Growing Your Own Vegetables

With my families health being at the top of my list we are making lots of changes to ensure we get healthy and stay healthy.  There are some easy things my family is trying to do and you can do too, such as growing your own vegetables!  Tiger Sheds blog offers some wonderful information about the actual benefits of growing your own vegetables including the health benefits, cost savings and also the environmental impact.  Basically this is a win-win-win situation!  Head on over and check out more details!



  1. Love those little note cards with info above. We garden every year. Love fresh veggies

  2. I’ve been wanting to grow some of my own foods too. If we aren’t living in an apartment next year, I’m going to do it! I love that blog you linked too, I found a cute post on Autumn Garden Crafts!
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  3. We’ve always had a garden of some sort. It’s frugal, tastes great & is good for you!
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  4. I’ve wanted to have our own garden but haven’t been able to because of all the neighbourhood stray cats. I used to have one when i was young and loved it.
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  5. I have been wanting to grow our veggies for a long time! I need more time before I can though … Maybe in a few years. :) great info!

  6. I wish I got along better with plants… I’d totally garden! But I have never been all that great at keeping plants alive. Maybe it would be different if I had an outdoor garden, I dunno. Maybe I’ll give it a shot next summer.
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  7. With the amount of vegetables I go through a week I really should grow my own.
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  8. I love and am usually surrounded by house plants but I’ve never thought about growing veggies. Not sure why.
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  9. Thank You for education - maybe I can actually do something myself
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  10. The savings are pretty clear, definitely something to think about.

  11. I think I want to try this. Saves money and is healthier for you!
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  12. very interesting comparison, they may have left out labor cost..but if you are doing it out of love of gardening then I guess you don’t figure that in?

  13. I grew a garden last summer and it bombed… I need a second shot haha. And next time I want to learn how to can it all. Thanks for the tips!
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  14. I am highly considering planting a garden next year…. this year just wasn’t doable because I was so hugely pregnant I knew there was no way I could keep up on watering, weeding, etc. But next year…. can’t wait for those homegrown tomatoes, peppers…. yummmm.
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  15. We grow a lot of our own, though it’s hard here in HOT Arizona to get a good variety that we love and grows well. However, we love eating our home grown veggies. Tasty and rewarding!
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  16. We actually just moved into a real home (we had lived in a townhome up until now) and one of the top things on my to do list next spring is to have a little garden.
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  17. Vanessa Coker says:

    Bri this is great, thank you so much for sharing the site. I definitely want to have a garden one day and it makes me sad that I can’t do it now because we don’t have the space.

  18. My dad and I started our own garden this year, and it’s been a lesson for sure, but totally worth it. Because we live in Arizona, we need to plan our garden around the high temperatures and harsh sunlight, which has been difficult. Eating fresh homegrown fruits and veggies is great though.

  19. Jaime Wrightson says:

    where I’m from, the last two years we’ve been hailed out repeatedly and all the hard work has been for nothing…I didn’t bother this year out of shear disgust and really wish I had chosen to try again, although we did get hail, I sure miss the feeling of accomplishment at seeing the garden flourish, even if it is followed by the horror of finding my veggies shredded after another hail storm! Plus my oldest is getting to an age where growing his own plants would be a great learning experience…next year I will definitely be trying a garden again!

  20. We grow a garden every year and the last two have even done a seasonal garden. That way we get the most of everything during our growing season where we are. The best part is since it was so nice last winter, we had broccoli, lettuce and spinach all winter!!

  21. We grow our own veggies and it is much less work than I expected!

  22. Growing veggies is great, but it’s very difficult to do depending on where you live. I can grow herbs and citrus, but so far, nearly everything else has failed - here in southwest Florida, what the heat doesn’t kill, the bugs will!

    Obviously, the savings are huge. I keep searching for websites that could address veggies to grow in my area - or anything else, really. But it’s too hard to get it right - and then it ends up being an expensive venture for nothing. Probably the best way to figure it out in a harsh climate is to find out what farmers in this area grow and do some extensive soil testing, hiring a landscape architect, etc….a lot of pre-planning. But by then, maybe the savings just aren’t worth it!
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  23. Great website. We have a very small garden that we like to grow some veggies in as well as some strawberries and raspberries. I hope to move to a bigger place soon where we can plant a large garden. Everything just tastes so much better out of your own garden.

  24. We have a pretty large garden. We tried square foot beds for the kids this year- worked pretty ok. We’ve had awful luck with tomatoes of late :( and that’s the biggest reason my husband likes to garden!
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