Trim Down Thursday ~ Nutrisystem Week 1 Update #NSNation #spon

Well it’s officially been one full week that I’ve been on the Nutrisystem diet. I have to say that I am even more excited that I was initially before starting!

I am beyond surprised with the quality of food! I am being completely serious when I say it’s really delicious! Let’s be honest hear, I am a food lover which is partially how I got in to this being overweight situation so the food being yummy is important for MY success. In the first seven days I was away from home for 3 1/2 unexpectedly and was unable to stick to my new diet however I did try to make good choices while not eating my plan food.


I’m finding out the key is to eat less food but more often and I really don’t see how anyone can’t lose weight on this diet because the portions are small, much smaller than I am used to. There are foods that I can add into the plan however with the list of ideas provided nothing jumps out at me so I am going to have to get creative…please feel free to share any veggie snacks or recipes you love so I can try them OK?


I am happy to say I have lost .5 pounds in my first week, not bad for really only being able to do about half the time! I am confident I will be able to lose more with this plan and excited to feel like a new me! Slow and steady wins the race right?



Make sure you drop by and get some great info on proper nutrition while breastfeeding over at Coping with Frugality this week for Trim Down Thursday!

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  1. Make sure you DO add in all of our PowerFuels, SmartCarbs and veggies! They are essential to the plan! There is no reason to ever feel hungry - non-starchy veggies are unlimited. Here are some suggestions:


    For my breakfast PowerFuel, I use the Nutrisystem protein shakes. Chocolate and Vanilla are my favorites. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of PB2 (powdered peanut butter) for a chocolate peanut butter or vanilla peanut butter shake. I blend them with water and ice.

    For my morning snack PowerFuel, I always have a Greek yogurt. I use Dannon Lite & Fit Greek, which is 80 calories. I add about two teaspoons full of Sugar Free Chocolate Jello Pudding powder, mix it up really well, and basically have a chocolate pudding. So yummy!

    For my lunch PowerFuel I usually add chicken, turkey sausage, or turkey pepperoni to my lunches. Occasionally I will do half meat, half low-fat shredded cheese. I also use Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges (the low fat ones at 35 calories) as a partial PowerFuel.


    It is recommended that one SmartCarb each day is a fruit. I have an apple or a banana every day as my afternoon snack at work.

    For my dinner SmartCarb, it is usually a whole wheat roll/whole wheat toast with my entree. Sometimes I will use brown rice, corn or black beans - depending on what my entree is.

    For those days where my schedule gets crazy, I often combine PowerFuels and SmartCarbs into one larger snack. For instance, two slices of 45 calorie whole wheat bread/bagel thin/sandwich thin + deli turkey breast + one slice fat-free cheese = one PowerFuel and one SmartCarb. Or I will do an apple/banana (SC) with peanut butter (PF).

    Veggies can be added in all day - a handful of spinach into your protein shake, spinach/broccoli/mushrooms/etc. into your lunch and dinner entrees, or you can make an omelet with EggBeaters (PF) and tons of veggies with your breakfast or as your morning snack. You need at least 4 servings every day. I usually have 5 to 8.

    These foods are not optional!! If you don’t add in all of our PFs, SCs and veggies, you will lose weight at first (due to so few calories), but then your body will start working against you and you will hit a plateau.

    If you haven’t already, check out the message board on Nutrisystem’s site. It is so full of information, and has played a HUGE part in my success. I have lost 75 lbs in 13 months, and have only 3 lbs to go. Any question you have is answered or can be answered. It is a fantastic tool to have!

    • Catie!!

      You are SO awesome!! Thank you so much lady, seriously I am in awe here! I can’t thank you enough! And hello 75 pounds?! Girl you rock!!

      • I didn’t realize how long it was until I posted it - it was as long as your blog entry! Haha oops! I hope you get some use out of my rambling :)


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