Summer Safety Tips for Families on the Go

When it comes to summer my first thoughts are fabulous outdoor activities with my boys and water fun! I try to plan lots of sports, summer camps and outdoor recreational activities to take full advantage of the wonderful weather and free time we have. With the increased outdoor activities there comes a greater risk of injuries and for my boys that is exactly what happened.T-Bone has gone through two knee surgeries, lots of physical therapy along with several doctors office visits and trips to our local emergency room recently and that is only the beginning for our family. T-Bone also has shoulder surgery following a separate emergency room visit which was also followed up by physical therapy. His poor knee is swollen as we speak from shooting hoops with friends and he was wearing his knee brace, who would have thought huh?Tates is currently counting down the days until he has his full arm cast removed, he actually fell while we were waiting for T-Bone to be seen by his knee surgeon. Imagine my panic when I saw his crooked arm, he was in so much pain! An unexpected surgery the following morning to repair the badly bent bone and set both broken bones went smoothly so we are blessed again to put another accident behind us.Whether it’s accident prone littles or sports injuries as parents we never know what to expect. Accidents aren’t usually preventable however sports injuries can be avoided sometimes by thinking ahead. Every sports is different however there a few best practices that hold true no matter the activity. Before your family heads into summer fun and activities Jennie Finch, USA Olympic gold and silver softball team member has a few tips to help make sure your kids aren’t sidelined by injuries this summer:

  • Use appropriate gear: For parents who have young children playing, the most important thing to have is the proper equipment. Some equipment may look “optional,” but it is important to wear all necessary pads and safety gear each time you play a physical sport.
  • Preparation is important: Kids should be adequately prepared with warmups and training sessions before practices and before games. They may want to go 100 percent as soon as they step onto the field, but they need to remember to progress up to their top speed. This will help ensure that they have fun and reduce the chances of an injury. They also should drink plenty of fluids and be allowed periods of rest during practices and games.
  • Listen to your body: Teach your children that if at any point they feel pain or discomfort while playing, they should notify their coach and get out of the game. While sitting on the sidelines is one of the most difficult situations a player can face, pushing through injuries increases their severity and keeps you out of action longer.
  • Make sure your family is covered: It’s a parent’s job to make sure their family is protected. That’s where my friends at Aflac come in: If an athlete with their supplemental accident insurance plan experiences a serious injury, Aflac can help provide peace of mind and cash benefits to help you and your family get back in the game fast. With Aflac’s new One Day PaySM promise, accident claims can even be processed in just ONE DAY.

Aflac Incorporated is a Fortune 500 company providing individual and group voluntary insurance products that help deliver protection to more than 50 million people worldwide. For six decades, Aflac insurance policies have given policyholders the opportunity to focus on recovery, not financial stress. There’s several events in your life that you never forget such as your children’s birth, wedding day, or the day you find out someone you are close to is injured/ill.

Over the last couple of years our family has been through lots of unexpected events and I am grateful to say supplemental insurance has helped ease some stress by taking care of some medical bills and missed income for our family.

The company’s voluntary products, which supplement major medical plans, are designed to pay policyholders directly for costs associated with a covered serious illness, injury or loss. In addition, the cash benefits can be used for rent, gas, groceries, child care or any other out-of-pocket expenses a worker may have.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Thankfully we have health insurance, so we are covered if anything should happen 🙂

  2. Aflac sounds like something any family can use. You just never know what can happen!

  3. Poor T-bone! He sounds like he’s always busting something. =/

  4. Great tips. Keeping my kiddos safe is super important to me. Luckily we haven’t had any broken bones yet, but my two year old is a wild one and I don’t doubt it will happen eventually!

  5. My kids have never gotten broken bones. I am thankful for that and hope your kids recover soon!

  6. Raising kids is scary, I tell you. I always worry about my son falling and breaking a bone. I broke my leg when I was younger and it was miserable. But, accidents happen and it’s always good to be prepared.

  7. Aww your poor little guys! My oldest went to the ER after a head injury and it was the most terrifying thing.

  8. It always amazes me at just how fast an injury can happen. It definitely pays to take precautions and hopefully avoid accidents all together.

  9. You know, my brother had Aflac when he had an incident last year and Aflac really helped in out. Especially when it was so long for the insurance to step up. These tips are great, btw… Thanks

  10. Aw poor guys! I hate to see my kids not well or hurt. Makes me feel helpless!

  11. Aflac is a great company to work with. I hate seeing little ones getting hurt. I try to prepare as much as i can before we go on a trip.

  12. I hope your boys both recover soon! These are definitely good tips to take into account since the kids are so active in summer.

  13. Insurance really helps when an unexpected accident happens and you need medical care. Doctor visits cost so much these days.

  14. So my kiddo is not the only one that is a little accident prone? LOL These are great reminders of how to keep them on the playing field and off the hospital bed!

  15. Great tips for summer safety reminders. Sorry to see your little guy banged up, Aflac sounds like a family necessity.

  16. It really is important to make sure that your family is covered when traveling! I hate seeing my kids get hurt ;(

  17. These are some great tips. Getting bruised and scrapes is common, but having a first aid kit on hand makes it easier.

  18. Oh no, what a bummer to have happen during summer! They’ll be back to normal in no time and right back to running and playing!

  19. I am not looking forward to the days of hospital visits with my kids. It is such a helpless feeling.

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