Sponsored Video: Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer with the Tweeting Bra #tweetingbra

Having had skin cancer twice  I am very aware of taking preventative measures to not have another occurrence but what about other types of cancers? I’ll be the first to admit I am not as diligent as I should be especially considering I have various cancers that have been survived by many of my family members. You are never to young to be educated and take a proactive approach to your own health. Nestle Fitness is sponsoring this article as well as a wonderful campaign to educate and remind women about the importance of self breast examination and to raise awareness about breast cancer with the Tweeting Bra.nestle fitness tweeting bra.jpgYou read that right, it’s a Tweeting Bra. I’m going to be completely honest and share with you all that I rarely (if ever?) remember to give myself an exam. It is just so easy to forget! Every woman is busy these days and we can have notes, planners or reminders in our phones (even apps for reminders!) but we all forget something right? Well no longer!tweeting bra.jpg Nestle has the solution to the busy lifestyle of all us modern ladies, they’ve taken the power of social media and put it to good use. It’s really quite simple and yet so brilliant, here is how it works:

  1. A built-in low voltage Bluetooth unit is installed within the hook of the Tweeting Bra.
  2. Every time it’s taken off, the bra sends a signal to your mobile phone.
  3. Your phone notifies a server which promptly tweets!

More honesty? We all find time to check our social media sites, it’s how we communicate and stay in touch these days so why not multi-task and tweet for your own health?

Breast Cancer is everywhere and has probably touched the life of someone you know. Please join me in being proactive in awareness through self examination and sharing this vital information. You can join by simply following @tweetingbra, follow the hashtag #tweetingbra, and check out more information at where you can find information on what to look out for while self examining.

Nestle has sponsored this post however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Wow, that is the craziest thing ever, but being someone who loves Twitter and having good breast health, I love it! Who doesn’t dig technology?!

  2. I love how this combines our love of social media with an important medical message.

  3. Rebecca Peters says:

    Good for Nestle! Technology these days! Its like the only thing that seems to get through to people!

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