Tools for Being a Successful Mom Blogger

When I look back now on the days when I first started blogging I shake my head….boy was I clueless! With the urging of a close friend (that also suggested my name) and $10 to purchase my domain I was officially ‘in business’. Little did I know I needed to think and act like a business owner!

business tools

Without the right tools for any job or project you are sure to struggle or not be as successful as you would like. I am always telling my older son to evaluate what ‘tools’ he needs to be a victorious student but I hadn’t taken the time to evaluate myself. Whether you are starting a small business, blog that could turn into a business or being a contributing blogger on a shared blog there are definitely things that you need to have to be at the top of your game.

Here are a few tools that I think every successful mom blogger should have:

Calendar: You should write down your post ideas and put them on a calendar so you know what you want to write about when you get time to write. Most moms I know are busy and have a million things on their plate, a calendar can help you stay on track and not forget a great idea you want to share.

Schedule: For me this is a must, I have nap time and evenings when everyone else is sleeping as my writing time usually however if one of the kids has an appointment during nap time or it is ‘Back to School night’ I need to be able to adjust and plan my blog schedule accordingly.

Work Area: Whether it is a small desk in your spare bedroom, your dining room table or even your bar that holds your laptop while you stand and type (guess what mine is?) if you have a dedicated work area that you always know you can call your own and be able to find your tools things won’t get lost!

Business Cards: This one was one I struggled with, being a green blogger I never wanted to hand out cards as I felt like they were ‘wasted paper’. If you are going to talk about your blog, people will ask for business cards, luckily I found a great place that prints business cards on recycled paper!

With a few simple tools and a bit of planning any busy mom can be a successful blogger, without making a huge dent in a tree too ;). You can find great deals on Vistaprint products whether you are just getting started or are getting more organized and starting out the new year with a new game plan like me!

Are you a blogger? What tools do you use for success? What tools have you found to helpful in your journeys?




  1. Jayne @ the naptown organizer says:

    Love this!!! 🙂

  2. Oooh, I never thought about business cards for my blog. I have them for my other job, but not my blog. Good idea.
    Shannon Stubbs recently posted..Good eats from Peter Rabbit OrganicsMy Profile

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’m at the Y in the road, not sure I have what it takes. I started out with no computer or blogging skills just a huge urge to conquer this as a hobby. I love it – just trying to decide if I can do it. Looking for answers through other blogger’s posts.
    Gladys Parker recently posted..Kayla’s New AdventureMy Profile

  4. Just remembering it’s a learning process.

    I think for me, the biggest thing was finding my voice. Figuring out what was important to me, what I wanted to talk about – and whether it was broad enough to be interesting and maintainable. You can only talk about one thing for so long. It gets boring. I needed to find a voice that was exciting and interesting to me. I needed something that I cared about deeply.

    If you do that, I think you are good.
    Lisa Nelson (@Squishablebaby) recently posted..How Should I Love Thee? – A MessageMy Profile

  5. I always try to guest blog somewhere once a month, even if it’s really little because it keeps a larger perspective of what you’re doing.
    Kara recently posted..Sprouting Seeds! Using Keurig K-cups for Seed StartersMy Profile

  6. My biggest problem is coming up with interesting content, up till now mine’s really just a personal blog but I’d love to find a way to expand.
    Heather Tarver recently posted..First visit to the Emergency Room and The End of Annabelle’s Worst DayMy Profile

  7. A Camera and decent editing software!
    Jennifer Crum recently posted..Creating Calm: Get MovingMy Profile

  8. For me, my excel spreadsheets are my lifesavers!!
    You have some great tips here!!

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