Baby Gates for Safety and Beyond

September is Baby Safety month and something my family has always had since day one of having children in our home is baby gates.  Serving several purposes whether it is to keep baby out of an unsafe area or like we currently use, keep toys in.  With Tates speech therapy we actually keep all his toys behind a huge gated area and he has to communicate with us to get them which has been a great tool and use we never thought of until starting therapy.

With all the choices on the market for you should make sure and follow some simple guidelines when choosing a safe gate:

  • Make sure the gate you choose has American Society for Testing and Materials/JPMA certification
  • If the gate has vertical slats they should be less than 2 3/8 inches apart
  • Make sure the gate you choose opens easily (think one handed multi tasking parent stuff for your own testing!)
  • Measure and make sure the gate fits the area you want covered

Now that you have these safety features covered you can shop around for your own fun colorful stair gates or doorway gates that match your homes decor.  There are some really attractive options on the market that can make safety for your family both functional and economical no matter what your budget is.




  1. Great recommendations and tips. I had one gate that got pushed through on the steps. It was the downstairs but if it had been upstairs a really bad accident could have happened.
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  2. Baby gates are a great way to ensure that a baby stays safer. No parent can watch their baby 24/7 with a baby gate you can run to use the restroom or get lunch ready while baby is playing in the next room.
    Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) recently posted..Snoozer Pet Products – Dog Car Seat GiveawayMy Profile

    • Amen for that Felissa! I bet you might even use them for your fur babies huh?

      • We actually did a post on using puppy gates. When Indiana was a puppy I used a baby play area to keep her contained and safe when I had to have my attention elsewhere. It was great for inside. For outside an X-pen is great so they have a little yard area to hang out in off leash (as long as they don’t try to dig out).
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  3. Baby gates are a must-have item and it is fun shopping with such a great variety! Great reminder for safety month! Thanks!
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  4. We only have one baby gate and it’s on Kynlee’s door to her bedroom. Our house isn’t huge so it’s not a necessity right now to have more gates, but it is nice to have that one on her door when we need it. I really like the idea of keeping the toys behind it - I have never thought to use a gate like that but with the right one, it could definitely work! Thanks for sharing :).
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  5. Baby gates are a MUST for any home with children. Especially those with stairs. Great post!
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  6. Our baby gate at the top of the stairs was invaluable! now that we’ve moved, I need an extra wide gate to cordon off the kitchen area

  7. I need to pass this along to my sister. She just had her second child and will be needing baby gates and all of that very soon! - Katy
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  8. Baby gates was a painful topic in my house - nothing could stand up to my baby-monkey (3 yo)
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  9. We have always used baby gates. Simply for my peace of mind. Now we moved to a house with a funny staircase and I am a t a loss for how to work with it :/
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  10. Some of these gates are really modern in decor appeal, and great for pets too!

  11. I didn’t know it was safety month! Baby gates are a must have. Great post!
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  12. We have a lot of stairs in our new house so when baby #2 comes we are going to need a few more gates!
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  13. One of the best gifts you can buy a new mom! I had two, moved constantly, and used them EVERYWHERE!!

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