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So I am feeling encouraged by a comment made last week by a wonderful reader of mine named Catie. I’m going to be pretty honest when I say reading doesn’t always make things clear to me….I am a hands on learner and no matter how many times I read how the program works I still feel lost a bit. If someone tells me what to do or in this case the lovely Catie gave me examples of what she used for certain types of foods (PowerFuels, SmartCarbs) I really felt like ‘OK, I got this’ and the fact that Catie lost 75 pounds is super encouraging to me.


I want to lose 65 and what I’m trying to accomplish on my Nutrisystem journey is a bit overwhelming when I think about it on a large scale (no pun intended there!). I do find comfort in knowing that Nutrisystem counselors and other members can offer support online, but I have to admit I haven’t reached out. #Fail. I really need to but haven’t. My goal going forward is to get online for support and info 2 times a week.

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So my journey continues and with yummy foods, I have to share again how much I am really liking the food! It is definitely flavorful and there is such a wide variety, speaking of food I need to place my new food order! I love that there are fresh frozen and pantry items offering me choices for convenience whether at home or on the go. Guess what else? I get SWEETS! Yep, I enjoyed an ice cream sandwich as big as my palm and there was nothing diet tasting about it! I also enjoyed some Kung Pao noodles and Chicken Parmesan Pasta this week and yep I lost weight!

I am down 1.2 pounds for a total of 1.7 pounds! Woohoo! I am really excited, I feel encouraged and like I CAN do this!

See my last Nutrisystem update here.trimthurs

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  1. Congratulations! I’m super happy for you. You can do this!! I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines {while drooling over that ice cream sandwich…looks tasty!}
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  2. YAY! You are doing this! I am so glad that I could be of some help :) If you have ANY questions, just pop me an email! And to pass on even more (hopefully) helpful info, here are some products that I learned about while on Nutrisystem:

    -Light Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges. They make these in a handful of yummy flavors, such as Garlic & Herb and Queso Fresco. They are just 35 calories a wedge, so they can be used as a Limited Extra (you can have up to three Limited Extras per day), or as a partial PowerFuel. I LOVE adding these to the lunch cups - Fettucini Alfredo and Three Cheese Chicken both get the Garlic & Herb, Tortilla Soup and Black Beans & Rice get the Queso Fresco, etc. It makes them so much creamier!

    -PB2. This is defatted, powdered peanuts. It comes in two flavors - regular and chocolate. You can add water to it to turn it into peanut butter and you get four times as much for the same amount of calories worth of regular peanut butter. Or you can get creative with it! I add it to my Nutrisystem shakes (especially the chocolate - YUM) and more recently to the Kung Pao lunch cup. SO good! You can also add it to your pudding, or turn it into a peanut butter spread and use with your chocolate cake!

    -Crock Pot Lunch Crock. This sucker is AMAZING. If you have a small crock pot already, it will have the came effect. But this sucker is a portable food warmer that is so easy to use and clean. It makes the lunch cups 10x better! Just add water to the cup up to the line, mix well, and then dump into the lunch crock. Then add some veggies (spinach goes in just about everything I make), and add a protein if you’d like for your PowerFuel (I use precooked chicken or precooked turkey sausage). Plug it in, and 2 hours later you have a perfectly cooked, fantastic lunch! Seriously, this thing really re-sparked my interest in Nutrisystem lunches. I was getting burnt out until I discovered this gem. They sell them at both Target and Walmart, or you can order from Amazon.

    Tyson Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken. Of course I prefer to cook my own chicken fresh, but life doesn’t always allow that. I keep a bag of these in the freezer - precooked strips or fillets, frozen and ready to go! I use these in the crock all the time!

    EggBeaters. A full cup of these fits the stats for a PowerFuel! Of course, a full cup is HUGE so I usually just use half a cup as 1/2 PF, then add either lowfat cheese or turkey sausage and make myself a nice omelet or scramble. So filling!

    Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles. These are so delicious, and already cooked! Careful on the sodium, though - it’s pretty high, as is turkey pepperoni. I don’t have any issues with sodium personally, so I have no problem using these a couple times a week.

    Luna Fiber Bars. 110 calories, and 7 whopping grams of fiber. This is the perfect on-the-go SmartCarb! My favorite is the Chocolate Raspberry - I keep a box at home and a box at work. I usually use my two daily SmartCarbs as a piece of fruit and then some sort of bread with dinner, but these Luna Fiber bars are so handy and tasty.

    There are probably dozens of other products I learned about through the Nutrisystem message boards, but these are the top ones I use!
    You are rockin’ the plan so far - don’t forget to eat your veggies! You’ve got this!


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