Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

As a cloth diaper loving mama I’m always interested in trying new diapers, what cloth using mama isn’t am I right girls? Well we all also have some diapers that we have wanted to try but maybe never gotten around to, Smart Bottoms cloth diapers was one of those for me and recently I was able to try out the Smart One 3.0 AIO organic cloth diaper and boy was I excited!Smart Bottoms logo

This diaper has ALL the features I prefer when choosing a cloth diaper as well as fun colors and prints to boot! We were sent the Wild Thing print which is perfect for us as we are huge giraffe lovers here ;). Can you tell someone was excited to get their new diaper on? He said “Look at me! I try on”, too cute huh?

Smart Bottom

The Smart One 3.0 is a one sized cloth diaper that has an easy to use snap down rise designed to grow with baby from 8 pounds to 35 pounds. The two rows of snap closure and hip snaps on both sides are great for preventing wing droop and accommodating tiny babies.

Smart Bottom Smart One 3.0

The inside of this diaper is designed with babies delicate skin in mind as it is 100% organic cotton which is also super absorbent. I prep washed the diaper less than a half dozen times and was pleasantly surprised how much liquid it held with the first use. I also love that the tag for this diaper is hidden so no skin irritation occurs (care instructions are hidden under the soaker and brand tag is on the outside).

Smart Bottom Smart One 3.0 1

The attached soaker is perfect for customizing the diaper how your baby needs and is long enough to offer ‘doubling’ for 10 amazing layers of thirsty natural fiber goodness for your little ones tushy. With the soaker only being attached at the back it is super easy to clean and dries SUPER fast compared to most AIO’s.

Smart Bottom Smart One 3.0 2

The diaper has very generously cut wider elastic on the legs which prevents any chance of red marks on babies thighs and the back elastic gently hugs to keep messes in without marking baby. Tates is well over 30 pounds and the diaper fits him very nicely, I want more for sure!

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 3

You can see (even in our toddler in motion pictures) that the Smart One 3.0 is very trim fitting.

Friday's Fabulous Fluff Feature

Want to see how it fits on a smaller baby? Make sure you drop by and check out how the Smart One 3.0 looks on baby Addy at Mama on a Green Mission!

Buy it: You can purchase this wonderful organic AIO diaper directly from the Smart Bottoms website. Lemon Ice and Grape Soda colors are retiring this Spring, what is in stock is all there is, so get them while you can! Make sure you keep and eye out for the announcement of two new colors next month!

Win: Enter below for your chance to win your very own Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0! What is your favorite feature of this awesome diaper? ~Winner~ Veronica G

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  1. Like usual, one of my favorite features is the relatively trim fit.

  2. It’s just a cute diaper! It looks very nice on your little guy, the color is vibrant and it does look very trim.

  3. I went to MOGM and couldn’t find her review! Maybe she just hasn’t posted it yet? I wanted to see it on her little one too since she’s closer in size to my baby. Anyway, I’m going to comment here instead okay? I like the Giraffe print and all the ones with contrasting snap colors: Pink/purple, Brown/Blue, Purple/Green and White/Lavender. They’re very cute.

  4. My favorite feature is the organic cotton soaker- love that it’s very absorbent because I have a heavy wetter. I also like that it’s not completely attached so it cleans and dries faster!

  5. I love tongue-based AIOs like this because they really do dry so fast.

  6. Nicole Bear says:

    I love the snake style soaker.

  7. Colleen Maurina says:

    I like that the inside of the diaper is 100% Organic Cotton.

  8. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that the soaker is sewn on the back making the absorbancy adjustable!

  9. I like that the inside is made of 100% organic cotton and how trim this diaper looks

  10. Sara Swanson says:

    snaps! and the cuteness of course!

  11. Terra Jones says:

    I love the organic materials.

  12. nicole lewis says:

    i like that it is an aio that is designed the way it is so that it dries faster

  13. Organic cotton!

  14. Great Lake or berry berry

  15. I love the color options and well as the soaker that is NOT inside so it will dry faster!

  16. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love how trim these diapers are and how quickly they dry. I have 3 of these and love them

  17. I can’t choose one favorite feature - trim, cotton, AIO, cute print/colors…everything 🙂

  18. This Wild Thing pint is my favorite one!

  19. Ann Shepich says:

    I like that it’s organic and easy to use!

  20. I love the fit of this diaper .

  21. Krystle Stone says:

    I live in canada and the top of the entry form says open to us and canada, but at the bottom it says open to us only….

  22. I love the reviews on this diaper! Even my local cloth diaper store is now carrying them and only using smart bottoms on her own kiddo.

  23. I love that it is a natural fiber AIO.

  24. I love the organic soaker that can be adjusted!

  25. Joanne Gregory says:

    Great Lake (blue)

  26. I like how many adjustment options it has.

  27. My favorite feature is the loose soaker.

  28. I’ve seen tons of great reviews on this diaper and one thing I’ve noticed every time is the fit. The fit is great on every kiddo I’ve seen wearing this diaper!

  29. Ashley Parks says:

    I love that its 100% organic cotton…. much better for sweet baby bottoms! 🙂 I love the size range too (this ensures it stays in the stash from new to potty training)!

  30. Aubree Faunce says:

    The diaper has very generously cut wider elastic on the legs which prevents any chance of red marks on babies thighs

  31. I like that it is trim.
    kelly recently posted..9 weeksMy Profile

  32. Gina Mullen says:

    I love the organic materials used!

  33. Gina Mullen says:

    Love the trim fit as well!

  34. Kathy Smith says:

    I like the trim fit and the fast drying of diaper.

  35. I like that it’s fitted so well even on a squirmy toddler 🙂

  36. Linda R says:

    I like that it has hip snaps

  37. I love that it’s an AIO! Easy to use.

  38. Caitlin G. Hoover says:

    I love how trim it is!!

  39. My favorite feature is the good trim fit!

  40. Viv Sluys says:

    I love the long soaker, organic cotton and wide elastic for the legs (my baby has a nice chunk of leg)

  41. Joanne Gregory says:

    I love that it is organic cotton.

  42. Rachel N says:

    My favorite feature is that it is an AIO so no lost inserts and I like that it is cotton.

  43. Olivia L says:

    My girl is a little bit chunky so I like the wider elastics to avoid red lines.

  44. Still contemplating cloth diapers but so many people do it maybe I should too and some are so dang cute!!


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