Add Value to Your Stay-at-Home Mom Business on a Small Budget

Just as with any other business, a stay-at-home mom business has to offer enough value to not only encourage that initial purchase but also to keep customers coming back for more. On a small budget, this can be difficult, but is actually very doable by printing items such as folded business cards, postcards, or even sticky notes. Sound too easy? It really is. But printed items you include in your packaging is also very cost-effective and adds that value that makes customers take notice.

Why Printing Postcards Adds Value

As a savvy mom who owns her own business, you probably already know that for initial purchases, you can add value in several ways. You can advertise free gifts with a certain purchase amount, provide free shipping, team up with related companies so that you can include their discounts with purchases of your products, and much more.

So how do you get customers to buy from you again – especially if you sell your items on Etsy, OneKingsLane, or another online marketplace? Many marketplace shoppers may hardly notice the name of the vendor that sold them those cute vintage earrings that matched their Roaring 20’s outfit perfectly. This is where printed materials come in – place them in your packaging so that customers get a fun surprise when they open their purchase.

Informational Items

Depending on what you sell through your stay-at-home mom business, you can include helpful information in your packaging, printed on folded business cards or postcards. For instance, if you sell baked goods, include a perforated folded business card with recipes printed on each side. Need more space? Try flat or folded postcards. You can print 250 postcards from for less than $60 and 250 folded postcards for about $177 and foldover business cards for $64.

Recipes are just one idea. You could also print discounts for future purchases, pamphlets with instructions on how to operate or clean vintage items, the history of the vintage item, graphics on how to wear a hair piece – you get the idea. Just come up with something that is helpful, useful, and relative to the purchased item.

Useful Printed Gifts

If you are stumped as to a specific informational product to include, you could also simply print some notepads that include your vendor brand/logo. Bookmarks and stickers are very cheap to print and easy to design. Other items such as pens, magnets, and calendars are also popular gifts but cost a bit more than the more simple printed items.

The greatest benefit of gifts such as notepads or bookmarks is that customers will keep them around and hopefully use them on a fairly regular basis. If you include your vendor name, brand design, or even a simple logo with your website URL, then they will be more likely to remember you the next time they visit Etsy for another shopping spree.

Finally, for the best results, you can include both an informational surprise as well as a gift. You may find that just one of these works quite well, but the chance that a customer takes notice enough to look you up again increases dramatically if you impress them more than once with a single purchase. The idea is to make them feel like they got way more out of the deal than the price they paid for it.

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