Three Things Thursday ~ Week Eight

Welcome to week eight of Three Things Thursday!! I can’t believe how time has flown by! It’s been really fun getting to know everyone that links up! I’ve found that I have so much in common with some of you!

If you are new this week, welcome and thanks for stopping by! Here is how it works:

Remember those emails that used to go around all the time, the ones that were like 20 questions about you and you were supposed to answer them and email to all of your friends to let them learn new things about you? Well we are bringing them back only with a twist!

In today’s busy world sometimes we don’t get to know people as well as we would like to so Mama on a Green Mission and I thought we would bring back a fun getting to know you weekly feature.

Three Things Thursday

We will post three questions and give up to three answers for each question to let you learn more about us. You see many reviews from us so we want to give you the chance to learn other things about the green gals behind the reviews! :) Hopefully you learn some fun facts and aren’t too shocked!

Mama Must Have Purse Items:

  1. Lip Balm (I am an addict and am not interested in a 12 step program :))
  2. Hand Sanitizer/Lotion (you never know when you will need them!)
  3. Nail clippers/Nail File (I can’t stand jagged nails)
Quirks That Make Me Me:
  1. I eat Cheez-Its and Cheetos with a spoon (everyone thinks I am crazy but I don’t have orange fingers!!)
  2. I can’t carry anything with right side….I don’t know why but I just can’t balance or position things on my right, if I try to carry my purse on my right shoulder it literally slips off lol! I’ve tried holding Tates on my right hip and he slides down…laugh it up, I know it is funny 😉
  3. My side of the bed…I can’t sleep unless I am on the side of the bed closest to the door, it’s been that way forever and will always be that way!
Favorite Drinks:
  1. Mt Dew (just hook up an IV please!)
  2. Fruity Cocktails (I like girly drinks that don’t taste like alcohol!)
  3. Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

Please feel free to share your answers as well as submit ideas for questions for future posts! I won’t guarantee we will answer them all though 😉

If you are a blogger please feel free to post your answers and link up with us so we can get to know you better! You can get the InLinkz code and add it to your post if you’d like!

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