Moraki All in One Cloth Diaper

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It’s no secret that I LOVE Moraki pocket cloth diapers so when I found out they now have an all in one cloth diaper I was so excited to try them! Still handmade in the USA and offering the cutest prints for every occasion Moraki is a faovrite in our home. Now you can choose between…  Continue Reading…

Bumkins All in One Cloth Diaper ~ Thanks Mama

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Recently a close friend of mine who just gave birth to twins told me she wanted to cloth diaper. Of course I was elated and wanted to help her in anyway I could. She expressed an interest in ‘easy’ cloth diapers so of course I recommended AIO’s (all in one cloth diapers). Having the pleasure…  Continue Reading…

New Cloth Diaper Prints and Products at Smart Bottoms

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When we first began cloth diapering the amount of information was overwhelming to say the least. We were warned that it was addicting and we would want all the colors and prints. It’s true, every time new cloth diaper prints are released I am the first to admit I ‘NEED’ another diaper lol! When I…  Continue Reading…

Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

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As a cloth diaper loving mama I’m always interested in trying new diapers, what cloth using mama isn’t am I right girls? Well we all also have some diapers that we have wanted to try but maybe never gotten around to, Smart Bottoms cloth diapers was one of those for me and recently I was…  Continue Reading…

Chelory Organic AIO ~ Fridays’ Fabulous Fluff Feature


So you *think* your cloth diaper stash is complete and you are in bliss eh? Think again my fellow fluff loving mamas! Today I introduce you to your next must have cloth diaper…..Chelory is the brand and the Organic AIO (All-In-One) is my new obsession. Handmade in the USA by RaCHEL with the support of…  Continue Reading…

Dream Diapers ~ Imse Vimse AIO Review ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

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Kickin’ off the new year with a cloth diaper store that is under new ownership! Dream Diapers is an established cloth diaper store recently purchased by Amber, a cloth diapering mom that started out much like myself completely alone in her cloth journey. Having virtually no knowledge or experience with cloth Amber spread the word as…  Continue Reading…

Koala Huggerz AIO ~ Fridays Fabulous Fluff Feature ~

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When it comes to fluff I am a natural fiber lovin’ mama for sure so when given the opportunity to try out the all natural AIO Simple Huggerz one sized cloth diaper by Koala Huggerz I was super stoked! When I visited the website for the first time I immediately fell in love with the…  Continue Reading…

Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature with itti bitti {Giveaway}

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I have shared before my love for itti bitti and am super excited to share the bitti tutto cloth diaper with you today!  The brand is fairly new to the US within the last couple of years and is definitely making a BIG splash!

Why We Love Funky Fluff!

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The Funky Fluff Fall Festival has officially started and the fun continues with new reviews everyday!  That’s right, each day from October 25 through November 4th a new cloth diapering mama blogger is going to be sharing their thoughts on the Funky Fluff 3 in 1 cloth diaper system.  Kathy and Tricia the cloth loving…  Continue Reading…

Tots Bots Easy Fit {Giveaway} from Thanks Mama ~ Friday’s Fabulous Fluff Feature

tini tots bots

I have wanted to try the newest cloth diaper from Tots Bots since it came out and when Thanks Mama agreed to send me one for review I was stoked!  This really is a different cloth diaper, it is a pocket diaper and an all in one at the same time….confused yet?  Let me explain!…  Continue Reading…