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Being a cloth diapering mom of a heavy wetting little boy has lead to trial and error of many cloth diapers.  I had heard of Smarti Pants but hadn’t tried them and was super excited when I learned I would be able to test them out and share with my lovely fellow fluffy loving readers my thoughts on them.  I was actually sent my gorgeous spring green one sized pocket diaper before Tates fell ill with c-diff so we have owned it for a long time now and have just recently had the pleasure of using it.  When I found out I would have to destroy our entire diaper stash to prevent future risks of reinfection I went crazy entering giveaways trying to win cloth diapers so we could be able to get back into cloth once Tates was clear and I was lucky enough to win a beautiful hot-chocolate colored Smarti Pants pocket diaper, what a blessing!
The first thing I noticed about the diaper was obviously the name, Hello Adorable!  I mean can you think of a cuter name because I sure can’t!  The tag shows off the adorable logo which is placed on the outside back of the diaper for  everyone to see and not rub on babies skin.  I am a huge fan of tags and snaps not touching babies sensitive skin so this is a big plus in my book!

I chose these 2 colors because they were both gender neutral and such deep and vibrant colors.  We do want to have another little one someday so most of our diapers are gender neutral in color.  Both of these beauties have stayed true to their color and look the same as they day they arrived on my doorstep.  With us having a super small stash the few diapers we do have have gotten lots of washings already and they are in perfect condition.
One of my favorite features of this diaper is that it has a super cool patented Smart Sleeve to keep the trim yet absorbent polyester-nylon blend insert in place. The diaper does only come with 1 insert.  This is a great feature when you have a baby that moves around a lot whether crawling or running around the house, the insert never moves out of place and helps to avoid leaks! Tates is super wiggly during diaper changes so much so that some diapers end up getting the inserts out of place before the diaper is even on but that is definitely NOT the case with our Smarti Pants.  Another fabulous thing about the smart sleeve is you do not have to mess with wet dirty inserts!  The smart sleeve holds the insert in place and will come out in the washer on its own!  With microsuede as the inner part of the diaper touching the baby a stay dry feeling is a plus in my mind however you do need to make sure your insert is tucked in completely into the sleeve and isn’t touching babies skin as it will cause dryness and irritation.
Great fit and super trim!
The encased elastic is very gentle on babies thighs and around his back side yet strong enough to hold in any poo that heads in it’s direction.  With a snap down adjustable rise this diaper can fit babies from 7 pounds to 35 pounds and in my opinion is a bit smaller than other one sized diapers making this a great diaper for smaller babies and larger ones like Tates as well.  I was actually a bit hesitant when I saw that there was only one row of snaps on the diapers as we have experienced some wing droop before and that can cause leaking however the belly panel is very generous and wraps around babies belly hugging them very nicely and making a nice comfortable fit.  If you have a smaller baby there are crossover snaps which is always nice in my opinion.
With very little packaging and the diapers being made in the USA I know what you are all wondering, price.   This diaper is very affordable, priced at $14.95 for a single diaper and after you try it and love it you can get them even cheaper by purchasing them in sets of 3, 12 and 24.  You can also purchase extra inserts and smart totes (wet bags).
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You can purchase any or all of the above mentioned products directly from the Smarti Pants website!


  1. 'IF' I win, I will choose COOL BLUE or TRUE BLUE! Also, if I win, I will give this diaper to my co-worker who just became a brand new Daddy a couple weeks ago. His son is SO adorable, just like these cute diapers. Thank you for this [email protected]

  2. Since I'm don't know the sex of the baby yet, I'd pick Clever Clover as my favorite unisex color (if it's a girl, I really love the Bubble Gum Pink).

  3. I love the Hot Chocolate Diaper

  4. I like jet black

  5. I would chose the Jet Black diaper because I don't have a black diaper yet :-)

  6. Jet Black!

  7. I would get the Fire Engine Red color!

  8. I like the hot Chocolate and jet black :)thanks

  9. I'd choose Aqua Breeze!

  10. I love cross over snaps. My son is a skinny little thing and those are so helpful. I think my face is true blue. I really like their color selection.

