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Guest PostThese days, if you Google ″natural baby products″ you get hundreds of thousands of hits. Each one can have a variety of products for you to buy with lots of reasons they work. More people seem to be going natural, and it’s easy to see why. New parents especially, are looking to find products that are good for their babies. You want something that will be as soothing and nurturing as you are. When you’re looking for all natural ingredient products to add to your cabinets for your baby, you just cannot go wrong with bees and chamomile.


Before you go out to blow your baby coupons on products from all over the globe, make sure you clear things with your doctor first. They’ll be able to help guide you through natural remedies, explaining which ones work and which ones are old wives’ tales.

Baby wipes are critical for preventing diaper rash, and keeping your baby clean and healthy. The immature immune system of babies requires different products than an adult’s does to be healthy, according to Less Toxic Ingredients like purified water and all-natural sugars are important in baby wipes. The water will hydrate and help cleanse your baby’s skin while the sugars gently exfoliate any dirt or grime. There are a lot of wipes that include fruit-based ingredients as well. Fruit is packed with natural sugars and good aromas. Babies also respond well to soothing chamomile.

Chamomile is one of those things you’ll want to have around the house when you have a baby anyway. Steeping some chamomile in water for about four minutes, bringing it down to room temperature, then putting it in your baby’s bottle is an excellent way to help cure colic. Be careful you don’t give your baby too much, however. More than four ounces may fill them up, and that means that they will miss out on the food that they need to eat to keep growing.

body oil.jpgBaby Oil

Baby oil is one of the most ideal baby care products as it helps lubricate, clean, soften, replenish and smoothen your little one’s skin. Massaging your baby with the oil relaxes them and is therapeutic. According to you are actually stimulating his/ her central nervous system. It makes his/ her brain produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical, and less cortisol, a hormone that’s secreted in response to stress. This slows down the breathing and the baby’s heart rate. It is also good for the emotional well-being of the infant; moreover, the fussiness and crying can be reduced to a great extent through a proper massage. It is further helpful in relieving common wail-inducers like constipation.

You need 10 to 15 minutes and it is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience; however it is ideal to ensure that the room is quiet and warm. Choose a time when you are comfortable and the baby is alert and quiet; probably after changing the diaper or after his/ her bath.

Going all natural is an excellent choice for most parents and their babies. If the collection of baby coupons you’re staring at now is any indication, you’re hardly alone. It’s very important that you first consult your doctor before trying any new product on your baby. After that, be careful, and make sure you only choose things your baby can have. Even innocent cure-alls like honey and ginger can be dangerous to a child who isn’t old enough to digest them. Guest Post


  1. I see a lot of baby massages in my future!

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