a great way to calm him down and he will even go to sleep in the carrier sometimes. It's a great "perch" for him to see the world from up above too! I love it!

  288. my button is on your blog:

  289. FB Share:arobinson45 (at) woh.rr.com

  290. I do baby wear! I bought my first wrap when my little boy was about 6mo. old and I wish I would have had it sooner. I am expecting my 2nd baby soon and look forward to wearing a newborn.

  291. I entered the giveaway for $25 gc to slightly crunchy mama

  292. I like either the charcoal or the eggplant. juliedianebaker at aol dot com

  293. FB share: at gmail dot com

  294. Magenta or Eggplant!

  295. We definitely babywear! I love to have her close to me and its the only way I can get anything done!!!

  296. charcoal

  297. I am a mother of three. Our oldest, a girl, is going to be 5 in March ~ Our second, a boy, will be 3 in July ~ Our third, a girl, was born Dec 1 2011 and I have worn them all! I LOVE wearing my babies, even when I don't "have" to =)

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  342. sara m ford says:

    I have been reading so much on them and would love to buy one for my sister she is having her first baby soon

  343. I like the generous length and the carry pouch

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