  11. I like the clever clover color.arobinson45 (at)

  12. I love that it has snaps (I dont' like velcro diapers).

  13. lovely [email protected] pry

  14. true blue!!Genagena1982 at yahoo

  15. I'd probably choose Hot Chocolate

  16. Ichoose bubble gum pink

  17. I would choose jet black! :)Shannon F.shannybakes @ hotmail .com

  18. id choose jet black!

  19. Id love the Jet black!

  20. Oh, I really want the black diaper!

  21. I really like the Cool Blue & Lovely Lavender!rasmith0506 at gmail dot com

  22. clever clovermary michaud

  23. Love the little smarti diapers for newborns. Fav color is aqua breezeBridgett [email protected]

  24. I would choose Fire Engine Red!

  25. I like the Jet Black! ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  26. Fire Engine Red or Hot Chocolate!

  27. fire engine [email protected]

  28. I'd pick True Blueedz.mels at yahoo dot com

  29. Spring Green

  30. I like Aqua Breeze and Spring [email protected] Avery

  31. Jet Blackhmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  32. Hot Chocolate

  33. I like that there is an opening in the front and back of the diaper. I hate touching the wet insert from the front but do that if there is a mess in the back. Love these diapers!fmgrice2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  34. Think pink

  35. Think Pink

  36. Hot Chocolate Diaper

  37. Spring Green

  38. I love Fire Engine Red.

  39. I'd probably choose fire engine red.mummytocharis[at]yahoo[dot]com

  40. I would choose jet at gmail dot comstephanie gaffney

  41. Either Fire Engine Red or Jet Black.tvpg at aol dot com

  42. my favorite is clever clover

  43. We would love Fire Engine Red! -Sharon M

  44. bubblegum pink!

  45. I am dying to try a black diaper!!!!ticklemetiffy at gmail dot com

  46. I'd choose jet black! Or maybe spring green!

  47. true blue and fireengine red! [email protected]

  48. [email protected]'d pick Clever Clover

  49. i would choose fire engine red!

  50. Spring green!smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  51. id get jet black

  52. I would like clever clover.jsapalio at yahoo dot com

  53. I would choose the aqua breeze

  54. Fire engine red!

  55. I like the Jet Black. I also love the fact that these diapers are designed so the inserts fall out in the wash:)[email protected]

  56. I would choose jet black if I won.klshrrs(at)gmail(dot)com

  57. Jet Black.

  58. I would either get hot chocolate or jet [email protected]

  59. I love the jet black and the fire engine red I love how the inserts come out in the wash. Great thing!

  60. I'd choose Jet Black.

  61. I love the diaper in Aqua Breeze or Spring Green!

  62. True Blue!

  63. I would choose Fire Engine Red!

  64. my favorite is aqua breeze

  65. I'd chose Jet black… don't have a black diaper =).

  66. I like fire engine red.cmcosman at

  67. Either the Jet Black diaper or maybe Hot Chocolate. Two colors I don't have yet :)[email protected]

  68. I love the Bubble Gum Pink.Ashley [email protected]

  69. Love Lovely Lavender…[email protected]: Mechele JOhnson

  70. I would love spring green! These diapers are the best ever!

  71. I would choose hot chocolate

  72. I would pick Jet [email protected]

  73. Fire engine red!confessionsofatwinmom at gmail dot com

  74. Love Spring Green.

  75. Cool Blue is pretty.

  76. I like the Hot chocolate color

  77. fave color- 'cool blue'annae07 at aol dot com

  78. i have ben really into greens lately (i gues it is a winter blues already) so i would want spring green

  79. i love the spring green colorBonnie Rodriguez

  80. I put the facebook link as my twitter. I am just going to but my twitter as my facebook link so you have both. Sorry

  81. think pink

  82. I like the spring green or hot chocolate.

  83. I'm a gfc follower, PunkRockChic!

  84. i like Cherry Champ®[email protected]

  85. I would choose the bright white!

  86. Favorite color: Fire Engine Red

  87. I love the jet black!

  88. I would choose Spring Green!

  89. I would choose Aqua breeze

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