Nutrisystem Week 6 Update #NSNation #spon ~ Trim Down Thursdays

I’m seriously kinda shocked it has been 6 weeks for me on Nutrisystem, it really doesn’t seem like it has been that long! I guess time flies when you are having fun right? Well I feel the same way about Nutrisystem in the fact that is doesn’t feel like a diet, I’m not starving myself and I am enjoying the ease of use so time is flying ;).


So after last weeks update I’m kinda feeling down. 5 weeks on the program and I was dead even to where I started? That doesn’t seem right, operator error is the problem. Not sticking to the program to a T is hurting me! I need to be a Nutrisystem role model, I want to be someone people are saying “Whoa look how great she did!” about.


So how can I achieve this? How do I find my Nutrisystem Success? I’m gonna have to step up my game BIG time, who wants to be my accountability partner? Anyone? I’m serious! I need some daily prompting to get active and moving, anyone want to join me?


I want to start reporting bigger losses every week, I really want Trim Down Thursdays to be showing my Trimness! This week I am happy to report I am down .6 pounds for a total loss of .6 pounds (due to my previous weeks gains and losses). So next week I want to report double that (at least!), anyone want to join me in that goal?

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  1. Great job!!! Some weeks can be frustrating, because you think you are eating right and exercising and then you don’t see a change on the scale. Your body is not only losing weight, it is changing it’s shape, so your weight might not change some weeks, but you may lose inches instead. Take your measurements too and gauge that as well. I have an accountability group on Facebook if you would like to join it. Good luck this week!!
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