Lotus Bumz #ClothDiaper Review & G!veaway #FallingIntoFluff

After seeing the physical benefits of cloth diapers had on her newborn son’s skin and knowing how much better for the environment cloth diapers are verses disposables Lorain knew more parents needed to know and be able to afford this great way of diapering so she started Lotus Bumz to provide affordable cloth diapers.

Lorain sent me the gender neutral and super fun Green Starlight print one sized pocket diaper.  The diaper has snap closure with overlapping waist tabs for small bellies and hip snaps to prevent the sides from drooping.  There are three rows of adjustment snaps to allow for a small/medium/large sizing.

Super cute star print!

The shiny exterior consists of PUL and the super soft inside has a fleece lining that in my opinion is thicker than many other fleece lined diapers I have come across.  I really like how the thickness and softness of this fleece feels after LOTS of washing, it has held up beautifully.  The diaper comes with one 3 layer microfiber insert that is very thirsty yet amazingly trim.  

The pocket opening is perfectly sized to stuff the insert in and has a wonderful flap that folds over the stuffed insert to make sure it stays in place and is fully covered so no microfiber touched baby’s skin and no surprise popping out insert.

Although Tates is close to the last couple of snaps on his waist and I fear sadly he may grow out of it soon, it makes no red marks anywhere and we have never had a leak.  The elastic is very stretchy yet secure at the same time and there is no gaps anywhere ever.  This diaper is a great choice for anyone that is looking for a great deal at only $16.97 and solid color diapers are offered at only $15.97 each and have a suedecloth lining inside.

Buy It:

You can purchase your very own Lotus Bumz diaper from the Lotus Bumz online Store. Available individually, 12 packs or 24 packs of diaper and wet bags too!  There are some great new prints available!  December Special~Free diaper with every order over $59 and free shipping on orders over $99!

*I received a Lotus Bumz diaper at no charge to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


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