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Sharing many of my families experiences with an online audience across several social media channels makes for a very public life. Would you be shocked to know that I actually had several brushes with identity theft BEFORE my blogging ever started? It’s true!

There’s no feeling as frustrating as having your identity being stolen. My wallet being stolen from my purse, my cards being duplicated through swiping or the possibility of a data breach all have the same results….endless amounts of work to rebuild your name, the one thing that is YOURS or so you thought. I personally had all three of these things happen to me proving anyone can be a victim and even being very careful (I am!) each one of us is still vulnerable. I definitely don’t want to have to go through any of those situations again so I want to take preventative measures to ensure I don’t have to!


With LifeLock you can protect your credit and personal information and have peace of mind too. LifeLock has you covered with 5 Points of Protection ensuring your families safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Check out this short informational video from LifeLock with some info you might not know:

Don’t think you can afford identity theft protection? LifeLock offers several plans to keep your family secure and within your budget. Plus each membership is customized with your personal safety being most important.

Whether you have been a victim of this rapidly growing crime or not please take my experiences to heart and consider protecting yourself and your family with LifeLock services. I wish I knew about my options in prevention of these events, I’m glad now I trust LifeLock to protect my family.

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  1. We’ve been using LifeLock and it really does provide peace of mind! We love it and are thankful for it!

  2. Identity theft is SO scary! I’ve been meaning to look into LifeLock to see what type of protection we could afford!

  3. We use the LifeLock service and love it!
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  4. We use life lock and I am personally terrified of ID theft it sounds like a horrible nightmare.

  5. I have been a huge fan of LifeLock for years it really doesn’t pay NOT to have it.

  6. Identity theft is a scary reality nowadays. I’m so glad there are companies like Lifelock looking out for us.

  7. We have LifeLock & love it! We even got an email when we signed up with a new cell phone service so we knew they’d run our credit history.

  8. Identity theft is so crazy! I know people it has happened to and i just feel so bad for them. It has completely messed up their lives and it can be so hard to fix once the damage has been done. This sounds great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I need to look into LifeLock. The idea of identify thief scares me.

  10. We have been LifeLock customers for years. It is so worth the peace of mind!
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  11. My husband insisted we get LifeLock earlier this year. It gives us such peace of mind. Right after we got it, my SIL’s bank account/credit card account were hacked by someone and it was so nice knowing that we would be notified right away if something happened to us (and LifeLock guarantees that they’ll pay us back up to a certain amount if it happens on their watch!).
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  12. It’s scary to me how many people don’t protest identity

  13. You know, I’ve had my purse stolen several times over the years and it’s SO unsettling. Plus all of the work you have to do to fix everything to make yourself safe again! ugh!! Lifelock seems like it would make something scary like that be easier to work though!

  14. I love LifeLock, it makes my life so much more enjoyable knowing that they are looking out for my safety. One less thing for me to worry about!

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