Moms, Save Yourself First!

If there’s a common thread among moms I know it’s: I’M TIRED. I’M EXHAUSTED. ALL I WANT IS A NAP!

From comments on my recent post about moms getting more sleep, I noted that moms are willing to give up chocolate, shopping, food, their right arm… all for a little rest.

The amount of rest moms tell me they are getting ranges from “none” to “a couple hours” in the past few years!

This is insanity! Moms, what are we doing to ourselves?

Did you know legally, 24 hour shift jobs require workers get rest / sleep periods that are PAID!? Doctors, airplane pilots, and even truck drivers are required to get sleep before performing their duties.

And yet… moms go ‘round the clock with little sleep, constant interruptions, and the immense pressure of shaping productive members of society out of our little charges. Not to mention no pay.

Well… unless you count the priceless smiles, hugs, kisses, and more that children give us. Which, of course, I’ll take in lieu of payment, thank you!

While everyone else at their “real jobs” (and yes, I think being a mom {of any kind!} is also a real job!) values the importance of rest and self-care, we moms seem to be neglecting the most important part of our jobs: taking care of ourselves!!

I’m sure guilt plays a huge part. The kitchen, laundry and kids aren’t clean. Homework isn’t signed, sealed, and delivered. Lunches, beds, costumes aren’t made.

Maybe we think we don’t deserve to rest unless everything is done (and a pristine photo is posted to Pinterest!)? But guess what? Probably it’s not going to be ‘done’ for the next eighteen years. It’s a marathon, Mamas.

And when it comes to productivity (the lack of which is another common complaint among moms I know), everyone performs better when rested and properly nourished.

I am preaching to myself. I’m the first one to admit I’ve at times gone all day without drinking any water. Or sitting down. Or even going to the bathroom! Guess how I feel on those days? Pretty crummy. Guess how much work got done – usually very little.

There’s a reason airplane personnel tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first. It’s so you’ll be alive to help other people!

Moms, save yourself first! Your little ones deserve your “best you” – and that’s not the one going crazy, getting dehydrated, and being scatterbrained from sleep exhaustion. (which is, of course, me over here!).

Trust me, I think it’s ridiculously hard. But find a way to get the kids quiet for ten minutes so you can close your eyes on the couch. Set a timer and drink a half cup of water every hour. Keep a secret stash of healthy granola bars or other snacks (again, I stress, HEALTHY!) to keep energy up. And go to bed at night.

Now. I need to go take my own advice! Won’t you join me!?

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  1. Great post! If we’re always tired, we won’t have the energy to give our kids our all. They deserve us at our very best.

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